What Ever Happened to MaryGold?

Remember MaryGold? That doll from the cover of Doll God? The doll you named?

Yeah, her. That doll. Here she is with my daughter’s cat. Notice how she has a Mona Lisa smile on her face. But in the photo below she’s scowling. How does she do that?

The reason I am bringing her up is that I’ve lost her! I tore the house apart last night looking for her, but all I could find was her muddy pantaloons. I know this sounds creepy, but I feel responsible, as if I might have done away with her. Why else would I find one article of clothing, but she is nowhere to be found?

I did get a nice plaque in the mail from the people at the New Mexico Book Coop that sponsors the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, but it would have been nice to share it with MaryGold.


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59 responses to “What Ever Happened to MaryGold?

  1. Hopefully, you will find your the doll. Your mind may just reveal her whereabouts. Great memento of your achievement.

  2. How could she just disappear? Could one of the cats hid her somewhere?
    Beautiful plaque, Luanne! Congratulations again!

    • Haha, thanks, Jill. I don’t know. I am suspicious about myself. Why would her pants be in my desk drawer and she is nowhere around? I’ve looked EVERYWHERE. Would I have thrown her away? Why? The cats wouldn’t do it.

  3. I’m with Jill on a catnapping. They look like buddies in the photo. It’s kinda weird that her pants are in your drawer. Kinky even. Good luck finding her.

  4. WHAT-T-T??? Knowing how I feel desperately searching for items I’ve misplaced, I can’t imagine your panic – almost like losing sight of your child!! This is a crazy, discombobulated time of year – try to mentally step away from seasonal changes and holiday hubbub to see if you can visualize in a more normal state of mind. PS I totally agree that she is capable of changing expressions – may we eventually see a wide ‘I’ve found her’ smile from YOU!!! 💖

    • So discombobulated. And thank you for being the only other person in the world to use that word! You, me, and my mother haha. See, I knew she changed expressions. Now that you validate it, I know it’s true! Ah, Sammy, I searched for “my girl” again today and no luck.

      • It must be a Michigan thing to feel discombobulated, Luanne! I’m so sorry Mary Gold is missing, but I have every faith she will eventually turn up right where she is meant to be. It’s just the way the world works if we

      • Darn, I wasn’t done… if we offer ourselves to forces beyond our control. Someone with higher power is watching over her. 💖

  5. I’ve found that whenever I completely give up on finding an item (and believe me, I’ve been misplacing plenty during this hectic holiday season, that’s when things show up. Good luck!

    • That is usually what happens for me, too, but unfortunately sometimes it can take a year haha!! We will see, but I have a bad feeling about this.Thanks, Elaine.

  6. Congrats on your beautiful, well-deserved plaque! But where is Mary Gold? May you get a postcard from her soon….

  7. Congrats on your plaque, Luanne! Hope Mary Gold turns up. xo

  8. Sounds like a great premise for a scary story. “Doll goes missing. All that are left are her pantaloons…” 😉

  9. Many congratulations on your plaque Luanne, what a thrill! I can’t even imagine how that must feel, to win a book award. a dream. As for Mary Gold, well, that is rather spooky isn’t it? Nothing but muddy pantaloons? Has to be one of the cats…and how does she smile and then scowl? You’ve got me big time… 😮

    • Sherri, it was pretty thrilling, for sure. I never dreamed that would happen. Never even considered it for a sec.
      MaryGold is either a little stinker or I am a very careless doll god haha. My cats would never do this. Hmm, Kana does carry her furry snake toy around the house with her.

  10. Maybe she was afraid you’d spank her if you found out she got her pantaloons dirty. She’s probably hiding under the bed.


  11. Oh…this is terrible…How could you loose her…Looks like MaryGold wants to be featured in a mystery. 🙂
    I hope she shows up soon!

    • I just hope if MaryGold is going to be in a mystery it’s a cozy and not a violent crime novel. That would be more than I could bear on her behalf.

  12. It’s so creepy and weird, Luanne. I hope you find her–and you will have to let everyone know right away.
    Our daughters’ favorite stuffed animal friends are still very much a part of our lives (one lives at our house, so my daughter’s dog won’t eat him–and I periodically check on him). My older daughter’s Humpty lives with her, and he’s apparently writing a memoir. Nope, can’t imagine where my girls get their imaginations.

    Did you ask the cats? The muddy pantaloons totally freaks me out.

    • The cats don’t know anything about MaryGold. The only one I can’t 100% trust is Kana because she does carry one toy around with her, but she doesn’t usually go after my stuff.
      Interesting about the stuff friends at your house. My daughter accidentally threw hers away two weeks before college started. It was heart breaking. Very bad timing. My son still has his. He’s 31. hahahaha And he’s not ashamed at all. He has a seal. She had a zebra.

  13. I hope you find her. Congratulations on the award

  14. Your beautiful Mary Gold is lost or taken? Did your Nakano take her perhaps to Heaven? I am feeling nervous even suggesting this but knew your cat lived you and maybe needed a part of you. Then, the way my memory plays tricks I worry your dear black cat may have recovered. I once came home from college and called a good h.s. friend, no cell phones to stay connected and asked how her mother was doing, Luanne. I felt terrible since her mother had passed away and my parents had not heard from her nor read the obits in those days. 🙁 Hope you find your sweet doll. I would share one of my old Ginny doll twins. . . ♡

    • Robin, I can’t find her anywhere. I searched again high and low today. However, I did find something interesting I will post about on another day. Right now I am a little depleted from the San Bernardino shootings. That is one of my cities b/c I taught there for 15 years. Sigh. Feeling very numb.
      What a sad story about your friend’s mother! You must have felt so bad and all for something you had no control over. I’m so sorry, Robin! xo

  15. Oh, dear, I feel your anxiety, Luanne! I do hope she turns up soon. I’ve had too many episodes of thinking I’ve lost something (and giving up on finding it after futile searching) only to have it turn up behind a couch or underneath some sewing, with no clue as to how it got there. I think there’s a story here, Luanne, or at least a poem 😉 And congratulations again on your award. The plaque is lovely.

    • Weird thing. I fell asleep on the couch once and ended up sleeping there all night. At some point after that I realized my medic-alert bracelet was missing. I discovered it had fallen behind the couch. So it not only came off my wrist while I slept (those things are practically welded on), but I must have flailed my arm up in order to have it go behind the couch LOL! Weird.
      Thanks, Marie!!! Yeah, MaryGold has a story struggling to be told. But look below. I think Cinthia wants to tell it!

  16. Sounds suspicious – I hope you find her soon. Congratulations on the award!

    • Mary Ann, I am suspicious of myself! I feel as if I did something unspeakable. But why would I throw her away?! Ugh. Then I wonder if I gave her to my daughter for photos and my daughter moved from LA to NY and all her stuff is locked in storage in LA somewhere . . . .

  17. Yikes, I too feel your anxiety. That’s comparable to losing your wedding ring. I hope she shows up in the laundry before she gets washed. Congrats!

    • I don’t even wear a wedding ring. I can’t fit into it and I don’t like it any more because it looks like it belongs to a 19 year old ;). We were 19 when we bought it. But hubby got me a beautiful sapphire, and do you think I wear that? Nope, always afraid it will get lost!!! Oh, poor MaryGold, but at least everyone wants her to come home!

  18. I really hope you find her soon, Luanne. It’s a mystery novel in the making! Congratulations on the award 😀

  19. I kind of love that you lost the doll from your book cover. It’s a very poetical thing, loss, and it kind of seems fitting in an odd sort of way. Still, it’s very intriguing, almost as if it’s begging to be developed into a short story. I can’t stop thinking about it, so if you don’t write about it I’ll have to “borrow” the idea, lol. P.S. Where in AZ do you live? I’ll be in Tucson for the end of Dec. and most of January. Let’s see if we can meet up, okay? Cheers and happy writing.

    • Oh, you are a devil, my dear! Yes, there is a lot of loss in Doll God, so maybe you are right! OK, you can borrow it. If I use it, I’ll use it differently for sure, so feel free to tell MaryGold’s story. She deserves it!!! I live in the Phoenix area. I can’t drive to Tucson on my own b/c of my complicated migraines, but if you come to Phoenix you can come visit me and we will hang out!!! (P.S. Do you like wine?)

  20. Muddy pantaloons. Very ominous.
    I’m sorry you cannot share your success with Mary Gold. But perhaps she is with you in spirit.

    • She is with me because my mind can’t let go of her. I hate losing something. My latest thought is that my daughter might have her packed up in storage.

      • I hate losing things also. Recently, I couldn’t find a raincoat that I REALLY wanted during a deluge. I didn’t think I’d given it away. After days of repeatedly checking closets, I found it . . . underneath a new raincoat I’d hung on top of the old. I had forgotten that I’d bought a new coat as well as where I’d put the old one.
        Now I have two. For the next time it rains.

  21. Luanne did the cat take it? I often put special things in special places and then forget where that place is. Hope you find her.

    • I’ll tell Kana that you were ready for her to take the blame hahahaha. I absolutely cannot find her, and daughter searched her storage space and unless she’s in the plastic wrap sealed dresser she’s not there either. I think she’s gone, and I better face it. Well, it could definitely be worse than the loss of a little generic doll (she wrote heartlessly).

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