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Doll God

by Luanne Castle

Released January 10 2015

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Remember the little free library?

One of the books I bought at the used bookstore was The Girl on the Train. It was a fairly suspenseful thriller, but it had some pretty big flaws. For one, a lot of the book is taken up by holding the main character’s hand while she drinks. Yeah, she’s a very tedious alcoholic. Boring. Then I figured out the solution to the mystery by the middle of the book, so the ending was a big letdown. None of the characters were likable.

Strangely, the book felt like it was written by Paul (not Paula) Hawkins. This is not meant as a negative about books by men or anything like that. And I’ve never really thought to myself about whether a book was written by a man or woman–I never cared. But I was haunted by the feeling that a woman couldn’t have written this book. It was kind of odd.

All that said, I read the book in one day, so it was a suspenseful read.

I went to California and thought I’d visit the little free library. Since I had just finished reading The Girl on the Train and didn’t have anybody I wanted to subject give it to, I thought I’d walk there and do a switch. When I arrived at the house with the little library, I noticed that the front door was open and a little wire-haired cutie (dog) was walking down the front yard. I kept approaching the library, wondering if the dog was supposed to be outside as he/she wasn’t wearing a collar. Just then a yellow lab came running out of that open door. The lab was not happy with me and ran toward me, growling in an aggressive manner. I walked across the street and turned back in the direction I came from. That was disappointing, considering I like being able to walk to a little library. And I couldn’t help but think of the children’s books in the library and what could have happened if a child had been walking there at that moment.

Later, the gardener drove me over there and I did the swap. I ended up with a book called Earnest about . . . (get this) a yellow lab.


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20 responses to “Enter to Win a FREE COPY of DOLL GOD and The Little Free Library with Dogs

  1. Hi Luanne- Love my copy of DOLL GOD and am grateful that you did the kitty benefit which enabled me to “earn” it. I’ve been taking an unannounced blog-cation simply because I’m swamped with launching the new SANTA FE ON FOOT. Radio interviews, book signing, getting the book in local hotel gift shops etc. I’d much rather be writing than promoting, but you know how it is.

    • Elaine, you have a lot going on! I can see why you’re on a blogcation! Best of luck with all of it. Or should I say break a leg? I am so used to not saying good luck to performers that I sometimes wonder if it’s right for writers or not.

  2. Okay, now my mind is wondering, why was the door open? Was the owner injured inside the house? After reading many reviews, I decided not to read The Girl on the Train.

    • I wondered about that, too, but later the lab at least was in the back yard. I heard him barking. Initially I worried about the little guy without a collar and was going to see if he was out by accident, but then I had to save my life and limbs. I said something to a guy who apparently lives across the street, and he seemed very uninterested in a killed dog living across the street from him. I’m sort of kidding because when I backed off, the dog was wary but did not follow me off his property, so it was a good dog, just a little too good, if you know what I mean.
      I read The Girl on the Train seeing it was #1 (one!) on the NYTimes list and thinking, wow, what is wrong with me haha?

  3. On your say so, I will avoid “Girl on the Train.” I read an article recently about all these “girl” books. Notice that they are not “woman” books, so that battle (and all it’s implications) continues. “Gone Girl” bothered me because two characters are writers who are pretty proud of their writing. But they pretty much write alike. Huh?
    Sorry that lab was leaping! Be well. Read well.

    • I didn’t read Gone Girl since I saw the movie and then there was no point in reading the book. But it was in the little free library yesterday! I agree about girl. I was almost shocked to realize that Rachel was a full adult (well, as much as an alcoholic can be) and not of maybe college student age after thinking she was the girl (on the train).

  4. I agree with your assessment of The Girl on the Train. Couldn’t understand why it was such a hit.

  5. It never ceases to amaze me how some books that are are given a heap of rave reviews can be such a disappointment. And I also find it interesting that you think it was written by a woman (who knows who writes what these days?) because the author must have had a distinct ‘voice’.

    Maybe the yellow lab didn’t want you to take any books because he wanted to point you in the direction of “Earnest” – it must have been a ‘sign’, (but it’s not good when dogs are allowed to roam like that) 😉

    • PS – I couldn’t enter the giveaway because it’s only for US residents 🙁

    • Earnest is very very light reading, but it’s entertaining, at least in the mood I’m in! I think those dogs were not used to being outside in the front by themselves so Mr. Lab was not on good behavior. I was worried about the little guy but figure Mr. Lab might take care of him!
      I have no idea how that book could be #1, by the way. Just another example of this crazy world.

  6. Wow, you are like taking the expression, “hair of the dog,” almost literally, Luanne. I wonder if the gardener should have gone up and told the owners about how the dog nearly scared you off? Maybe a babysitter or housesitter wouldn’t care but as a past home owner with a mainly gentle lab, I would want to know. Oh boy, I am very corny. I would yell, “Who on earth let the dog(s) out earlier today?”

    • Hahaha, that is pretty funny. Actually, if I hadn’t heard him barking in the backyard, right up near the gate where I would have to walk to the front door, I would have rung their bell and let them know. But I am not that brave! Especially having had 3 bad encounters with dogs by the time I was 13. Baby=eyelid bit off by aunt’s spaniel; 5 year old=small bite by neighbor’s Dalmation; 13 years old=bit by German Shepherd when we were trying to cut through a yard after school. That was a chunk in the ankle, but he was on a chain and so I was saved from further damage by the fact that I had run out of his range. But starting at 20 I ended up rescuing over 25 stray dogs and finding homes for them (and having 3 rescue dogs myself) so that was also a “hair of the dog.” Then I switched to cats :).

  7. By the way, I didn’t like “Gone Girl” (the movie). I never read the book. Yet my friend says half the book is supposed to be “illustrations of daydreams,” huh? She says that when Ben Afflect’s character throws the woman into the bannister, same with sex in hallway, it didn’t really happen! If this is so, they didn’t let the theatre audience in on the inside joke.
    Please tell me you thought they happened in the film if not; I guess I need to see it again. No way!
    See, at the end of the movie, my youngest, Felicia, said “Oh, oh! Their baby will be like a demon spawn.” I didn’t like either character, both were way too flawed. Turns out there is an inside story. . .
    So far, I am appalled at poor writing in “Girl on the Train!!” I am 1/2 way finished. My DIL got it free and downloaded it on my phone.
    The (deceased) Swedish journalist who wrote the trilogy about “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” did a fabulous job of incorporating setting, character development and interesting plot line.

    • Once I saw what was going on in Gone Girl–started to suspect at a certain point–I knew that everything wasn’t true. In other words, that just because we saw it on screen didn’t mean it happened. But I really don’t like these stories where (SPOILER ALERT!) everyone who counts is a sociopath and/or a narcissist. I like kindness and compassion or at least insight into normal human emotions. About the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I just couldn’t get into that book. It was one I abandoned and gave to my future DIL.

  8. Good luck with the giveaway Luanne. I did read The Girl on the Train and like you, I didn’t like the characters and guessed the ending mid way through!

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