Threads and Threading

Not sure the title will make sense even after you read the post. Nothing in here about sewing.

The wedding was lovely. Although the wind was strong at the time of the wedding, we were blessed with sun and a brilliant blue sky and the perfect temperature air.

It’s taken me some time to recover from the wedding, the travel, and all the hubbub leading up to the wedding. Mom was with us for a couple of weeks, but has now returned home.

The honeymooners return from the Bahamas tonight. Their restful “tourist time” was enhanced by the hospitality of a Bahamian family who invited them to their home for dinner.

In the meantime, the requisite number of pre-orders was made for Kin Types, so the book ought to go to press soon. You can still pre-order, though, by following the link in the title.

I have been such a stick-in-the-mud with so much going on this winter that I haven’t had any readings and haven’t written for some time. I started to feel far away from Doll God, so I read it again and all the emotions and memories of events that are lodged in nooks and crannies of the poems came flooding back.

Perry is now out of his cage, loose in the room, but he is not used to the freedom yet. I had to make a couple little tents for him with sheets over a footstool and over a bench. He didn’t have a tent for one night, and I found that he had threaded his little blankie through the center of the footstool to make a wall for protection. The photo shows you what I mean.

This started me on the tent-making idea. I threw a sheet over this ottoman. Later, Perry showed that likes it if I lie on the floor and read and sing up close to the sheet. Then he lies on the other side of the sheet with his face pretty close to mine.

Gorgeous Moe and Maverick are still looking for a home. They love to play and are desperate for a rescue, if you know anybody in Arizona!


On another note, why do people think my choice of music is so odd? My new daughter’s mom and I were getting our hair and makeup done by the professionals in the bride’s hotel room for the wedding. Old Billy Currington music was on the CD player. I said, “This is one of my absolutely favorite songs!” Every person in the room said, “No! It isn’t!”


Oh YES, it is! I can listen to this song 30 times, and it still isn’t enough.

On the way home from California, the gardener, Mom, and I were listening to the radio and “Good Direction” came on again. I said, “I LOVE this song! It’s one of my favorites.”

Mom said, “NO, it isn’t! This is not one of your favorite songs.”


So, the post title. Threads and Threading. All these threads I tried to tie up here for you: the wedding, Perry, my new chapbook, etc. And threading: what Perry did with his baby blanket. Heh. Well, at least I left you with a great song!


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  1. Nicely woven!!!! I am looking up Billy Currington to find out why that can’t possibly be your favorite song!

    • What did you discover?! And one of my favorites. My all-time favorite is Kyu Sakamoto’s Sukiyaki. I’d say this Currington is one of my top 5 for sure. Maybe top 2 or 3.

      • It looks like BC is maybe a little hard to categorize? I see he’s considered C and W, but he is booked at blues events, as well. And in Columbus this June! I really enjoy discovering new artists, especially when they come recommended by people I trust, so I’m going to see if I can’t download the song you mentioned…

  2. “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy!”–Billy Currington
    Good choice for music. 😊

  3. Nice updates! I like the song. Maybe they can’t believe you like country music?

    • Maybe that is what they meant. I don’t really know. They all just seemed so shocked. I love the music itself and I love the whole story in the song. It makes me very sentimental!

  4. What a great song, Luanne! I’m happy to hear KIN TYPES is going to press soon…YAY!

    • What a relief. It was getting so hard to get pre-order lists from the publisher. I’m glad you like the song! It’s soooo romantic.

  5. Many threads, lots going on. Get some rest? Listening to Billy Currington as I write.

  6. I got the threads right away, but not the threading until the section about Perry. So cute. 🙂
    The canopy for the wedding is lovely.
    I’ve never heard of Billy Currington but if you’re listening to stations that play his music, why is it a surprise that you like him?

    • I am not sure why people were so surprised. But the song seems to have some crossover appeal, so maybe it was a pop or oldies station. I hate to think the song is an oldie, but at 12 years, I guess it is. I rarely listen to the radio and my first choice is XM Broadway, but 2nd choice is country. However, the gardener would never put on country and only likes a few oldies country songs.
      I’m glad you noticed how cute it was for Perry to do that. What a little busy bee, working all night, trying to protect himself. He lets me feed him up close, but he seems to have PTSD from being outside protecting himself.
      You should have seen them building that chuppah as the wind whipped the fabric all over the place. What a job.

  7. Interesting connections in this post, Luanne. I loved reading about Perry.

    • Isn’t he the cutest little monkey, though? He reminds me of when we found our dog Oliver (long gone now, sadly). He was a stray who had taught himself how to eat bark off twigs to sustain himself. He held the twigs while he stripped with his teeth. Talk about a monkey!

  8. Thanks for sharing such a joyous time with your readers, Luanne. I’m celebrating with my five year old grandson who’s about to turn six. He just lost another tooth, we made special birthday cookies, and I have his favorite Batman legos to wrap. Family fun at all stages!
    Happy to know that KIN TYPES will be coming out soon.
    Can’t wait to get my copy.

    • Oh, what a fun time with your little sweetie pie! What a special occasion you have made it for him! Thanks for your support, Elaine. It’s so appreciated!

  9. The wedding setting was really beautiful – such a romantic scene. I hope they will have much happiness!
    I hope you will be able to find your voice again – I share your frustration about not writing – moving scatters the muses, too…
    Your cats are quite creative, as are you!!

    • The whole wedding had a very romantic, fairytale quality to it. They did it just the way they wanted it and were so happy with how it turned out. Perry is the most creative cat I’ve seen. And as I told Anneli above we used to have a dog who was creative like that. He was a stray who had learned to hold twigs in his front paws and strip bark with his teeth to eat it! I hope you and I both have productive summers!

  10. Perry and Billy well woven

  11. Turnips and pork rinds – a true country song!!! LOL. Love it, Luanne!!
    Adore Moe’s pic, he looks so cuuuuuuute!!! I’m sure he’ll find a furever home!!
    The wedding sounds like a blissful event in an idyllic setting. How lovely!!
    Good luck with all the publishing stuff!!

    BTW I just won a writing contest over at Dan Alatorre’s blog – my short story won over 200+ contestants! Yay me! 😀

  12. Congratulations on gaining a daughter-in-law, and what a gift that will be (I’m still waiting for my son to grab a daughter-in-law for me to love and cherish). Glad all the pre-orders went well, and can’t wait to receive my copy. P.S. Love the first photo on the beach. It’s very poetic, no? Beautiful and yet there’s a hint of the bittersweet behind it, which makes it even more appealing. Cheers and take care.

    • Thank you! She is wonderful and gosh she looked gorgeous at the wedding! I’m sure your son will choose well and you will get what you are waiting for! Thanks for your support of Kin Types, Cinthia! Hope your book is going well!

  13. Lots of lovely threads to follow here today, Luanne. What a clever kitty to thread the blanket through the gap so she’d have some privacy. Adorable.

    • He. And he took it out already. Apparently unthreading is important to him, too. He spoke his first word yesterday!!! MEOW. He wanted me to find where he was hiding so he could get dinner served.

  14. I’m glad Perry is happy in his tents — that was very thoughtful of you. My older male, he asks for tents. He scratches on the blankets and cries until I build him one. No one believes this until they see him do it. I don’t think Catticus is overcoming change, I just think he likes tents. Maybe Perry will always like them, too.
    Beautiful day for a wedding!
    I can’t speak for your tastes in music, and can’t imagine why anyone else would think they can. Odd. lol YOU know what YOU like, Sheesh!

    • That is so cute that Catticus asks for tents! Tiger likes them, too. Pear has claustrophobia, though . . . . Like her human mom.
      Re the music: right?!!!

  15. Hm, when you mentioned threading I thought you were going to tell us all about how your got your brows done. LOL! Glad to hear Perry is settling in, even if it is just a bit.

    • LOL, I didn’t even think about that! Mainly because I am so ill-groomed that my daughter had to give me a manicure right before the wedding. My nails were still drying as we gathered for photo-taking!

  16. Our lives are an unraveling, aren’t they? Love hearing about all the threads of your life. Also, what a lovely wedding that seemed to be. Congratulations on adding a new member to your family.

    • Thanks so much, Deborah. Today there seems to be more unraveling than anything else. Mom’s health. My health issues. Perry not quite as responsive as yesterday, which was a great day with him.

  17. I’m so glad the wedding went well, Luanne. This is a beautifully woven post and I like Billy’s song! 😀
    I hope Moe and Maverick find new caring homes soon – that’s a gorgeous photo of Moe xxx

    • Dianne, so happy you like Billy’s song! Moe and Maverick are such a challenge. They don’t want to be touched, but they play with people and are nice boys and so beautiful, but they have to go together as they are so bonded, so it’s hard enough to find someone to take a more difficult case of one, but TWO, oh boy.

  18. Your new family members will find out you are a woman of many tastes and textures, as well as liking the liminal in life, Luanne.
    Perry was showing such a clever skill! I like the intelligence shown in wadding up the pink fabric to get it threaded through the triangular opening in the base of the stool.
    Simply an amazing Houdini cat!
    Moe and Maverick will hopefully find loving parents and safe home soon. 🙂
    You threaded in and out of the weave of your new fabric swatches to create a warm coverlet.
    There’s swatches of Perry, new DIL, new in law’s of your son, and tent structures. . . along with familiar, cozy pieces with your Mom, the Gardener and son. They blended and melded into the perfect “piece de resistance.”

    • Perry is super smart. He does such funny things. But the other day I really shook him up unintentionally. I was at the shelter working and came home and went across the street to my neighbor and THEN went to feed and play with Perry. He took one whiff of that shelter smell (that only he could smell) on me and was afraid and worried. 🙁

  19. Plus, your daughter was certainly an important beautiful part of the “piece.”

  20. What a fun post-threading your life for us on the outside of the cloth so we can see it all. By the way, I think that song is terrific! Not only are you doing somethin’ right-I think you’re doing it ALL right. 👍🤗

    • Aw, that is so sweet of you! The song IS terrific! I think it’s the story of it more than anything. It makes me tear up because it’s so sweet.

      • I’m like you – when a good song plays at just the right time for me, with a beautiful/sad/endearing/emotional story, my eyes fill up. Sometimes I have to turn off the radio while I’m driving! ;-0

  21. Love the way you threaded the various arcs together in this piece, Luanne. I also enjoyed the pics of the wedding on FB. All of it gorgeous. xo

  22. I don’t understand the problems with Billy C, completely natural… but on the other hand, I’m part Texas…

    A few years ago, I had a telephone conference, we where twelve CEO:s from four different continents. Most of them barely spoke English and one nutcase came to the brilliant conclusion that a phone conference was a good way to save money, so we where about to decide on a long term sourcing strategy over the phone. It was twelve people shouting at each other, half of them couldn’t hear and the other half didn’t understand.

    I was working from home and had the radio on in the background, KSCS Dallas, a country station. For some reason the sound exploded and Billy C filled the room… “ God is great, beer is good and people are crazy”

    I lost it, I burst out laughing, I didn’t even put the phone in mute. In that moment; it was more true than ever… even the beer part.

    Great to hear about your book and Perry. Good luck with them both.

    • Catharina, I just sent you an email today or yesterday! I love that: “I’m part Texas.” I guess you are! Your story about the CEOs is hilariously funny. They so deserved your laughter!
      Thank you re the book and Perry. He’s doing pretty well. I’ll have to write an update down the road here. I can’t wait to read YOUR book, hopefully this weekend!!!!!! xo

  23. Billy Currington, I haven’t heard of him in a while but always liked him as a singer. Never heard this song. Is it new? One of my favorite songs is “Party Of Two”. He and Shania Twain sang that song. It was on both of their albums. Video for “Party Of Two” is great.

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