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The New Year’s Post I Never Thought I’d Have to Make

New Year’s resolutions have never been part of my life. It all seems like such a waste of time. I never thought I would make a genuine definitely-gonna-keep-this resolution.

However, this year I made one–actually a slew of them, all related–but not because the year has slipped from 2014 to 2015. I did it for these reasons (and I apologize in advance for boring medical info):

  1. My dad is recovering from an aortic dissection–without surgery, surgical skill, and good luck, this has fatal consequences
  2. My mother had several stents put in her heart when she was 70
  3. My DNA health report lists a lot of possible potential coronary type problems
  4. I have the teeny tiniest circulatory channels (blood drawing nightmare stories abound in my memory banks)
  5. My doctor is rechecking my cholesterol the 3rd week of January
  6. I’ve been letting my health slide during the mad rush to get a book draft done for Stanford
  7. I eat too much cheese

In light of all that, guess what my resolution is?!

Yup, to work on my health! These are some of the ways (nothing radical here–after all, I want this to work):

  1. Veggies at least 3 times a day
  2. Veggies prepared in new healthy ways
  3. Keep both spinach and kale in the house at the same time–and use it
  4. Fruit–try to “gut it” at least once a day (I know, I know, but fruit creeps me out with its bruises, hidden bugs, and sudden rotting)
  5. Never more than one soda a day and try to skip it sometimes
  6. Walk every day (and buy one of those step counting technogizmos)
  7. Stationery bike at least 4x a week (because of my recovered foot I am not allowed pressure on the foot as in running, dancing, etc)
  8. Learn to use the elliptical already . . .  (this exists in my own house!!)
  9. Keep up the other exercise
  10. Limit cheese to one serving a day
  11. Limit chicken and fish to 1-2 servings a day (I don’t eat other meat and am not a big fan of chicken either, for ethical reasons)
  12. Try some new things, such as almond butter
  13. Figure out a healthy and flavorful way to get my breakfast protein (I am a person who needs warm protein-rich food for breakfast and can’t eat cereal, etc.)
  14. Forget the truffle instead of dessert idea. I looked at the nutritional guide on the package. 26% of my daily fat allowance in one of those little balls!

Any other ideas, folks? Nothing too crazy, please ;).

Oops, and champagne (note: champagne is fruit so all is well) contains zero fat, so I can add that to my diet!!!  Happy New Year!


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