Extreme Circumstances: The Life of Caroline Meier Waldeck (Sixth and Final BROAD STREET Magazine Article)

The sixth and final installment of what research went into the pieces in KIN TYPES, published by the beautiful magazine BROAD STREET.

The Family Kalamazoo

This is the sixth and final week that the beautiful creative nonfiction journal Broad Street magazine has published one of the pieces from my chapbook Kin Types along with documents and photographs that helped me piece together these old family stories.

The subject of the poem “Someone Else’s Story” is Caroline Meier Waldeck, the wife of my grandmother’s Uncle Fred, a German immigrant who, as a young husband and father, was hit by a streetcar and suffered severe brain damage from the accident.

You can read it here: Family Laundry: “Someone Else’s Story” by Luanne Castle

The first feature article is “Family Laundry: “An Account of a Poor Oil Stove Bought off Dutch Pete,” by Luanne Castle

The second feature article is Family Laundry 2: “What Came Between A Woman and Her Duties” by Luanne Castle

The third feature article is: Family Laundry: “More Burials” by Luanne Castle

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25 responses to “Extreme Circumstances: The Life of Caroline Meier Waldeck (Sixth and Final BROAD STREET Magazine Article)

  1. I feel a little wounded today with the recent death of my last remaining brother and the tragedy held within your prose piece seems so profound to me. The paths we walk are so often hard, yet souls are honed and choices made and future generations brought into being to celebrate their ancestors. Your determined delving has uncovered a woman of equal determination. What a pleasure to meet her!

  2. I’m so impressed by your determine and research skills, Luanne. I was happy to read that you were able to make contact with Caroline’s family and obtain more of the pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So evocative of such a hard life

  4. Really interesting. She worked hard and I hope she found some happiness in her life.

    • I suspect she was happy with her son’s success and satisfaction with her own success, but maybe she longed for grandchildren that she probably didn’t have.

  5. It is hard to imagine the emotional hardships she faced! Are there any more documents, such as letters or journals that might elaborate on her life? So interesting! Congratulations on bringing so many of your ancestors to life in the poems, Luanne.

  6. You will laugh that the first thing I did was listen to the song “Someone Else’s Story” because it went through my head as soon as I read the title. 🙂 That out of the way, I love this one, and I’m so impressed with your sleuthing skills. Also, the fact that both father and son were struck by vehicles. I’m glad Edward survived though, and was apparently OK afterwards. There seem to be tragic patterns in your family–fire and being struck by vehicles (hope no one else).
    Caroline seems to have been a strong and determined woman.

    • I am laughing about the song. I must have had that title somewhere in the back of my mind since it was one of daughter’s audition songs at one point LOL. I hear you on the fire and vehicle accidents. Also, succumbing to fumes in the home is another one. I bet it’s true of a lot of families from those days. At least I haven’t found one of my ancestors hanged for a witch yet. That would creep me out. Caroline seems amazing to me!

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