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My poem “Why We Wait for Rain” was published this past week by Red River Review. You can read it here: WHY WE WAIT FOR RAIN. The poem came about because Arizona has a very dry climate (usually), and the smell of rain just about does me in. It’s the creosote, just so you know.

I’m usually so lax about my submission process, including record-keeping and goals. But this year, as you might recall, I have set a goal for myself. This publication is the third one so far (although one of the others published five poems, I am counting publications, not pieces), and there is another one that will be published near the end of this month.

I had a lovely package to open the other day. Sheila Morris’ latest book, Four Ticket Ride, with a beautiful inscription and . . . wait for it, my name in the dedications! Made me so happy I could have cried if I wasn’t smiling. Read about it on Sheila’s blog here. I can’t wait to read it! Click the book image to purchase through Amazon.

Guess what’s coming up in March April?! NAPOWRIMO

Who is with me? Let’s write a poem a day, starting March April 1! I did it last year, and I felt quite productive! Of course, this year I will have company. That might cut into my productivity. Merril, a big thank you to you who pointed out my error. I won’t have as MUCH company in April (I think) as in March so actually April should be better for NAPOWRIMO.

This is a tangent, but the gardener and I bought some new flowers for the yard.


Make it a lovely week, my dears.


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  1. I really like your poem, Luanne. And I seem quite often to have a tin ear for poetry. Congrats! It’s not easy to get poetry published, no es verdad?

  2. Wow, Luanne. Congratulations!
    We’re getting snow, and then tomorrow snow turning to rain. You can have some of it. 🙂
    Beautiful flowers!
    Isn’t NaPoWriMo in April?

  3. I love the poem Luanne, it’s full of a lush sensuality that speaks of longing for rain.

  4. Double congratulations

  5. Beautifully evocative poem

  6. Beautiful poem, Luanne. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulations, your poems are heartfelt.

  8. I love your poem, too, Luanne – and congratulations on having it published!
    One of the freshest scents I’ve ever smelled was rain in the spring. Priceless.
    I appreciate very much your plug of my book – I never know what to expect from readers. I”m sure you understand the feeling, but thank you for the promotion for sure!

    • I’m sure I will love it as much as the others I’ve read! Rain in the desert has a very cool smell. The creosote does have a bittersweet odor. The rain in Michigan smells like worms!

  9. Congrats! It’s a good year for you. I am so jealous of your flowers. Our yard is covered in snow and another storm is predicted for tonight. Another month or two….

  10. More congratulations Luanne, you sure deserve every publication and it seems they are stacking up – I knew they would!! If you are worried about your memory pop into your local health store and grab some gotu kola herbal supplements. I put myself on them at Christmas time and am back on form already. Sometimes we just need a little extra mineral assistance 🙂

  11. I enjoyed your poem and I’ve learned something. I didn’t know what haboob was so had to look it up. Freezing drizzle! I think we’ve been having some haboob here, mixed with our snow. Wicked stuff. Anyway, congrats on your publications!

    • Haboobs are tremendous dust storms. The sky turns black and thick dust coats everything. Then you hope it doesn’t rain right after because the rain turns that dust into glue. Thank you, Anneli!

  12. Congratulations, Luanne!

  13. Ah, Luanne, love that poem.
    Congratulations! I’m still submitting to litmags, and amassing a nice little pile of rejections. Or Word files, not paper piles:)
    Lovely cyclamen! That kind only grows inside here in NC.

  14. I love your poem, Luanne, and congrats on its (and all the other) publication. Rain after a long spell of dry heat is the best. NaProWriMo is intriguing, even though I wouldn’t consider myself a poet. And yet … I hope you get under from being overwhelmed soon! xo

  15. Congratulations, Luanne. Your poem Why We Wait For Rain really is outstanding. No wonder it got published, my dear poet. <3

  16. What a lot of great news and aspirations. Congrats on your publications and good luck writing a poem a day. I love cyclamen!

    • Thanks, WJ. I’m relieved I don’t have to start writing for six weeks yet. Not only are the kids here, mom comes for ten weeks and another uncle, as well as the daughter’s BF’s parents. I’m all tuckered out ahead of time!

  17. A powerful poem, Luanne. Congratulations.
    And I see you live in much warmer climes — it’s snowing like crazy here in S. Ontario, but you are getting ready to plant cyclamen (which is my favourite indoor flower)! Enjoy the good weather.

    • I am amazed to think of cyclamen as indoor!!! Can hardly believe it! I am reading a Louise Penny set in the winter right now. Brrr! Canada has cold winters! (Although that is Quebec haha)

  18. Congrats! A marvelous poem. Oh, the smell of rain can send us into sensual heaven, can’t it? However, the smell of snow can sent me crawling under a blanket. 🙂

  19. I love the poem, Luanne!

  20. Luanne, I’m so excited you’ll be doing National Poetry Writing Month in April. Maybe I’ll give it a try this year! Big congrats on the publishing credits. You deserve it!

  21. What a lovely poem. Now I feel like I’ve been in Arizona, waiting for rain. Congratulations!

  22. Congratulations on all the acceptance of you pieces. Always good for the soul. I love the smell of rain though I’m ready for a bit less of it now and would like it to spread itself through the seasons more. I know how dry Arizona can be but the mountains are now full of snow and I imagine plenty of rain down in the valleys. I lived in the mountains 12 years.

  23. I loved everything about this post; I’m just sorry it took me so long to get to it. Love the cyclamens, congragrats on the dedication. Reblogged the poem…loved it. Thanks for accepting my late reply!

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