In the Between

I’ve always had a thing for liminality. Yup, liminality. Doesn’t it feel good on your tongue? According to Merriam-Webster (remember her?):

Definition of liminal

  1. 1:  of or relating to a sensory threshold

  2. 2:  barely perceptible

  3. 3:  of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition :  in-between, transitional<in the liminal state between life and death — Deborah Jowitt>

I love that in between space there. You know, anywhere. Passageways like cupboards and rabbit holes and wardrobes.  The place of process, like focusing on the process of art instead of the finished product. The place of change where you are different at one end than you were at the other.

I thought I’d let my camera start searching for some of those liminal spaces. If you find any, please share!!!

This one is at the Virginia Dare office and shopping center in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

On Monday I have such a deal coming for you! Watch for it!

In the meantime, life with Slupe is sweet.


Did you think I’ve forgotten about Kana and Tiger (and Pear and Felix)? Nope. I think I have mentioned that Tiger has a little window seat that is all hers. It’s her happy place. I put an X of double faced tape so that Kana can’t lie there and annoy her. She has an ice cube tray with toys so that I can hide treats under the toys. And I placed a mini litter box behind my antique trunk in case Kana blocks her from the ones in the laundry room. Lots of quail and bunnies and lizards for Tiger to watch.

Tiger has a little squeak like a mouse and runs from Kana which prompts Kana to chase her. Sigh. I guess it’s all that liminal space ;).



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  1. Cats and dogs love those window seats. It’s like their version of watching TV.

  2. In the virtual world of writing, I like the fertile space between the dangerous spewing of rough draft and the grueling repetitions of proofreading. In the real world, I knew all the secret links between yards in my childhood neighborhood — a hidden gate, a break in a hedge, a saggy fence, a scale-able wall. What a thrill to run this private path between beach houses boarded up for the winter.

    • WJ, I’ve read your comment a few times. The way you describe liminality in your childhood is so evocative!!! I really love it. That alone would be a wonderful place for you to investigate in your writing!

  3. I’d never get inside the office with that entrance…beautiful!

    • Never go to work, right? There are benches around there, so you can sit out and eat lunch. The pond with fountain. Very lovely. But the place has changed. It’s more run down than it used to be. But in some ways it makes it more beautiful, less “planned.”

  4. I just love Slupe!

  5. Love the word liminal and your interpretation of it.

    • It’s one of those words that once you know it, the concept becomes clear in your mind. That is one thing that is so special about it.

  6. Ooh how I love this new word. I’m very fond of those places, too. Particularly vestibules, right before you go into a loud, busy restaurant or a place of worship. A place to breathe.

    • Yes, a place to breathe. Ahhh, love it! I just had a random thought. Do you think a prologue is a liminal space or not? It’s kind of like a vestibule of a restaurant or church, but does it serve the same function?

  7. Fun post, Luanne. I never thought about liminality that way before. I guess that state when you’re kind of in a dream, but you’re waking up qualifies, too. And of course, places like the wardrobe in the Narnia books.

    I love that shopping area photo with the trellis. Beautiful! Our cats don’t have any window seats, but they do love the window sills–especially now with the windows open. We have lots of tables and things by windows, too, that are fun spots for them to observe the outside world (and/or nap).

    • WOWSA! Merril, bingo. You just made me realize that a poem in Doll God called “Waking Up” (which is one of my favorites) is about liminality. It’s when you first wake up–kind of that time before the first cup of coffee or tea. And at one point I used the metaphor of Alice in Wonderland. This is why I want to search for liminal places because I want to see what is liminal that I didn’t even realize!
      Cats love window sills! Have you seen the little fleece extenders you can put on window sills?

  8. Kitties! They’re so photogenic 😄

  9. Luanne, these are such lovely photos. I particularly love the light in the Virginia Dare photo. 🙂

  10. When I saw the word liminal I thought of subliminal. I wonder if they’re related? 😉

    • Apparently subliminal means below the threshold, as something that doesn’t quite make it to that level. So a connection, but the bigger connection for me is that liminality itself is usual subliminal for us because we tend to ignore it (IMO).

  11. Great word. Nice concept 🙂

  12. I love new words, word plays and finding new places to take photos of, Luanne. The idea of treats in an cube tray under toys is so unique! Did you create this one? Reminds me of Hendrix and his “busy boxes.” 🙂
    This was a beautiful and natural opening for a shopping area, quite unexpected. I think it reminds me of an entrance to a villa or fancy restaurant! <3

    • Thank you, Robin. This has been a terrible day for the U.S. and for basically-good humans. I love you taking my mind off onto ice cube trays!! I read about the DIY idea of hiding treats in places where cats have to fish them out. So I searched my cupboard and found all these ice cube trays I don’t use any more! Tiger loves fishing treats out of the little squares! First she has to take the toys out and then put the treats in her paw and pull up. She’s been hiding the toys under the cushions :). VERY cute.

      • Very cute, indeed! I am glad you have Slupe! <3 I like how you have satisfied Tiger and managed to get the household rather peaceful! 🙂
        I was checking to see replies on a few posts of yours. I am not always "timely" with my replies, Luanne. I like to go back to see if what I wrote had a reply. Just silly but there were a few times, especially with Mohammad Ali, where I hoped I wasn't too late for you to see. . . He was a great example of a complex man who showed compassion with strength. I liked the way you wrote the post with such warmth!

        • Ah, thanks so much, Robin. He was such a complex man!
          Slupe is my little darling. She likes me to lie down and then she crawls up on my chest and falls asleep! She needs a mama so badly! I sent you an email. Let me know about the signing of the book. If I hear before tomorrow morning I will send it out tomorrow. Otherwise, I will wait so that I get it right!

  13. There’s definitely magic about the liminal spaces, I love them too! Glad to get an update on your little furry people – has Slupe become a permanent resident yet 🙂

    • Hehe, we are working on it! Every day Slupe comes out for a little longer. First it was with all 4 other cats locked up. Then it was with the little cats out and the big cats locked up. Then it was with 3 of the 4 cats out!!! We will keep it at 3 and work on time length now before I let Kana out. Kana is the only one of all these cats who goes up to other cats and gets into their space. Slupe and the others are more of the “we’ll leave each other alone” mentality.

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  15. Slupe is gorgeous…so glad life is sweet 🙂 Liminality…it really does roll off the tongue quite wonderfully. I didn’t know its exact meaning sad to say…but I love your definition of those inbetween spaces. I felt like that on the train journey into London each week…I started off feeling one way and arrived feeling another. Maybe I needed those train journeys more than I realised… xoxo

  16. I love this word and this post! But when I read “rabbit hole” it reminded me of how we use it in my field. Which is anything but liminal! Still it’s a great word, thanks, Luanne!

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