Third Broad Street Magazine Article on Family History Literature

The poem this week is about the brother of a relative through marriage as told by their dead mother. They grew up in an abusive orphanage, but the subject of the poem did not keep quiet about it!


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  1. Wonderful, Luanne–so fascinating to get the back story–and to get the back story on how you got the back story. 😉

    • LOL, I love that! The back story on the back story! By the way, have I told you that we’re at a complete brick wall for the other side of the gardener’s family? And it’s so annoying because I thought that one would be easy since it’s such a large family. When the Scheshkos turned out not to be too difficult I thought we were clear sailing. Apparently NOT.

  2. How lucky you are to have so much family history to access, Luanne. You’ve garnered endless interesting stories. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It seems as if it would be such a waste not to do anything at all with Grandpa’s stories and all the photographs, etc. I feel a responsibility, if that makes sense.

  3. Wonderful work, Luanne

  4. So interesting, Luanne! You have a gift with family history as well as writing. This series represents both. 🙂

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