Cats and Art Journals Help with Anxiety

All the babies in the yard are grown up, and every so often a hummingbird or dove swoops past me that looks a little familiar ;).

I am winding up the physical therapy now. I had two problems: rotator cuff calcification tendinitis and frozen shoulder. The PT has cured the frozen shoulder at least to 85% usage. The other will take much longer as I need to keep exercising. Eventually, the calcification is supposed to be absorbed by the body.

My brain is a little zapped right now. I’m concerned about health problems my daughter is having, and I am feeling stunned over the condo collapse in Florida. When I’m feeling like I am right now I am convinced that the greed and arrogance of humanity is going to take us down.

Also, I have claustrophobia so I spent days worrying about the people in the collapse.

Trying to cheer myself up, I made this page in my smallest journal. Fabrics from my childhood, and the button belonged to Grandma.

Notice that I’m making a little fun of myself, too, as 19-year-old me thought that big-a** hat looked stylish.

Putting the finishing touches on the first draft of the newly “remodelled” Scrap. 

I’m focused on being a good nursing home nurse for Pear Blossom. She’s doing well getting up and down from the couch with that one seat cushion removed. But sometimes she chooses to lie on the cool floor near her water bowl. Pee pads and water bowl are very near the couch for her convenience. She is still such a pleasure all the time. She’s my little nurse, too. She’s the one who got me through my one-year-plus foot surgery recovery and the Valley Fever. She used to take care of our last dog when he didn’t feel well. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the room and found her in Perry’s blue cube.

Pear wants you to have a wonderful week!


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  1. Such a sweetie! People get me down too. That’s why I like cats.

  2. “I am convinced that the greed and arrogance of humanity is going to take us down.”

    Me too. And I don’t like it. Honestly, people suck… cats don’t.

  3. So much going on. Creativity is a helpful outlet. Nice that you have scraps from childhood.

  4. Good to hear that your shoulder is getting better.
    Stay cool.

  5. I love how you’ve taken to the art journal – what a wonderful outlet for all kinds of things! And sweet, sweet Pear Blossom – thanks for the picture. My own feline overlord, er, companion is having health issues, too, and in typical feline fashion making it nearly impossible to diagnose, let alone treat. One day she seems better and the next I’m certain she’s on her way out. Cats! How tame (perhaps deceptively so) our lives would be without them! 🙂

    • Aw, I’m sorry you’re on that hard to diagnose path. That is such a tough one. How boring our lives would be without cats!!!! I don’t know how I’ll do without Pear one day. There is just no way anybody else can ever fill that space. I’ve never met another cat like Pear, in fact. So empathetic and self-contained all at the same time. Good luck with your medical search . . . .

  6. You are so right about cats and art, Luanne. I hope you’re feeling better, your daughter is OK, and Pear Blossom lives on and on. Hugs!
    (My grandfather lived in Miami Beach, but I don’t think it was around where the building collapsed.)

    • Apparently surfside only really started in earnest in the 70s and 80s, which is why so many of the buildings are from that time period. Did you notice that monster building two over from the collapsed one? I have no doubt that that was one of several factors that contributed to what happened. They have built these all along the sandy beach, and then some really arrogant and greedy people decided they needed even bigger and better built there! Thank you so much for your good wishes, Merril. I really hope so, too, especially daughter :/.

  7. Check out the Facebook page or website for Our American Stories. I’ve just been thinking about their positive spread of delightful American stories that helps so when there’s so much negativity. I was especially grateful last year with the new shoulder + flibromyalgia + the pandemic + argumentative politics to be able to go to the FB page and choose a story. It even told me how many minutes it would last. So many of them are redemptive, or even funny. Hey, you might have a story or two to share with them!

  8. Amy

    Watching our pets age is so awful. You are such a good cat mom. Our oldest is now 13, and I see him slowing down. It makes me so sad.

    Glad the shoulder is somewhat improved. Now mine hurts. I am ignoring it until after the summer. Mostly it makes it hard to lift anything heavy with my right arm. And I am right handed…

    • Oh no! OK, here’s the thing. If it’s something like what is wrong with mine, you have to keep moving through the pain because otherwise it will freeze. But there are other conditions where you shouldn’t. So I am in favor of you not waiting!
      I’m so sorry your kitty is getting older. It is sad to see that happen. Pear tugs at my heart all the time. Then Tiger is now 17, and she tugs at my heart, too.

      • Amy

        I am 90% sure it is arthritis, and we are on the Cape for the summer and my ortho is in Springfield three hours away. It will have to wait.

        You are one amazing cat mom so keep your babies so long. Our oldest ever was 18.

        • I’m glad you know what it is!
          Well, I’m sure that good care is one component, but these guys must have good genes. My dear Mac who died in 2015 was only 17, and he had a lot of medical problems.

  9. Hi Luanne. I had calcified tendonitis in my wrist and elbow a few years back but the physiotherapy fixed me up good as new. Stay cool and give my love to Pear!

    • I wish this PT would work on the CT. For some reason they said it would mainly only work on the frozen part of the issue. The rest will take time. How long did you do it? Do you remember? I gave your love to Pear. She gave me that big-eyed look, so cute.

  10. I hope your daughter’s health issues get resolved so you can relax. Pear is the best.

  11. That’s a lot going on. I’m glad your shoulder is coming around. Time is a great healer along with your PT person. We said a prayer for the folks in Florida, as well as for your daughter Saturday. Your creativity continues to inspire us all.

    • Thank you so much for the prayers. They are always welcome!!!! I know you have a lot going on, too. Taxing physically and emotionally. xo

  12. I am glad you are slowly getting better but sorry you are worried about your daughter. We always feel so helpless when our grown-up children are unwell’ We heard about that awful building collapse here – those poor people! Your dear Pear is the sweetest cat!

  13. Love the scrapbook. I have lots of fabric but nothing from my childhood. I’ve never quite figured out how to make them. Glad all the PT is going well and the fledglings are on their way safely. Pear looks adorable in the blue tube.

  14. God bless Pear, what a cutie. Hope all is well with your daughter!

  15. I’m sorry it makes you quite so anxious, but is quite sensible to be concerned about the state of humanity at the moment

  16. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s health problems. I hope it’s nothing serious. I’m finding the Florida condo collapse very upsetting as well. I’m glad that Pear is aging comfortably and keeping you such good company. My husband is doing dog nursing now, as our aging husky was recently diagnosed with diabetes, requiring twice daily insulin injections.

    • Thank you, Liz. I hope not either, and I hope the diagnosis period isn’t too long. I’m sorry about your doggie having diabetes. That is such a hardship for both pet and owner IMO. All those sticks for the furbaby–and then being “tied to the house” in order to do that twice a day. Or finding someone else capable of doing it when you’re not there.

  17. Pear looks so sweet with her loving round eyes! And my cat Peeko has been a nurse for me too in the past and likes to be sure that everyone is okay too. Sending you well wishes as you work through any physical issues and also my compassion towards thoughts of compassion towards those coming out of difficulties and going through difficulties in these unfair struggles.
    All these links of care !

  18. So much news in this post. The final draft of “Scrap”! I can’t wait. And you’re putting your fabric to beautiful use. And a glimpse of Pear Blossom doing so well. So glad you’re PT is winding up, and I’m thinking good thoughts about your daughter. <3

    • LOL, not the final draft, but the first draft of remodeled version. So we’ll see. Thank you re the fabric and PT!!! Pear says Hi to Ellen and Evangeline! And especially thanks about my daughter. Prayers always appreciated :)!

  19. Luanne, I think about those men and women who are working on the collapsed Florida building and how horrific it must be when they discover a body.
    And of course, for the families whose loved ones are buried under all that rubble.
    Glad your getting back in shape with your shoulder problems and hope your daughter feels better. soon.
    Your scrapbook is very beautiful. You sure are talented.

  20. That is a beautiful photo of Pear. I hope you have many more years with her.

    • Thank you, Lavinia! She is just the sweetest. She’s slowing, though, and spending her time sleeping on the floor near her water bowl :/.

  21. Aw, sosorry to hear how these adversities have affected you. We’re still reeling from them too, plus seeing effects of the wildfires (BC! California!), mudslides (Japan!), floods (Germany!), tornados (everywhere, it’s crazy!!). Sigh… Glad you have comfort from your scrapbooking, writing, and nursing/petting your kitties. <3 Hoping things will improve, weather-wise, but who knows… 😬 We just have no control over some stuff.

    • We don’t. I had bad news today about one of my kitties. So sad.
      On a more positive note, I am writing a review of your fun Hollywood North book and will be posting on my blog before too long.

  22. Oh nooo! I’m sad for you; been there too… 😞
    Re review, how nice of you!! Looking forward to it, thanks!

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