In Loving Memory

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, PEAR BLOSSOM JELLICLE JILL “PEAR” CASTLE reluctantly left this earth while in the hugs of her Mommy and Daddy. She met her feline brothers Macavity and Felix, her canine brother Sandy, and her feline niece Isabella Rose at the rainbow bridge.

Pear was born in March 2000, and after a paw-to-mouth existence for six months, hiked with her brother to the house at the end of the cul-de-sac in California. Her brother Little Bear, a fluffy black ball of energy, tackled Mommy’s ankles when she went into the yard. He was so cute that somebody else adopted him right away. But Pear, as befitting her perfect formal tuxedo coat, was more reserved and hid in the bushes for a couple of days. At first, Pear was very suspicious of the parents, the boy, the girl, the dog, and the cat who lived in the house. When she was fed a bowl of Science Diet food, she picked up her little metaphorical hobo sack and left the house, traveling down the driveway. The new mommy and brother ran after her. A negotiation ensued. Mommy promised no Science Diet ever again. Pear promised never to leave again. And she never did until there was no choice.

Independent and loving Pear lived 21 ½ years with a big heart and a spirit to match. She quickly established her position as the family nurse, helping Mommy, Daddy, Sandy the dog, and her pet sitter Monica through illnesses. Although she was never one to cling, she was very close to Mac, and when he died in June 2015, Pear stopped eating. The veterinarian believed she was going to die. But Mommy kept trying and crying. Pear responded to the crying more than the trying, and she began to eat again. The vet commented that Pear loved her Mommy very much and couldn’t take her eyes off Mommy no matter what was going on in the exam room.

Pear’s kind nature is the subject of family legend. She is also known for entertaining audiences with her ability to shake house plant leaves rhythmically. She was the alto of the cats and loved to listen to music, especially songs sung by her human sister. Pear’s favorite activity was to lie on the couch next to Mommy. She loved to sit on Daddy’s or Grandma’s lap.

Pear Blossom leaves behind a devastated family: Mommy, Daddy, Perry (who has been a comfort to Mommy), Tiger Queenie, Sloopy Anne, and Kana, as well as her human siblings. Mommy feels very lost without her special furperson.

Donations in Pear’s name can be made to Alley Cat Allies since there is no organization as of yet for Cul-de-sac Cats.

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