Time to Rest and Renew

This past week we went to Cali for one night for work. That was exhausting, especially with the stressful traffic. I also worked more on the memoir. I feel as if I have two unpublished books just sitting here now because the poetry book doesn’t start preorders until May! and this one, who knows. But I also know that I have been working very hard on these books and all the cat issues. I feel drained. It’s time to get some rest and renewal.

Pioneertown published three of my poems, so I was grateful to get this sense of renewal over poems I wrote before this period of memoir work.

Here is the link if you would like to read them. I would love it if you do :).


Kitties are hanging in over here, as are we humans. I am eager for cooler fall weather. October is my favorite Phoenix month: please, October, don’t disappoint!

This week I plan to do just what I need to do for work and life, then hang with my kitties and mystery novels and crafting supplies. Oops, I do have to finish one last book review I promised for Main Street Rag. There’s always that one last thing, isn’t there?

Make it a good one! XO


In this photo of Perry there is a black mark I must have made by accident with the edit function on my phone. Please ignore. That is how lazy and tired I am. Putting up a flawed photo of my perfect lil guy. Doesn’t he look as smart as he is?!


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54 responses to “Time to Rest and Renew

  1. Amy

    Love that boy’s face!

    Get some rest!!!

  2. I hear you. When the well is empty, wait for the water to rise up to proper level again. Yes, Percy looks quite handsome and intelligent. I miss parts of Phoenix. Especially Changing Hands Bookstore in Mesa and the Wildflower Bread company next door. I could and did hang out there for days.

  3. Yes, get some rest. You deserve it.

  4. I read your three poems. I enjoyed all three, “Mars Codex” in particular. That one is a poem for the ages!

    Enjoy your renewal period!

  5. I hope you have time to relax. You always sound so busy! πŸ˜€
    I like the poems–especially Mars Codex.
    Perry is very handsome!

  6. Loved this “Threesome” of your work, Luanne!
    Just Words was, as you might imagine, my favorite. But all three excellent.
    Perry looks quite regal in spite of the black line!
    You try not to overdo this week. Rest. Relax. Those are more than “just words.”

    • Thanks, Sheila. It’s so funny how people like different ones best. “Just Words” is definitely the angry, defiant one, but it fits the world at large lately, I think.
      Perry is definitely king o’ my heart haha. Pear is the empress o’ my heart.
      LOL, yes, rest and relax are more than just words. I plan on doing that as much as possible this week. You have a great week!

  7. Those poems are very gratifying, all three. Rest well. Looking forward to October as well.

  8. You’ve been busy with your poetry, Luanne. You must dream words in your sleep. Great poems, and I’m glad you’re having success with your publishing.

  9. So smart and handsome! Congrats on recent and future publications. You still inspire me, but could you also motivate me? Lol Hope you get some rest.

  10. Congratulations on the publication of your poems. Woot!

  11. Congratulations on your poems! You do need time to rest and relax as you work on your memoir. It is a a lot of work!!! Celebrate all that you have done, and reward yourself with something fun. πŸ™‚

  12. All three poems have us seeing the world through different eyes πŸ™‚ I admire your creativity. Hope you have a great rest and recharge time, with lots of Perry company comfort.

    • Thank you, Gwen. I don’t know how I don’t see some comments until later. Yours is one of them. It’s like it “snuck” in haha. Thank you. I have been reading a lot lately.

  13. Luanne, it looks as if Perry is in intense discussions with you, he looks so wise and kind! I hope things are settling down a bit more for you and lots of projects on the go. I LOVED all the poems, The Freeze particularly resonated with me. Sublime writing and thoughts. This line is exceptional:

    β€˜ I never thought of trapping the poems, little fish, holding them captive.
    I didn’t know all would ice over and I would need them again.’


    • Aw, thank you, Annika. I’m SO thrilled that you like the poems!!!! That makes my heart sing. Perry can be a baby and a bully, but mostly he is very wise and kind. He is helping me get through the loss of my other cats. And he is trying to take Pear’s place as my closest furperson.

  14. I loved your poems. The come from and go to entirely unexpected places.
    Hello, Perry!

  15. I hope you’re getting that well-earned break, Luanne. Perry looks sweet, and I’m partial to his name. πŸ˜‰

  16. Perry is very beautiful, Luanne.

    I read the news about Pear this morning, too. My heart goes out to you.

  17. Mystery novels. <3 A good cure for an aching heart.

  18. Oh Luanne! I, self-professed poetry-snubber, am so taken with your lovely, deft word-art. I especially loved Mars Codex, read it many times over!

    BTW Perri’s ‘portrait’ is so stately; what a gorgeous boy!

  19. Wow, that is a great compliment, Ellie! Thank you so much. Perry is such a gorgeous boy, especially his personality. It’s the embodiment of “larger than life.”

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