Winter Flowers: #TankaTuesday

This is the 2nd portion of the “Cold Dew” season for Colleen Chesebro’s #TankaTuesday challenge based on the 24 Japanese seasons.

At this time every year in Arizona, we pull out the “summer flowers,” the annuals that we plant in May. We replace them with “winter flowers.” Usually red geraniums are featured, as they are this year. In the last few years we have much fewer choices than we used to have. This year, we had even less choice–and the red geraniums don’t look very good. I hope they perk up once planted. Today is the day we plant!

The topic of my tanka is our winter flowers.

Our summer flowers

have drooped and browned by the house.

Today we release

them from the earth to make room

for winter’s colors.

I made up the kigo “winter flowers” because it is such a part of this season.

On another note, I heard yesterday that my poetry collection Rooted and Winged, which was a Book Excellence winner, is Runnerup in the PenCraft Book Awards 2023. Woot!!!!

On another note, I don’t know how about anybody else, but I am feeling very drained and saddened over world events. I am also horrified by the anti-Semitism rampant on Twitter/X. I’ve joined Bluesky and am only following writers and people I know. Friends, if you want to join, I have a couple of codes. First come, first served.


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43 responses to “Winter Flowers: #TankaTuesday

  1. Our red geraniums are still blooming. We have them in a window (rail?) box outside our kitchen door.

    Congratulations on your book. I’m at the blue place, too, though I haven’t done much there.

  2. I love your poem, Luanne. Your red geraniums are beautiful. I remember the winter flowers in California.

    • Thank you, Miriam. When we first moved to California, the most vivid image for me were the bird of paradise flowers everywhere around Riverside, etc.

  3. This week will be the last for our summer flowers. They are tired and I want to pull before the ground freezes (and I don’t want to work outdoors!). It’s sad but the changing of the seasons happens.

  4. VJ

    Love the book cover art. I’m with you on world issues. I’m beginning to lose faith in social media, altogether

  5. I’m interested in Bluesky. I’m on Threads now, if you’re there. Twitter had become a cesspool.

  6. Congratulations again, Luanne! Hearing/reading congratulations doesn’t get old, does it? So well deserved 😊

    I’ve read a couple of articles recently about the cesspool formerly known as Twitter and how Musk continues to promote disinformation and hatred. His spreading of disinformation following the Hamas attack was the last straw for me.

    I wrote to you elsewhere that I’d be interested in a Bluesky code if you have any left. No worries if you don’t ❤️

    • Did you get the code I sent you? Hope it works ok! I can’t find the info about Musk and Hamas, but I did find an article from the 12th where some muckety muck at X (not Musk) was trying to go after some of the disinformation. I don’ tsee that it worked!!!!!!

      • No, I didn’t get the code but thank you 😊 Did you send it to my gmail account (marieannbailey)? I checked my Spam just in case. The articles I saw were in The Guardian.

  7. Twitter has always been a caldron of hate. The misinformation there is astounding. I hope your flowers perk up. Congratulations on the PenCraft award.

  8. It sounds as if I dodged a bullet by never getting on Twitter in the first place.
    Congratulations on your short-listing, and I hope your flowers will soon lift their happy heads and bring you much joy!

  9. Fantastic news about Rooted and Winged being garnered with more awards. How appropriate!

  10. Congratulations on your two award recognitions for Rooted and Winged. Very well-deserved! As far as world (and domestic) affairs this past week, I’m going back and forth between anxiety and despair. I’m very glad I bailed on Twitter last year.

  11. Congratulations, Luanne! Beautiful geraniums! Mine are still budding.

  12. I like the tanka. Congratulations on the Pencraft placement.

  13. I learned something new today about summer flowers and winter flowers. How great is that, you have color year-round. I don’t know what Blue Sky is?

    • Lisa, we have lots of color all year around. Even on the occasional winters where we get an overnight freeze, our flowers usually are fine if we put a sheet over them. Blue Sky is like Twitter. You have to have a code from somebody already on there to get in.

  14. Luanne, after Musk bought Twitter, I left. I’ve never looked back. Now, I follow much of the same folks from Twitter on Threads. It’s been lovely. No hatred, so far. I also understand your “winter flowers” kigo. LOL! 😝

    • I haven’t tried Threads. I don’t want to wrap myself up (sorry for the pun) in social media accounts though so I guess I will stick with trying out Bluesky!

  15. Robbie Cheadle

    Hi Luanne, a beautiful poem. We are doing the exact opposite. Planting for spring 😊

  16. Things in the world are very sad indeed. Praying for peace in these sad times. Your flowers and your beautiful poem are a ray of sunshine this morning. 🙂

  17. Amy

    Why are there fewer choices? Climate change? All that heat?

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