What Do You Think About All This?

I thought I would share with you about the practice of art journaling. But first, here is a little water journal I made about three weeks ago. It’s made up of scraps of junk that are colored on a bit and then soaked in water. I love this little thing and keep flipping through it.

Please be patient. Ultimately this post is not really about art journaling.


Art journaling is a creative and expressive way to combine art and writing in one space. It’s a personal and flexible form of self-expression that allows you to explore your thoughts and emotions through visual and written means.

Art journaling can take many forms, from drawing and painting to collage and mixed media. You can use any materials that you have on hand, such as paints, markers, pens, scrapbook paper, and magazine clippings. There’s no right or wrong way to create an art journal, which is what makes it such a liberating and therapeutic practice.

One of the main benefits of art journaling is that it can help you process your feelings and thoughts in a non-linear and non-verbal way. You can use colors, shapes, and images to convey emotions that may be difficult to express in words. Art journaling can also help you identify patterns and themes in your life, which can lead to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Art journaling can also be a form of mindfulness practice. When you’re creating art, you’re focused on the present moment and the act of creating. This can help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood.


Mindfulness is so important to me. And I get that through art journaling. I also get it through blogging. But I might be out of a “job.” The above section was written by Microsoft’s ChatGPT!!! I asked it to “write a blog post about art journaling.” Here is the rest of the “post.”


To get started with art journaling, all you need is a blank notebook or sketchbook and some basic art supplies. You can start by making simple marks and lines, or you can jump right into more complex drawings and paintings. There are no rules, so let your creativity guide you.

Some people like to set a specific intention or theme for their art journaling, while others prefer to let their intuition guide them. You can also use prompts or exercises to get your creative juices flowing. For example, you might try drawing your current mood or creating a collage of images that represent your goals and aspirations.

Art journaling is a personal and intimate practice, so it’s important to create a space that feels safe and comfortable. You might choose to journal in a quiet space or with music playing in the background. Some people find it helpful to set aside a specific time each day or week for art journaling.

In conclusion, art journaling is a powerful and accessible tool for self-expression, self-awareness, and personal growth. It allows you to combine art and writing in a way that feels unique and authentic to you. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a complete beginner, art journaling is a creative outlet that can help you connect with your inner self and express your thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way.


I couldn’t have written more cohesively and comprehensively myself, although I would probably have shared photos and added personal comments.

The next way I engaged with ChatGPT was to ask it to “buy my books available on Amazon.” It responded that it doesn’t have the ability to purchase products on Amazon or any platform. Then it went on to give me advice on how to promote my books through Amazon.

So what do you think? New best friend or Trojan horse enemy? Personally I think we are DOOMED. Upper Case for emphasis. I bet ChatGPT can’t make that choice!


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54 responses to “What Do You Think About All This?

  1. Renee

    Thanks for posting. ChatGPT has really energized the convos on writing… but it’s not creative beyond the reiterative point yet… it can’t make a water journal or personify Perry. So, lucky for us, you’re still in a job!

    • Haha, thanks, Renee! I was thinking about you and all those teaching writing. I know there are work-arounds, but still. What a nightmare. I couldn’t help but thinking that the AI-generated “blog post” read as if written for freshman comp by a student who knows all the rules and has none of the heart.

  2. All I know is your art journals are powerful, creative expressions of your thoughts…maybe you will inspire others to take up the process!

    • Aw, thank you, Sheila! I hope so because art journaling has given me that “time out” time to just be in the moment and have fun with no expectations and no worries. I would love that for everyone.

  3. Amy

    Yikes! All this ChatGPT stuff is scaring the hell out of me. I don’t like it—not one bit. Have you asked it to write a poem for you? Can it do that?

  4. When I started reading the post, my initial reaction was, why are you telling us this and why are you telling it in such a non-Luanne fashion? Have you been replaced by a pod person?

  5. It will be interesting to see where it all goes over the next decade. Eyes and ears open!

  6. Not sure about having a thing write for you but your art journal is so pretty and soothing. I like soothing.

  7. You do much better than Chatgpt.

  8. Omg Wow I do not like the Bot Idea At All!! It is absolutely terrible that they could do that. I hope they don’t get Bots to reply to comments; the personal touch part of blogging has been what drew me to it in the first place and keeps me writing on it!

  9. Sometimes I talk to my Google nest just to see what “she” comes up with. I’ve even asked “her” if she is self-aware. Perhaps I should stop – because I’m probably only increasing her “knowledge”.

  10. I did try to get the AI bot to write about a person for my book on Colorado pioneers. It was so awful! I grab it several more tries and each was worse than the one before. I know that it will eventually get better, but… No way is it going to replace genuine human creativity. (I may have to eat my words someday)

  11. Your art journal is gorgeous, Luanne! The whole AI thing creeps me out. Hopefully, I’ll be gone from this world before things get too crazy.

    • Thank you, Jill! I know it’s awful. But I worry so much about the human race in general. And then I worry about the animals because if things are terrible for humans then they get worse for other animals!

  12. I’ve always thought about making a journal but I already have too many things waiting to be done. I’m lucky to have time to write in mine each day. It is wonderful that there are so many ways we can express ourselves creatively and each of us can do it uniquely. I’m not fond of AI in any capacity. I’m not fond of checker-less markets either. I think our days are numbered. Scary.

  13. I like your art journaling but would steer well clear of virtual advice from ChatGBT or any other robot

  14. I agree it doesn’t sound like you at all. Especially the “in conclusion.” Who writes that in a blog post? 😂
    But your art journal is lovely, and it sounds soothing.

  15. One of my students read an essay aloud about what a good teacher I am….and some of it really failed to ring true. At the end, she revealed that the essay had been written by AI. How subversive!

    Here is the suspect passage: “Wilma…helps us understand that writing is not just a technical exercise, but a form of self-expression and personal growth.” Well, I have argued that all kinds of writing are creative, even writing directions.

    Now I wonder if AI could write really good directions….

    • Oh, wow. You have a very trained “ear,” so you picked up on what didn’t ring true. But most people would not notice what you did.
      I prefer the type of directions that are found in a poem: How to Get Rid of a Wicked Stepsister–that sort of thing.

  16. I like creative arts in many forms. I’ve been doing several – but mostly writing for many many years (I’m an older ‘fart’) who now retired gets to ‘fart’ around more than less. I like that bit about putting together images to make a visual journal – there are some magazines that have impressive images. I am not tech savvy – I type. I can make folders and documents. I can take photos – but I’ve yet to incorporate my own in any blog post (on a regular basis). I adore real books. And get most of mine through Little Free Libraries or my Library Cafe…

    I think I now know how one of my In-laws felt when they said – call me or write me… I don’t want a computer! I’m not quite there, but I do know that my smart phone is smarter than I am. And it is off most of the time – only on when I need it. Yes I am probably one of the last to have a working land line… 😉

    I even take my walking tracker off at night – I don’t need it to tell me how I’ve slept. I don’t have voice assistant. I don’t even use the computer’s option of ‘voice assistant’. I’m happy, mindful and in the present. So I think I’m doing just fine 😀

    • I hear you on the technology. My husband is pretty anti-tech. This morning I met a friend for coffee, and we discussed all the new technology issues, including AI. Pretty scary. I was using a Fitbit for a couple of years and then about two or three years ago I got rid of mine because I didn’t want something continually tracking my body and its movements, etc. I figured I would walk the same amount with or without it!!! Yes, you’re doing just fine!!!!

      • I originally got the tracker because my hubby’s insurance company rewarded us for our steps. I still like it. But I don’t wear it when I sleep and I don’t belong to the paid subscription service.

        I do like to see how I’m doing heart rate wise in my exercise classes. I actually just got a notice that (since I bought the tracker) that I finally achieve the ‘Pole to Pole’ goal :D. I don’t do FB or have any other connection other than once a week it tells me how I’m doing, relative to the preiveous week.

        Blogging is my ‘highest’ tech. 😉 Yep – Walking, breathing, writing… crafting. I’m a happy camper. Cheers.

        Oh… I saw a young falcon on my clothesline this afternoon!

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