Adoptee Literary Festival April 9

Here’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about adoption from the adoptee experience. It’s also a good place for adoptees who are writers or interested in the literary arts or others interested in same. Please share and PRE-REGISTER NOW. It’s this Saturday, April 9!!!!

One of the many things that this festival seeks to begin to correct is when stories are taken over by those who don’t really understand the adoption experience. They create stories like MY PET PEEVE: at the end of the mystery, the killer turns out to be the adoptee whose mind has been twisted by her adoptive situation. I get really upset whenever a novel or TV show ends that way.

Anyway, that was my little personal aside there. So now go, listen to the perspective of adoptees (adoptee writers) themselves!!!


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13 responses to “Adoptee Literary Festival April 9

  1. What a wonderful idea!

  2. A great idea, Luanne.

  3. Being part of the adoption triangle I have many adoption related items in my Facebook feed and quarterly newsletters from a counselling service. You may be aware the then Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, issued an apology for the practices in this country during the time now known as the Forced Adoption Era.
    Adoptees are finally being heard, and one of their greatest concerns is ‘outsiders’ telling them how they should think and feel as adoptees. This literary event will be a fabulous forum for those voices to be heard. Whether everyone will understand is another matter…

  4. Love this, Luanne! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wonderful idea!

  6. Dang! This’ll teach me to miss your posts! My friend would’ve really liked this; she adopted both her kids – one from Guatemala and the other from Colombia. They’re both adults now, doing really well.

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