Family Histories (Holiday Edition): Dad’s Birthday

Adrienne Morris kindly posted a story I wrote about my dad’s birthday (relates to Christmas, too) on her blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Author Adrienne Morris

Welcome to Family Histories (Holiday Edition). I’ve invited readers and bloggers to share holiday themed pieces with the accent on “Family” and “History” in any way they like.

This story by my friend LUANNE CASTLE nearly made me cry so get ready for a beautiful love story!

When I was nine, my mother took my little brother and me to Robert Hall to buy my father a dress shirt and tie. She asked the salesman for a gift box. “It’s for my husband’s birthday.”

As the man turned away, I pulled on my mother’s purse. “It’s not Dad’s birthday! His birthday is the day after Christmas! It’s only June 26!” My mother’s lie shocked me. My brother’s little face, peering up at us, swiveled between Mom and me.

“Shhh, this really is a birthday present, but it’s for your father’s half-birthday!”  As we walked out to the car, my…

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17 responses to “Family Histories (Holiday Edition): Dad’s Birthday

  1. What a sweet story and a great idea for people who share — or nearly share — their birthday with baby Jesus.

  2. I so enjoy hearing about your father, Luanne! i remember one of the first posts I read on your blog was the building of the house that you helped him with as a child … am I remembering that right? He was very special. 🙂

  3. Beautiful story, Luanne. Your mom was so empathetic and thoughtful.

  4. Luanne, a lovely story and beautifully related. The love between your parents shines out and how sweet of your mother to bring such joy to your father with this half-birthday.

  5. Indeed I enjoyed your story! Heartwarming and a perfect story for this time of year 🙂

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