A Lovely Review of Rooted and Winged

A huge thank you to Sheila Morris for her lovely review of Rooted and Winged on her blog. I tried to reblog, but my reblog button doesn’t work right, so here is the link!


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20 responses to “A Lovely Review of Rooted and Winged

  1. Congratulations on the stellar review, Luanne! I will be very glad when I can get back to a decent reading schedule again. (Hopefully, next week.)

  2. Amy

    Nice review!

  3. Wonderful, Luanne!
    I will read your book soon.💙

  4. Congratulations! Always a good feeling!

  5. Got my copy in the mail last week – I was so excited! 🙂

  6. What a lovely review by Sheila! Congratulations, Luanne and congratulation on your blog tour of Rooted and Winged. Your book sounds lovely. By the way, I appreciate your heartwarming review of The Winding Road. If you post your review on your blog, I’ll make sure to reblog it. I’m in the middle of selling our house and buying one in Portland, Oregon, to be close to my daughter and grandkids. We’ve been busy packing nonstop for six weeks. The first open house for our house is tomorrow.

    • Thank you, Miriam. Oh, how exciting to move near the kids. Throughout your book I kept wishing you could live closer to your daughter!!!!! BTW, I have lymphedema in both legs so if you ever want to share notes, I’m here. I’ve had it since I was in my early 20s, and it is congenital, not caused by surgery, etc. Have a safe move!!!

      • You’re welcome, Luanne! Sorry to hear your lymphedema. How bad is it? What are you doing daily to deal with it. Yes, I do want to share notes because the therapy is helpful, but I have to do the work. I can’t take a shower in the morning. It’s hard to put the stocking on when the leg is damp. I basically just wear stocking on the left leg. The right leg is swollen, but not bad enough to require compression stocking.
        The open house went well yesterday, according to the agents. Some realtors came for their clients. One realtor will bring her client to see our home today. I hope to get an offer soon.
        We made three offers on the houses in Portland, but withdrew them for different reasons. We now wait to sell ours before buying one.
        Enjoy the rest of your day, Luanne!

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