Day 2 of my hiatus, here is the 2nd post I wrote for this blog about learning to read and writing memoir and, above all, the ways of memory.

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“Each [memoir] is in its own way an account of detection, a realized effort to assemble the puzzle of what happened in the light of subsequent realization.”

The Art of Time in Memoir by Sven Birkerts

When I was a young teen we had a subscription to Psychology Today.  I read about codes and code breaking in one issue and all my Nancy Drew instincts banded together and urged me on to become a code cracker.  This desire had probably originated even earlier as I’d ordered a book on codes from the Scholastic Book Fair in 6th grade.  The book had seemed beyond my abilities until I read the magazine article; that’s when I appropriated the large blackboard on our basement wall and began studying code breaking in earnest.  My mother would shake her head when she came down to sort laundry.  The board was riddled with what looked…

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