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Thought I’d share a cute comic strip created by a fellow blogger. If you like humor, you’ll love it. If you like cats, you’ll doubly love it.

Check it out, read a few for the flavor, and follow Polly’s blog for regular kitty comic humor! Let’s show this dedicated cartoonist some BLOGGER LOVE!!!

Do you know how long it’s been super hot here in Phoenix? It’s been 25 days in a row of temperatures over 110 degrees! This is so bad for humans, especially those at risk, for animals, especially those at risk, and for every other thing–houses, cars, and all the plants and trees. Our tree leaves are dying! I am so lucky to have air conditioning and not have to work outside because I have to wear compression stockings on my legs. My cats are also lucky to live in the air conditioning. I worry so much about animals outside because heat + human stupidity is a deadly combination. People on the Next Door app are complaining about all the idiots forcing their dogs to run on the pavement. Then they probably don’t even look at the paws later and see the damage they have done.

Speaking of air conditioning, don’t think that it alone can cool off an interior enough to be comfortable without taking a toll on the AC unit and possibly causing it to break down. You cool the house to take the edge off and add a nice electric fan :). Took me years of living here to figure that one out, speaking of stupid.

And on that note, what about that Delta flight where they kept the passengers sitting in a plane in Vegas without AC for four hours when it was 115 degrees outside? What made anybody at Delta think that was a good idea? Why didn’t the pilot do something? The pilot is responsible for all those people and should have risked their job and RESISTED. Delta is so lucky that people didn’t die.

OK, hard to think about anything but the heat right now. Hope you have it cooler wherever you may be!

The photo is of the view from my parents’ house back in the early 2000s. When I was growing up we had a little cottage where the house is now (you can see the deck of the house). This lake is three small lakes together, quite shallow, and the portion on our side was very swampy when I was a kid. Over time, my dad did a lot of work on the lots and the water in front of the lots (our lot and then he added two to our right in this photo), so it turned into more of a traditional lake. As a teen I used to be so frustrated to be stuck way out at the lake and not in town with my friends, but we had a lot of fun out there, both in and out of the water. Right now I am feeling nostalgic for it because it never felt hot at the lake!!!!

OK, if you didn’t head over to Polly’s yet, here’s another link:


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  1. I’m a huge fan of Cooper and Fitz. They are crazy cats! I think of you when I hear the weather for your area. I don’t know how people and animals survive that.

    • They are so cute and funny! Sounds like my cats talking to each other, especially when they mimic us! Yeah, it’s terrible out here. And no end in sight still!

  2. Luanne, thanks so much for the props!! I can’t even say how much I appreciate this. And I never thought of dogs being walked on pavement in that heat. It breaks my heart. We had a lake we always camped and fished at as a kid. That was what we did for vacations. I do miss it now. Very much. Thanks so much again.

  3. Amy

    Cute comic strips. But why does the big cat have such uncatlike ears??

    Sorry about the heat….it really is scary.

  4. Cute comic. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve been thinking of you with the heat, and I can imagine you are nostalgic for the lake time!
    I am also thankful for a/c. We’ve had ours running for weeks, which is unusual, but it’s so humid here. We turned it off on Saturday morning, but turned it back on Saturday night.

    • We keep ours set at 79 or even 80, but even so the AC can’t remove all the humidity from the house so it is more humid here than usual. Not like back east, but enough that it works against us.
      I hope you continue to enjoy Polly’s comics!

      • We usually have ours set around 77 or 78, but at night sometimes we have to turn it down because it’s hot upstairs. We have a big, old house. 🙂

        • We have ours at 80 or sometimes 79 at night with only a ceiling fan. But it’s upstairs and would be too hard on the AC to cool more at this point.

  5. Feeling for all of you folks and all living things in this heat in Phoenix this summer. Hope you and yours can keep cool somehow. Bless all of your hearts.

  6. I’m sure our heat is nothing like your heat, but all the same, it’s difficult to acclimatise to it when it’s something you’re not used to!

    • It’s hard to say what’s worse–humid unnatural heat in a place not really designed to handle it or unnaturally high heat in a place that does get hot but it goes on so long it is dangerous. I’ll take neither in my dreams.

  7. Re: cat vacation, I’m afraid I would be like that lazy cat if I didn’t work, so I am going to keep working.
    Re: heat…..I don’t like it! 115+ is too hot for people and critters. I am currently staying in a warm, humid place by a river in southern Canada, and it does feel a lot like the warm humid summers of my youth on Lake Erie….except it was breezy there but not here. I sometimes try to sense (in my imagination) exactly what I sensed then….as a memory exercise.
    For instance, the water where I grew up had a particular smell that I later noted also emanating from the Detroit River. It’s a delightful smell and says home to me.

    • Interesting about the smell. I’ve never smelled a river that really smelled good IMO. But I tried to bring back to scents of the lake in response to reading your comment. The fish and slimy seaweed and the open fire and toasted marshmallows. The sun tan oil we wore. And the so-called sand itself. Sort of a brown sand, mixed with dirt, and smelling of dirt and seaweed.
      I hope you stay cool enough without a breeze.

      • Such delightful smells.
        The Detroit River is fairly short, a link between Lake St. Claire and Lake Erie, so it gushes along with no time to get stinky. The first time I smelled it, I was overjoyed.

  8. That extreme heat the southwest is experiencing is really scary. I hope we haven’t crossed the point of no return with global warming and climate change.

  9. That’s a cute comic – I signed up!

    The heat is bad here, too. Over 100 for over a week. So many plants frying, even if there’s water in the soil.

  10. Sorry to hear the bad news about the heat, Luanne. It’s killing to wear compression stockings in such heat. I feel guilty for not dealing with the heat this year. I remember all those years in Southern CA, we couldn’t do anything after 10:30 am because the heat killed us. We didn’t have A/C. We were upgrading the house, and getting rid of 32 years of junks, and packing at the end of August last year. Hubby tried to get up at 6:00 am to get something done.

    We’ve been fortunate not to have any heatwaves yet. I’m dragged to put my compression stocking on. Right now I’m sitting in bed with my egs level. If I sit in a chair, I try to put my legs on another chair.

    Keep thinking about the lake. It may give you a little cool feeling.

    • Miriam, do not feel guilty! Enjoy where you are! I am lucky to have AC that has held up so far. We take good care of it and are going to have it checked out again tomorrow to be on the safe side. Elevating is such a good thing for our legs. Before I’ve been up too long each morning I say to my husband, “Time to elevate!” and I lie down on the couch with my legs up on two big pillows and see what’s up in the blog world and on my emails. I can’t always respond at that time on my ipad but it is a relaxing ten minutes to see what the day is bringing. XO ps do you wear knee high or thigh high, by the way?

      • I used to lie down on the loveseat on a V shape in the evening to keep hubby company. He watched TV and

      • Sorry, sent too soon.

        He watched TV and I checked blogs. In the new house, he watches TV in another room, so I elevate my legs in bed. I wear thigh high, Luanne.

        • Sounds like us! Years ago I used to pump 5x week, and I got a lot of studying done. I think that’s how I got through my master’s haha. I am supposed to get a new pump btw through Medicare.
          I am supposed to wear thigh high, but I have never been able to handle the fabric on my inner thighs. So my thighs are a mess. You are a good girl!!!

  11. Wow! we get used to hot temperatures but the equivalent of 43’c for so long? That doesn’t happen often. A tray of ice in front of the fan, or a wet face washer draped over the top can help.
    Cute kitties!

    • Great ideas, Gwen! Ugh, so ridiculous already!
      Polly really does let the personalities of her own cats shine through in her comics.

  12. We have been hovering in the mid 90’s all month and no monsoons. I won’t complain though because you are one step away from melting. I never let my dogs feet hit hot concrete. Husband thought I was nuts which was why the dog didn’t like him. We went out at the crack of dawn and just before sunset. I honestly don’t know how you guys survive the heat there. My house fan runs 24/7 and 2 small fans keep the air moving. This tiny place stays cool with very little AC comparatively. Fans use less electricity and aid cooling. Keep staying cool. I’m praying for a little rain. Everything needs it.

    • He sounds like a very “unimaginative” man, meaning he couldn’t imagine how another creature feels. Fans are a real blessing and a good memory from my childhood. I always loved summer when the fan was put in my doorway while I slept!

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