Back from Being Gone

The gardener and I got back from Yosemite the other day. We hadn’t gone on vacation since pre-COVID, and had already lost points in the time share thingie that my parents had given us years ago. So we used some points to stay near Bass Lake and go to Yosemite. We’d been to Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, etc, but never Yosemite.

We also wanted to get away from some family troubles, if possible, although that didn’t happen as they followed us there heh. The best part of the vacation was spending some time with the gardener away from our jobs (we work together at home), housework, yardwork, and cat chores. We cooked easy gluten free meals in the kitchen of our condo. Bass Lake was ok, and we had a nice day in a rental boat on the lake, but it’s not a lake like Coeur d’Alene, George, or Tahoe, which are my preferred lakes (spoiled much).

Yosemite had some brilliant granite formations, but the Glacier road is closed all year, so we didn’t get to see everything. And we didn’t hike much (because of my bum foot) or camp (because of my good sense). Yosemite seems to be all about the hiking and camping. For return visits to national parks, Yosemite wouldn’t be near the top of my list, but some of these views were breathtaking.

El Capitan, Clouds Rest, and Half Dome (and the rest)

For some reason I screwed up our flights, probably because of all the family stuff going on this summer. It’s been hard to concentrate. I didn’t realize American had nonstops between Phoenix and Fresno and, instead, booked us on flights with layovers. That turned out to be a big mistake for the trip home. Took us sixteen hours. Then SWA discovered that in Vegas, at the layover, employees neglected to load 2/3 of the baggage! That included ours. We had to stand in first one line, then a second one, until 2AM while daughter waited in the cell lot for 3 hours. She had work next morning at 8. I felt terrible about it. For some reason I felt a little better when the SWA employee womanning the second line declared the whole situation RIDICULOUS!

I hope you’re enjoying the blog tour for Rooted and Winged!


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  1. I’m not a camper or a hiker (not that kind anyway) either but I enjoy the views. Peace and quiet is good too!

  2. That’s a fabulous photo, Luanne!

  3. I’m so sorry that the return home was so stressful after a lovely vacation. Ugh. We loved Yosemite when we went there. Such a beautiful spot. Now you need a vacation to recover from your vacation.

  4. Sorry your family troubles followed you, but I’m sure you and the gardener still had a nice time together. Beautiful photo!

    • It’s hard to take any credit for that photo since it’s the natural beauty that created it hah. Thank you for your sympathy, Jill. It was nice to spend some more focused time with the gardener, though.

  5. I agree about the camping. 🙂 I’m sorry about the family problems, but you still got away. What a pain though about the flights and luggage.
    I really wish we had transporters. I like seeing other places, but I really don’t like the process of traveling. Beautiful view in the photo!

    • When I saw a couple of the campgrounds where people are required to camp, all I could think was WHY? You are crowded together with many strangers with few (no) amenities. How is that camping anyway? All the downsides of camping without the upsides of camping. And I agree about a transporter. It’s 2022. I think Star Trek promised us transporters sooner than this!

  6. Fantastic photo! I am sorry about the turmoil of the trip home, but it so good to get away!!! I always gain a new perspective on things when I ‘step away’ for a bit. It is true that we cannot leave our problems behind; a little break can be so helpful. Welcome home and I am sure your kitties were happy to see you.

    • Yes, even the awful trip home just made me love my home and cats so much more. hah But it’s good to see “something else,” even if I did see a lot of Starbucks and other typical stuff.

  7. Sorry about the mess coming back. Your photo is terrific.

  8. Yes to transporters! I’m done with planes and airports.

  9. So glad you got some time away. At least the worst of it happened on your way home, not your way there. We last went camping a few years ago for a couple of nights. With my husband’s bad back, we probably won’t ever be camping again … unless we can drag a full mattress along with us 😉

    The only time I’ve been to Yosemite was when we drove through it on our way to getting married in Bridgeport (near Mono Lake). That was 33 years ago and the traffic and camping situation was awful even back then. Yes, the natural beauty is breathtaking, but: (1) cars lined the roads and people were everywhere; and (2) the campgrounds were more like a refugee camp than what we were used to. We managed to get a quiet spot for our tent, but most people were in RVs and campers. Ugh.

  10. That’s a stunning view! It sounds as though it was good for you and your husband to just get away for a bit. I hope you’re fully recovered from the trip back.

  11. The thing about family is that you can’t really get away from them. But sometimes a change of scenery helps more than one can imagine. My idea of camping is a good hotel without room service. I’m at an age and have been for many years where I require my creature comforts. Let’s hope the short break with beautiful scenery helps.

  12. Coeur d’Alene Lake is one of my favorite places in the world. I was fortunate to spend several summers there as a kid.

  13. Yosemite is beautiful, but the crowds were just too much for me. Once was enough (at least until the Rapture, but I suspect the crowds won’t diminish much even then). Your flight experience perfectly illustrates why I drive everywhere. I enjoy road-trips sooo much more than airports and planes.

    • I hear you on road trips. As soon as I know I can drive somewhere I relax! Just throw your stuff in the car and stop when you want to! We were lucky that the crowds were not horrific, probably since school had already started, but since campers are crammed into those campgrounds, ick for them.

  14. Thx for sharing the details of your travels. Gives me some ideas of where I may want to head this upcoming winter.

  15. Pictures are gorgeous, Luanne – glad you had a chance to get away!
    Thanks for the review of Yosemite – it was on my list…not top one, though, and looks like might not make it there at all.
    Hope troubles take wings…I got my copy of the book during hurricane watch! Wonderful! I love it.

  16. Amy

    Not exactly your dream vacation, but it sounds like you nevertheless managed some important time together. xo

  17. Well, I can’t say much about Yosemite or hiking/camping in the States in general, but I can offer that my auntie had a favourite saying when things became to bizarre.
    “It’s ridickulous, Gwennie, that’s what it is. It’s just plain rid-ick-u-luss.”

  18. What a mess! I’m so sorry the trip was so difficult for not much pay off. I loved Yosemite, but as you say, I was there with seasoned hikers. Got my book and can’t wait for some quiet time to read it.

    • Yeah, it could have been worse, and some of the views were worth a lot, but it’s more of a hiker’s paradise, I think. Yay, hope you enjoy it!

  19. What a majestic venue!

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