Saddest Poem Ever–and Happy Days This Week

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On Saturday, they emailed a poem that really bothers me. I will post the link so you can read it. I hope you will because I want to know what others think. I posted it on my Facebook wall and nobody has even responded by the time I am writing this post.

Love Letter to Who Owns the Heavens

What do you think? Is that not the SADDEST thing? What in the world are we doing to our future?

Yeah, call me Debbie Downer to start off Monday like this.

But here’s a cheery thought. My daughter is getting married at the end of the week! Let’s hear some applause, please!  It’s been two years of Covid, as you well know, and finally they are holding their wedding. It will be much smaller than previously fantasized (by the couple), but more intimate–and hopefully lots of fun.  The gardener and I are both going to walk daughter down the aisle. Hope I don’t step on that long train!

My daughter isn’t a pink and glittery type, but she picked out a very Disney princess-style wedding gown, surprising me speechless. And to keep her company, I am wearing a ball gown (with black boots ;)).

Please help us in hoping for the best this weekend!


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58 responses to “Saddest Poem Ever–and Happy Days This Week

  1. I get these poems, too, but missed this one. Yes, it is very sad.

    Wonderful news about your daughter! Today is my daughter’s (younger child) birthday, and I was remembering how she got to know her future husband. Older child’s birthday is later in the week. 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing wedding photos.

  2. Hope everything goes well with the wedding. We need pictures of a disney gown and you in boots!

    • LOL. The alterations lady was freaking out when I didn’t want the dress dragging on the floor. I figure she wanted to cover my boots! I plan to get at least one pic of me showing off my boots. Thanks, Kate!

  3. Luanne: So happy to hear of your daughter’s upcoming wedding. Congratulations to her and soon-to-be husband. May the joyous event exceed your fondest dreams. As to the poem, what a grim piece it is. Unsettling. A comment on our hubris and inexorable march toward Apocalypse? All the more reason to celebrate NOW and remain within the confines of today. May your day be lovely!

    • Thank you, Elaine! I sure hope it turns out very special. So hard these days! YES. Your comment about the poem is so true!! xo

  4. That poem was depressing. I couldn’t help notice the address for Poetry Daily. I used to work on University Drive in Fairfax, VA. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband to be! I’m so happy the big day is finally happening! I’m looking forward to the photos, Luanne. Enjoy!

    • So funny–and you never even knew the poetry folk were there! (Poem SO depressing). Thank you about the wedding!!! I’m praying that it all turns out lovely for them. It has meant so much to them. Thank you, Jill!

      • Even more funny…I Googled the address and it’s my college! LOL! I thought it seemed familiar. 🙂 I know the wedding will be beautiful!

        • Haha! Well, that kind of makes sense, in a way. Who else is going to fund the poetry people anyway? I sure hope the wedding is all my daughter imagines. She has worked SO hard on it.

  5. Human hubris has always been such. This poem isn’t really a revelation. It’s well done, though.

    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! Have fun dressing up and partying. Be sure to share a pic or two.

    • For me, while not an intellectual revelation, it was an emotional revelation. It crushed me with end result of our “human hubric,” as you put it.
      Thanks, Eilene. Fingers crossed it all goes well!!!!

  6. Yes, we need photos!

  7. Look forward to the photos. Congratulations

  8. I was confounded by the realization that we think we can actually own the sky. That IS depressing. This is the line that really got to me: “People will walk around / whispering dominium as if to control at least / their breath.

    I hope your daughter has the best wedding day of all wedding days! I, too, look foward to seeing the pictures.

  9. If we had no air traffic, we would be so much less worldly in our thinking. It wouldn’t make any difference to how people get along in the world because there have been wars since time began, and the other thing about staying insular is – no Internet to advertise this person’s poem.

    • It’s the loss of the freedom of the air above us. We already don’t have control over what is around us or under us. With drones and what comes after them, we lose everything. It’s not really planes IMO. Does that make sense? Anyway, that’s how i read the poem ;).

  10. And yes, let’s have a blog post about those boots.

    • LOL. I have at least 4 pair of black ankle boots. I can’t wear regular shoes because of my foot issues, but I have always loved boots. I’m sure not too many people have worn boots with a ballgown, but there are probably some others!!!

  11. Not sure about that poem. I like that you’re going to be attending THE wedding in a ballgown and boots. Sounds perfect. The 180º happy opposite of that poem.

  12. That poem expresses so beautifully the feeling of loss of freedom of speech– and more. Lovely line breaks.
    I wish you a wonderful wedding for young daughter. May you all relish the beauty and happiness of the day! 💗 Mazel tov and simen tov!

  13. The fact that humans think they have dominion over anything is the saddest part. I’m sure you will have fun at the wedding. Lots of applause for the four of you.

  14. Wishing your daughter blessings with her upcoming wedding. It sounds lovely!!! Enjoy this time…savor the moments on this very special day. 🙂

  15. I’m with you on the poem. I’m going to erase it from my mind and focus on the fun. It adds to your longevity. Best wishes to both bride and groom as well as the rest of the family.

  16. I hope the nuptials will be a joy for all! Enjoy every minute!

  17. I have no comment to offer on the poem BUT hearty congratulations to your daughter and s-i-l on their upcoming nuptials which I am sure will be beautiful, boots and all.

  18. I feel saddest for the Amish. They are going to suffer for things they never did. I hope you post a pic or two of the wedding. Congrats and hope it is lovely!!

  19. The poem is depressing and unfortunately accurate. In our flurry of divvying up everything, we are destroying ourselves, the land, the earth. There are many days when this hits me hard.
    So thank goodness there are still many joyous occasions to celebrate! Congratulations to you all! I’m going to need pictures of the Disney princess and the cowboy momma! 😂 Y’all enjoy the celebration. ❤️

    • My daughter is so not a Disney Princess. She could have been one on the Disney ship but decided she didn’t want to sing Princess every day hahaha. So I’m a little confused about the dress. Whatever makes her happy!
      Soooo gutted by that poem. The sky is the one last place.

  20. Oh, indeed, what a sad, sad poem. So thank you for sharing GOOD NEWS! Congratulations to your family! And, yes, please post pictures! xo

    • Thank you, Marie. I definitely will share! So hoping all goes well. We will see! Boy, did I ever go off another way with today’s prompt. I read that very short Kafka story and saw it was a fairy tales. I can do fairy tales haha!

  21. Amy

    First and foremost, I am so excited for you and your family and especially the bride and groom! Yes, do share some photos. I hope it fulfills all her fantasies and wishes.

    Second, I guess I see “saddest poem ever” and think, why would I want to read that?? As you know, I am not a big poetry reader but love your poetry. I read this one just for you and found it a bit too obscure for my limited grasp of poetry. I assume the sadness has to do with what we’ve done to earth? But then what’s all the love stuff at the end? My English teachers would not be pleased with me!

  22. Luanne, I really don’t quite know what to think about the poem except that I’m sure I don’t understand it at all. Good grief. The words are intriguing – but the underlying thought escapes me.
    On the other hand HUGE Congratulations for the wedding this week!!! I know they have had to postpone and postpone and reduce, but now is the time, and now will be the right moment.
    I share this joy with you – you will be a vision in your ball gown and boots! Can’t wait for the pictures! Warmest wishes to all – so happy for you!

    • Hah, no worries on the poem!
      Thank you so much!!! You have described what we’ve gone through perfectly. Thank you too for your enthusiasm, Sheila. Circumstances of the time have eroded some of my joy, but I’m trying to hang onto it and AMP it up, so YAY FOR SHEILA’S COMMENT AND WARM WISHES!!!!! XOXO