Vote for a Name

Here are the names that you suggested for the doll-that-needs-a-name. Please vote for one name. We’ll see what happens!!


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17 responses to “Vote for a Name

  1. I love this idea, Luanne. I am so excited to hear what the voters decide.

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    Please vote for a name for the doll. She feels objectified and needs an identity.

  3. LOL I didn’t even vite fir my own suggestion, Rebecca, but I’m happy to see I voted fir the (fir now) winner, MaryGold. Perfect with her blonde hair in the field of flowers 💖

  4. Geez my IPad can’t type !!!

  5. Oh look at that, it’s like everyone knows her name!

    almost 😉

  6. I am seriously stoked that Flavia got any votes at all! LOL

  7. Well, it’s a lovely name!! I do think many many years ago I wrote a short story with that name. Oh no, it was Flanna. Haha

  8. Luanne I am so sorry I missed your post of the 19th 🙁 anyway I will be ordering your book this week and will definitely post a review. I tried to leave a comment re: doll’s name but ‘comment’ option was not available? ah well. I think she looks like an Emmeline. But too late now!! so I voted for Julia.

    • Thanks so much re the book, Yolanda! Haha, yes, I closed the comments because there were so many names already. Emmeline is pretty!! Thanks for voting!

  9. I voted for a less popular name but think this is a great way to have interaction and the flowers are ‘winning!’

  10. This is fun; today I thought of this one~ Calla as in Calla Lily. LOL

  11. Oh, that’s pretty, too. I think you win the prize for coming up with the most names, Lynne!