2023 Coming In Like a Monster

First an apology: this is not an uplifting inspirational Brand New Year post.

While I was desperately hoping that the new year would bring a lessening of troubles into my life, a couple of days ago I got a call from the veterinarian that told me 2023 is going to be another difficult year.

In my last update about my dear darling Perry’s health, I explained that the results of his abdominal ultrasound showed that he had either IBD (irritable bowel disease) or lymphoma of the GI system. We were going to decide on treatment after he underwent an echocardiogram to make sure his heart was ok. The reason for this was that the vet had noticed that Perry had developed a heart murmur.

Now, going back to 2017-2019, the first three years Perry came into our lives, the gardener and I were concerned about heavy breathing episodes that Perry would have. We worried about his heart or possibly a lung condition. We didn’t get very far with the specialists at the time. In fact, the esteemed cardiologist talked us out of an echo at that time.

For anybody who doesn’t know, by the way, Perry is the kitty who showed up in our yard in spring 2017 seeming completely feral. I worked so closely with him (reading, singing, reciting poetry, holding his food bowl while he ate) that he got over his extreme fear of humans and showed himself to be the most amazing cat EVER (and that is saying something since I was “mom” of the amazing cat Pear Blossom and have been mom to many cats). One of the many Perry highlights: Perry lies on his back nestled in my arm like a napping toddler.

Back to the echo we didn’t have at that time. Sure wish we had done it. Turns out now his heart is very bad. Three of the four heart chambers are enlarged, and he might have a hole in his atrial septum. He is so ill from his heart that the vet says it’s a moot point whether he has IBD or lymphoma. He also tests positive for the feline coronavirus (which causes FIP) so it’s possible it’s behind his illnesses. He will begin two new medications as soon as we receive them from the compounding pharmacy.

I can’t tell you how HEARTsick I am over this turn of events. Perry is seven years old. So far his worst visible symptom is severe diarrhea. Please send healing vibes and, if you pray, pray for my dear catboy.


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  1. Oh, my heart goes out to you, Luanne.

  2. Poor Perry. I’m saying a prayer for him — and you.

  3. Prayers for that sweet fluff.

  4. Praying for Perry and his family.

  5. I am so sorry and I am praying for Perry, sending my love to you and family as well.

  6. I am sorry. He is young for so many issues. I’ve had some negative experiences over the past few years with vets. I feel I must advocate for my cat to make things happen. Good luck to you as you embark on this nasty journey. Hugs to Perry.

  7. I couldn’t “like” this. I’m so very sorry.
    Sending positive thoughts your way. 💙

  8. I’m sorry to hear this, Luanne. Praying for sweet Perry. xo

  9. Rather than a Like button, there needs to be a breaking heart button. I’m so, so sorry, Luanne! Perry is too young to be battling such health problems. Sending you all warm, fuzzy, and healing vibes.

  10. Amy

    I can’t click like on this one. My heart breaks for you. Just how much sadness and loss can one family endure. It’s just not fair. I will email you. 🙁

  11. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Perry, Luanne. One of my brothers is going through this with one of his own cats.

    I assume blood work has been done and electrolyte levels have been checked, especially potassium. Magnesium is important for the heart, and like humans with heart trouble, that gets checked too, though it is often missing from feline blood panels.

  12. I’m so sorry Luanne. I will keep Perry and you in my prayers.

  13. This brought me back to the days when I had my cats. Every bit of pain they suffered was a dagger in my own heart so I know how you feel. My one regret was that I selfishly let my cats suffer too long because I couldn’t bear to let them go. You’ll have some hard decisions to make, but until that time I know you’ll make Perry as comfortable as you can.

  14. Oh, no, I’m so sorry to hear about Perry’s latest diagnosis! Not the news you wanted to hear. I hope the vets will be able to develop a good treatment plan for him.

  15. Prayers for Perry! ((HUGS)) for you!

  16. I’m praying for him. God bless.

  17. I am so sorry to hear this news for your beautiful Perry. Let us hope he will rally with a good treatment plan.

    • Gwen, thank you! We ordered liquid medicine from the compounding pharmacy so I don’t have to “fight” him with pills since he’ll have to have these meds for the rest of his life (if they agree with him). I hope they ship the meds tomorrow!

  18. i am so sorry to hear about Perry! He does look like the most adorable creature. Praying for you and your kitty. Hopefully, the medicine will help him. Thinking of you!

    • Thank you, Linda. I appreciate your prayers so much. I hope the medicine ships tomorrow (had to get compounded so it’s liquid). Perry is such a loving “baby” boy. He’s never met a cat he doesn’t love either. xo

  19. Oh, Luanne, this isn’t good news for the new year, and I’m so very sorry to hear it. But Perry is a gutsy boy so I will be hoping the new meds will be miraculous!
    Sending healing vibes from across the physicl expanse that moves from southeast to southwest. Bless your HEARTS.
    P.S. Our rescue boy dog Carl has similar conditions but of course not as bad as Perry’s. Carl has kept right on ticking – think he is about 14 years old. Anyway, just know we are thinking of you!

    • Thank you so very much for the healing vibes!!! We need them very much. This week he started his new meds–the steroid only today. It’s not prenisone but something 15 times stronger that apparently is less hard on the heart for some weird reason.
      I have been wondering and wondering about Carl but haven’t asked because I know you don’t write much about him. I’m glad he is hanging in there and that his condition is not this bad. Hopefully you will have a few more years with him.

      • Sometimes the steroids really do help things. That’s what I’m hoping for Perry. Carl is his own worst enemy – last week he ate an entire box of chocolate Christmas cI’ookies while we were gone. We thought for sure he would be deathly ill. Never even fazed him.
        Thankfully. I’m hoping Perry will rise like the Phoenix.

  20. I’m very sorry to hear about Perry’s troubles Luanne. Sending lots of loving wishes your way.

  21. Thinking of poor lil Perry and wishing you the best luck possible!!

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