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Exploring My Hometown

After my visits to Sedona and southern California, I traveled to my hometown in Michigan and just got back yesterday. I’m sorry I’ve been slow to respond to blog comments and am behind in my reading. I didn’t want to post online that I was going away, so I couldn’t warn you that I would be taking longer to reply. What an exhausting trip. My parents have moved into a retirement community and are putting their house up for sale. Lots of stuff going on, and it’s been difficult for them.

But what a beautiful time of the year to visit Michigan.

In the city

In the city

Hard to believe such a lovely spot on private land is visible to the public.

The blocks below are from the old synagogue that no longer exists. They have been erected at the site of the current synagogue.


The “cathedral” still towers over the highway, I was relieved to see. I never attended services there, but we did hang out on the grounds after football games.


It was fun and a little stressful visiting the old haunts and houses.  Meeting my new great-niece for the first time was best of all! She’s as cute as a bug’s ear. I don’t want to post her photo because she’s not my child, so I don’t think I should make that decision. But trust me: you can’t find a cuter 6-month-old anywhere!

As we drove to the airport out of town, we passed by Amish and Mennonite farms.


This week, I plan to catch up on my blog comments and, especially, reading your blogs!!!


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