Where Do You Read Short Memoir Online?

Do you read short memoir? I posted a poll a while back asking about the lit mag reading habits of readers. At that time, I mentioned that I was reading short memoir in back issues of lit mags.

But where can we read short memoir online? I thought I’d make it easy and post a link to a few good magazines that are either online or have a solid online presence–and that publish a lot of memoir.

Hippocampus: go to the Memoir tab and it will pull up a variety of memoir stories

River Teeth’s Beautiful Things column: River Teeth is an esteemed print journal with a column of very short (250 words) pieces

Broad Street Magazine: an online magazine of “true stories”–you need a subscription for a lot of it, but they have links to stories, as well

Lunch Ticket: each issue is completely online–plenty of memoir and other genres

Post Road Magazine: This print journal offers an online sampling of stories and poems from each issue.

AGNI Online: This website is a division of the esteemed print journal AGNI.

Come on, everyone: can we name some other magazines that have online memoir stories?


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25 responses to “Where Do You Read Short Memoir Online?

  1. Luanne: Thanks for this informative post. I checked out the River Teeth site, and am quite impressed! Will enjoy those relatively short pieces in its “Beautiful Things” section. 🙂

  2. Great list, Luanne!

  3. Thank you for such great information!

  4. I’ll check this lists out Luanne, thanks for sharing.

  5. Luanne, to a serious writer like you, I imagine it would be very informative to read these magazines, publishing ideas,etc. And from my end of the art business, the shorter the work, I would think, (and this is going into territory I know nothing about…yours), like quick drawings, the writer has to be “fast and loose.” The economy of words mean that the result is purer? We used to do a lot of little 5 minute sketches. And the work often times was better than the hour long ones. Not as labored.

    • Hehe, so funny to hear myself describe as a serious writer. I like that! The funny thing with writing is that the shorter pieces can end up being more labor-intensive. I almost think that they might be the opposite of a quick drawing (what I know nothing about hah) because rather than “sketching” the words have to be exactly right so that there isn’t one extra or sub par word in the piece. Hmm, wondering what others think about this!

  6. You must stop enticing me with more reading material, Luanne! When will I have time to write? Seriously, great list…thanks! 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for this great list Luanne…and I ditto Jill, yikes 😀

  8. Great list, Luanne. Thank you!

  9. Thank you for including Hippocampus Magazine on this list! D

  10. I don’t know of any, but I appreciate the links!

  11. I never even thought to look for memoirs online. Thanks so much for the links!

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