Introduction to the Work and World of Kiki Suarez

This Sunday, March 5, is the launch of my new chapbook Our Wolves with its gorgeous cover art by Kiki Suarez.

In light of that event, I wanted to share a little bit about Kiki and her work.

Kiki was born in Germany, but ended up moving to Mexico where she has lived most of her adult life. She is an artist, a writer, and a psychotherapist. Check out her website, Kikimundo which shares her work, about her company, and a little bit about who she is. I first met Kiki online when we were both writing articles for a site called Cowbird. In a way, writing for Cowbird was like blog writing before I had a blog. Like WordPress, the international community that developed from our shared projects was wonderful, and many of us still stay in contact with each other online.

Here is some more stunning art from the same collection as the one I chose for Our Wolves.

On Facebook, Kiki writes long posts that tell stories about her life. And I noticed on her website that she has blog posts, which I did not realize until now. Here is a wonderful one about her father. Remember that these are written in Spanish, but Google translated for me. I hope it will for you, too.

Now I said that Kiki is a psychotherapist. Here she is in a space devoted to healing people. She says that she combines elements of Rogerian and Gestalt therapy, as well as many elements of Buddhist philosophy.

I owe a big thank you to Kiki for her gorgeous art for my chapbook, as well as making my life more enjoyable in general. I love to read her stories characterized by her big heart and to see the vibrant art she shares online.


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29 responses to “Introduction to the Work and World of Kiki Suarez

  1. She is a fascinating woman!

  2. Thank you for the introduction. Stunning art work!

  3. Amy

    I love her art work! I will check out her website.

  4. Amazing!! Congrats Luanne!!

  5. Love Kiki’s art and I know I’ll love your chapbook, Luanne.
    BTW: I’ve been writing daily Haiku (you’re an inspiration!)

  6. Congratulations, Luanne. Thanks, too for the introduction to Kiki. Best wishes.

  7. Congratulations on your latest, Luanne! And thank you for introducing us to Kiki. I love her artwork!

  8. Thank you for introducing us to Kiki and her work. I love her use of color and movement!

    • You’re welcome, Liz. I know. The color is obvious, but you are so right about movement. That is something that really attracts me to art. Like the art for Rooted and Winged. And my favorite personal piece of art is a sculpture the gardener and I bought for our anniversary years ago. It’s of Noah dancing, reaching up to release the dove!

  9. Looks like a colourful person leading a colourful life. Very striking! I love it.

  10. She sounds wonderful and I love the art!

  11. Thank you for your introduction of Kiki and her beautiful work, Luanne! I love her imagination and use of colors.

  12. It’s a fabulous cover! Kiki is a wonderful artist! And if I might say, this is like when you cook a chicken and duck together. The duck flavors the chicken and the chicken flavors the duck.

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