What I’m Doing for National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! Are you doing anything special to celebrate? Even if you’re not a poet, why not try reading a poem a day? For something new, try this site for Vandal Poem of the Day: https://poetry.lib.uidaho.edu/ I start out the day reading 2-3 poems all year around, but I have four new books of poetry to read this month as well.

Rather than writing a draft a day as I have some Aprils, I am working on Scrap, my hybrid memoir. Each piece is the size of a prose poem, so I am trying to write 5/week. Because it’s more difficult than writing new poem drafts, I can’t challenge myself to 7/week. I need a little off-time. Also, my stupid snakes and birds eye needs a break. That’s what happens now for the most part to my vitreous detachment plagued eye: undulating snakes over the eye’s surface and bird swarms in the sky.

WordPress’ new upgrade has made it even more difficult to use the classic editing feature. It’s a bummer to me because I don’t like the other blogging sites nearly as much, but I don’t want to learn something new that is this complicated. When I first started my blogs in 2012, the process was completely intuitive. This stupid new WP setup is non-intuitive.

Are you learning to sucessfully use the block editing madness? If so, do you have any tips?

The weather is gorgeous right now in Phoenix. It is very summery with that soft morning air that makes me think I’m living in a resort climate (I guess I am). Add all the gardener’s winter flowers to the vision, and it’s just lovely. But April leads to May, which means that we need to change out the flowers next month for summer flowers.

Check out Amy Bess Cohen’s new book based on her family history. I wrote a review and posted it on The Family Kalamazoo: https://wp.me/p2K45r-22h You can find the link for the book over there. The story is very unique as it’s about her great-great grandfather, a young Jewish immigrant from Germany around the time of the Civil War, and how he moves to Santa Fe, becoming one of the pioneers of that city.

I called the Southwest Wildlife place again on the bobcat. The woman who takes the questions is not very helpful. Her attitude is that he belongs in our yard. My thought is that since I DON’T want him trapped and removed, she ought to be more helpful. The way she acts, a lot of callers would just hang up and call a trapper. She said, “We’re a WILDLIFE place.” Yeah, that’s the point. Don’t you want to help people with wildlife so that the wildlife is helped?

Leaving you with some cute pix from my kids.

The baby hummingbirds are from son and daughter(IL) in Orange County, CA. These chubbies who were hatched on the balcony left the nest on Friday.

This next pic is from daughter and her fiance. My fur grandkids who live in Arizona.

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Let’s go make it a great week (and be helpful to others while we’re at it haha). XOXO


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  1. Amy

    Thank you again, Luanne!

    Love the pictures—just how small do you think the hummingbird babies are?

    And I HATE the block editor. I am still using Classic for as long as I can.

    • If they pull Classic out from you, try following John’s instructions in his comment here. I just did it, and it worked. WHEW!!!!!
      You’re welcome. It was a pleasure!
      A hummingbird nest is about the size of a racquetball which is just one size up from a golfball. Two hummers fit inside :).

  2. Good morning! I have no helpful hints re: Word Press. They should not be unhelpful to users.
    Happy Poetry Month! Congrats on your plans and productivity.
    Nice to see the wild and domesticated life! But I hope the bobcat fins a new home.
    Wow! Next year will be 10 years for your blogs! 🥳

  3. Something did happen to the classic edit feature over the weekend that made me spend over an hour trying to insert a photo. I don’t want to dedicate hours of my time learning something to replace another thing that wasn’t broke for my purposes. I still like many features of WordPress but I wish they would bifurcate the platform for us simple bloggers and the income producing sites. Several years ago I had a wounded deer in my back yard. It was probably hit by a car and it appeared the one leg may be broken. I called our local wildlife place and got nada. They said deer recover from that. Not sure what I expected but was hoping for more. The deer spent about 3 or 4 days lounging in our yard recuperating, then hobbled off to our local preserve area which is the home of most of the deer.

  4. Still using classic edit.

    Trying for one new poem start each day toward my motherline poems. It’s so messy at this point, although I already had several simmering in folders. I’m also featuring poem books I’ve enjoyed–four on Friday (“Kin Types” is the first one, as it was an early encourager of the motherline idea) and four more on the 16th.

  5. Good luck with your project and your eye!
    I’m sort of used to the new WP editor, but I’m not sure that I could explain how I do it. Hahaha.
    That’s awful that a wildlife center is so unhelpful. I wonder if there’s a Bobcat organization or some other nature group–even one that’s not in your area–that could perhaps tell you who to call?

    • That’s an idea! I will see if there is such a place!
      I just don’t understand why we have to get used to it when it’s time-consuming to use and definitely hasn’t been designed with writers in mind (other than the verse block, which I have not tried).
      Thank you for the luck!!!

  6. Fun pics! WordPress might go the way of Coca Cola when they tried to create a new Coke and then with the clamor they raised reverted back to classic. Is WordPress old enough to have a classic version?

  7. My comment was going to be exactly the same as Amy’s in all respects.
    Why won’t WP listen to its clients?

  8. If you want to go back to Classic follow these instructions. Open your WP, click on your face (or whatever image you use) in the circle at the top right in the black bar. Right beside the bell.
    Once you have clicked there, it will bring you to your profile. On the left side, choose account settings.
    Scroll down until you get to Interface settings and there is a slide bar under Dashboard Settings. Click on that, go below the colour options and save.
    Then, you will have the same admin page as before. Just like the last time when they pulled this nonsense! You can then click on posts and then add new and choose classic.

  9. Hey, Luanne, I’ve been using the block editor for awhile. I didn’t know I had a choice when I started using it, but I don’t have any tips. Other than to start work on your post sooner than you usually do because of the extra time it takes now. What really annoys me is how the option to insert a block keeps popping up and blocking (no pun but an annoying reality) my text. It is not intuitive. Maybe if WP gets enough complaints ….
    Love the pictures. How cool to have baby hummingbirds! Regarding the bobcat, I agree with Merril. See if there’s a bobcat rescue group that can at least advise you. That bobcat doesn’t belong in your yard. That puts you and the furry beast at risk. He (or she) was probably displaced. It would be great if he or she could be relocated. xox

    • See, that’s what I resent–that WP has decided it’s ok to waste my time with a stupid editing system. It might be a great system for somebody who wants to mainly post images or wants to create in a less writing-intensive way. But writers want to write without being slowed down by some arbitrary “software.”
      It would be great if a rescue relocates our bobcat. I sure wouldn’t want a trapper doing it. My understanding is that that is all that is done in Phoenix–trapper you hire. So maybe an organization like Merril mentioned could give me pointers for making him not want to be here. Have a great week, Marie. XOXO

      • Oh, indeed, WP should allow some kind of choice. I hope you find an organization that can help with the big cat!

        • So I just read this and it reminded me to try to find an organization. I called one in Texas, and they have a long message you have to listen to. It was interesting. Said there is as much of a chance of a bobcat killing your pet as being struck by lightning. How can that be? Said like one person has been attacked by a bobcat. Hmm. ??? Said they have an 80% chance of dying if relocated!!! And not to relocate them.

          • So if they take up residence in your backyard, it’s better to leave them there because they’re not likely to kill anyone’s outdoor pet … wtf?

            • Yeah wtf. I don’t know what they are thinking. I do understand that it’s detrimental to them to be moved. And that they MIGHT not be too dangerous to humans. But can I trust them on that fact when they are so cavalier about pets?

  10. Funny that you connected to the UI library. I’m quite fond of the institution.

    From what I’ve seen of your memoir work so far, it is very much worth the focus of your time right now.

    I’m still using my connection to the admin page (via bookmark). I sort of dread the day that no longer works. I’ll give John’s tip a try. Why WP has chosen to forsake us, I’ll never understand.

    • WordPress needs to be taken to task. They need to understand that writers are never going to like the block process. Thanks so much, Eilene! Hope your week has been a good one.

  11. Luanne, good luck with your hybrid poetic memoir ‘Scraps’! That is quite a challenge you have set yourself – enjoy. I am so sorry that about your eye prolem and it must be most trying and annoying. Is there nothing they can do to improve your vision and remove the snakes and bird lines? I have a disease of the cornea and my vision is plagued by black dots of dead cells – thankfully a transplant when needed should help a lot but getting on with it for now but need lots of breaks from computer. I’m glad others have helped you back to Classic. I moved onto Gutenberg a while ago and after initial hassle now used to it but not intuitive at all and much more laborious! Grrr …Have a wonderful month of writing and keep well! xx

    • I’m so sorry to hear that about your vision, Annika. What a nasty thing those black dots must be. Is it something that gets worse if you strain your eyes or is it more for comfort that you need the computer breaks? Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Annika. XOXO

      • Thank you so much for your care and concern, Luanne. They are always there but eye strain is a problem. Lots of breaks along the way otherwise I get bad headaches. Makes work a bit slower than I would prefer.

  12. Happy Poetry Month, Luanne! I, too, subscribe to a poem-a-day service. I have found some new favorite poems that way. (I’m talking about you, “Now, He’s an Etching”!) I’m glad to hear that progress on Scraps is moving apace. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’ve started working on a second book of tanka based on family photos, so that can be my celebration of National Poetry Month.

    Thank you for sharing the two photos from your kids. They each brought a smile. Have a good rest-of-the-week, Luanne!

  13. So glad you are having some nice weather to enjoy! I hope you are enjoying working on your memoir, ‘Scraps’. It sounds very interesting!!! Continuing to pray for you with your eyesight…and also with your native wildlife in the area! Wishing you a very good week! 🙂

  14. I tried the directions but failed to find any option for the classic editor. What am I missing?

    • Never mind. I figured it out. But it’s almost as much a pain in the backside as using the accursed block editor. Sigh. Thank you for the how-to, John! 🙂

      • Umm . . . no. Way easier :). That block editing is not for writers!!! It’s for people who want to post images and do other fancy stuff that is not time-efficient if you want to write. Ticks me off that they keep threatening us instead of listening.

  15. Happy Poetry Month – I look forward to your hybrid memoir posts!
    btw, I have a floater in each eye – have had them for more years than I can remember – still annoying but you get more accustomed to them.
    Loved the pictures, too!

    • That’s what others are telling me about the floaters. I think there must be something else going on with my eyes because I am intuiting half of what I’m reading. My eyes are very blurry. I am even bumping into things a bit. Maybe my cataracts suddenly got worse at the same time, who knows. Appointments in a couple weeks!
      Thank you re poetry month! Are you working on any poem drafts?!

  16. I HATE the WordPress block editor! Total crap – not intuitive at all!

  17. Your routine sounds so great, Luanne, and congrats on moving along with the prose poems/memoir. I’m excited to read them!

  18. wonderfully cozy photograph above … what would we do without our pets, our wildlife as well as our feral animals … and on top of that i love using words and when the urge comes to write poetry …

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