Two Springs in Arizona: #TankaTuesday

Colleen at Wordcraft poetry suggested this prompt today: write a syllabic poem using synonyms for the words green and spring, but do not use those words themselves. I decided to use the form tanka because I am starting to really appreciate that structure.

Rather than a title, a tanka might have a topic. My topic is Arizona seasons.

March in the desert
is verdant, a vernal gem,
budtime under blue
and blossomy without freeze,
Phoenix repeats in the fall.

Vernal and budtime are both synonyms for spring. Verdant is a synonym for green.

In Arizona we tend to have two springs, meaning that some blossoming trees bloom twice a year and that we plant new annuals in both fall and spring. For this reason March and April—and October—are my favorite months in Arizona.


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  1. As a long-time (and oft-jaded) desert dweller, I tend to think of this place in harsh and jagged terms. Your words shifted my perspective: an environment under constant renewal.

    • When I first moved here it took me quite a few years to begin to appreciate more and more. And I think the two spring thing is one of the best parts of living in Arizona. While summer is still beautiful, the heat is ick. And I prefer the winters where it barely or never freezes because the dry desert cold is dastardly. That is one good thing I can say about Michigan winters, other than pretty new snow, is that at least the cold is a wet cold.

  2. I like your tanka very much. I didn’t know that about Arizona’s seasons!

  3. I prefer the dry cold myself.🙂 I didn’t realize you planted annuals twice a year.

  4. Two springs is an excellent way to look at the desert flora, Luanne. Loved the poem.

  5. D.L. Finn, Author

    Beautiful! I’d love to have two springs 🙂

    • We do have to withstand the hot summers to get those two springs, but with air conditioning to me it’s worth it because even in the summer outside through my windows is beautiful. But gotta have that AC!

  6. That’s an inventive use of the prompt. And I’ve learnt something about Arizona’s weather. My girlfriend keeps trying to persuade me to visit her in Texas, but when she starts listing which months to avoid (hurricanes, snow, extreme heat), I tell her “You’re not selling this to me.” Springtimes in Arizona sound more attractive.

    • Yes, you would love it here both springs. Summer not so much . . . . hahaha Truly, even most winters are gorgeous here. I mean, my daughter got married outdoors last year on February 12, and it was stunningly beautiful outside. This is why we have spring training here and the Phoenix Open for golf, etc.

      • Sounds delightful (on the whole). A couple in the complex here have one of their children in Arizona and they travel their frequently.

        • Wow what a long trip to see family repetitively!

          • That should read “there” not “their” (predictive text!).
            I saw they had their grandchildren here recently, so perhaps they are slowing down. They are octogenarians although you wouldn’t know to look at them. But they are world travellers and lived in the States for a while, so probably take it in their stride. Family trumps all!

  7. Loved learning about Arizona’s two Springs!

  8. I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense that you’d have two springs. That does sound very pretty. If I ever make it there, I’ll know when to visit. Of course, spring and fall are the prettiest times of year here, too.

  9. Amy

    As a non-desert person, I am always surprised by how much beauty there can be in a desert. Your poem captures that well.

    • Yes, I am a water person, so it’s astonishing how well I’ve done in the desert, but it has a lot of beauty, and then I live with a gardener! Thanks, Amy!

  10. Love the tanka, and love how you describe spring (2x) in Arizona 🙂 Finding the beauty in a desert isn’t easy, but you did it.

    • Thank you, Marie! It took me awhile, but now I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else except maybe on a Michigan lake in the summer or on the coast of California any time.

  11. We lived in northern Buckeye (Surprise was 12 miles away) in the middle of the desert. It was a great spot, but too far from town and too HOT!! But, I remember the trees! Brilliant shades of green. 💚

    • So funny how you were in Arizona and now Michigan. I was in Michigan and now Arizona. Buckeye is still a long way away, but it’s now all builtup. My daughter’s in-laws live near there in Goodyear.

      • The first time I lived in Arizona was in the late 70’s. I was stationed at Luke AFB. The second time we moved to Prescott Valley, up near Prescott. This last time, I finally had enough of the heat. I grew up in Wisconsin, but Michigan is home to us now. My husband is a 100% disabled veteran and Michigan offers some property tax breaks for vets. I love the cooler summers. LOL!

  12. It should be nice to have 2 springs!

  13. I love two springs! Your poem is as lovely as two springs.

  14. a gorgeous evocative piece. and a sparkle of editainment.

  15. Great poem, Luanne! Here in South Florida, it is always green, so I don’t really experience Spring. You get it twice a year. Lucky you!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

  16. Beautiful isn’t nature surprising 💜

  17. Thank you for bringing, Luanne, for this uplifting post! <3

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