Pilot Fish Trailblazer Nominee: Cleveland Amory

I’m so honored to write an article about my hero Cleveland Amory for Patti Moed’s Trailblazer Nominee series over at Pilot Fish. Please check it out and see what kind of world Amory wanted to create.


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8 responses to “Pilot Fish Trailblazer Nominee: Cleveland Amory

  1. Wonderful way to start this Easter weekend. Reading your blog is always a great pleasure, Luanne!

  2. Great article about a humane human. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Congratulations. Excellent piece

  4. Wonderful article, Luanne! I didn’t really know anything about Cleveland Amory.
    I received Black Beauty as a birthday gift (my birthday is in December, so it might have been Christmas/Hanukkah). My younger daughter must have also been about that age, too, when she decided to become a vegetarian because she didn’t want to hurt animals.

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