The Cat of a Thousand Expressions

This one is going to be short because I am burdened with too much work-work lately. But I wanted to let you know that my dear darling sweet Perry might have something serious wrong with his heart. He has to have an echocardiogram. I will report in on the findings, but the test isn’t for a little while, although my vet seemed anxious for him to get diagnosed ASAP so he can start treatment.

Has there ever been such a unique and special cat? The answer is no. His face shows almost a thousand more expressions than those of other cats. These are subtle, complex, and always in flux expressions. He had a little test at the vet, and he was soooooooooooooo good. And when she asked to see inside his mouth, he opened it up wide for her. No, this is no joke. (Let me remind you they thought he was feral when we first found him hahahahaha).

Pear Blossom is taking Clavamox for yet another UTI, poor girl. She had to have an anti-nausea shot because after a week of that medicine, her GI system has had it. She takes it for 3-4 weeks at a time. Pear is 19 and has medical issues, but we’re enjoying our time together.

Tiger is struggling to keep her weight up. She might have a pancreatic issue. Right now, I am trying to keep her at 6.9 pounds. She no longer looks like the chubby little sweetheart she did a few years ago. I can feel her ribs.

The other cats are vying with each other for attention . . . .


I thought you might like a little Facebook tip today. Do you know how to delete a group of posts on your timeline all at once? Or hide them from your timeline? On your wall, turn to the “grid” view, then click manage posts. Little white boxes open up and you check the ones you want to either hide or delete. You can do up to 50 at one time. Then click next and you can choose whether to hide or delete. What you need to know is that if the post was originated by someone other than yourself (you can see the tiny profile pic in the top left corner of the post image) you can only hide, not delete.


Make it a good week. You are loved!


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61 responses to “The Cat of a Thousand Expressions

  1. Aw…I’m sorry to hear about Perry, Luanne. I’ll keep him in my thoughts. Keep us posted.

  2. I hope Perry will be okay. He’s such a beautiful cat and has come such a long way.
    And thanks for the tip on deleting things from facebook. I hardly have anything on there but I was able to delete the one photo that was left.

    • Yes, thank you, Anneli. He has come so far and is such a special boy.
      It is amazing how things are were on Facebook that I didn’t even realize. Good for you for having very little on there!

  3. Thanks for the update – on all fronts.
    By the way, I noted on a Canadian Genealogy group that you posted a request – good luck with the search – if your relatives made it to Northern Ontario, I might be able to help.

    • Thank you, Maggie! I will go back to that and check. This is why I don’t want to lose Facebook. Those magical FB groups! The rellies were Toronto, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. And a hard bunch they are to locate, too.

    • Oh, and I had my grandfather’s cousin in Montreal. We stayed with them for Expo 67 :).

  4. You have some cat issues going on! I remember when Jake and Hazel (both gone) had issues. Heart wrenching. Perry is such a sweetheart. Feral? More likely some bozo dropped him off.

    • Once the issues start you just don’t know how long you have with them. I think Perry was probably abandoned, too, but he was on the move for awhile because his toe beans were horribly blistered (not from heat as it was March). He must have been so confused and scared.

  5. I so hope all your fur babies are going to be okay, Luanne. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good luck, Luanne

  7. The hardest part of having animals is losing them. They are so precious to us. I’ll keep good thoughts for your fur family.

    • Thank you so much, Marlene! Yes, they are so precious! And Perry is so young and vibrant, it is so hard to think he has a problem that should drastically shorten his life. Until I hear more from the specialist I’ll hope the vet was being “dramatic.”

  8. I hope Perry is OK (and the others, too)!

  9. Oh dear, that is hard news Luanne. I’m so sorry to hear this and I feel for you, I know how much you love this wee chap. I still recall how you had to crawl under the bed to gently touch him when he first arrived and how much time you put into making sure he knew he was safe and loved. No matter what happens you have changed the world for this little fellow and he has you in his heart too. And in the end that is what is important. xo

    • Hehe, I remember that! And before that, while he hid in his cave, I lay outside it on the floor and read him poetry and picture books. Sometimes I saw his eyes tracking the illustrations! What cat does that?! And then I started holding his food bowl while he ate. That got him used to me being close and have it be a positive experience. So many things he and I went through! Now when I want a cuddle, I say “come on” and he follows me to the couch and cuddles :). We are definitely in each other’s hearts.

  10. Oh no, so sorry to hear about Perry – please, please keep us posted, Luanne. Sounds like you have your hands full with your fur babies plus your work so hoping all goes well and that you have your sanity.
    I just read your review for Four Ticket Ride on Amazon – thank you so very much. You are a great cyberspace amiga, and I always smile when I think of you. Take good care of yourself, my friend.

    • Thank you so much about Perry, Sheila. I thought it would be hard with the others all aging at the same time, but this throws me for a loop.
      So funny that you didn’t see my Four Ticket Ride review until now. I’m glad you liked it. Reading it was like sitting down and chatting with you in person!

  11. I’ll be sending virtual hugs and pets and real love to all of you. It’s so painful when our furred friends don’t feel well. Our Tuxedo Maxine seems to have a chronic UTI. We have her on Clavamox too. And she’s in the early stages of kidney disease ๐Ÿ™
    Take care of yourself while you care for your kitties. xoxo

    • Oh my, that’s the same for Pear. They don’t think her kidney disease is that bad yet she drinks tons of water. And she is also, as you know, a tuxedo. They don’t know what causes the UTIs. I bought some gel from Amazon for her, but when I went through all the ingredients there was one that concerned me so I won’t give it to her. I might go back to the d-Mannose, though. Do you give that to Maxine?
      Thank you for thinking of me, too, Marie :). We are going through a lot of work for the business and very stressful, so it’s a crummy summer.

      • I haven’t heard of d-Mannose. The only “med” we give Maxine is cosequin for her joints. We were prescribed Gabapentin for her presumed arthritis but we haven’t started it yet. I am worried about the chronic UTI. Her vet suggested that the kidney disease and UTI are related, the KD might be precipitating the UTI. We always have water available to the cats but we rarely see them drink. Both Junior and Maxine get wet food exclusively so there’s another source. Well, it’s enough to worry about one kitty but you have Perry, Pear Blossom, and Tiger to fret over. A crummy summer indeed ;(

        • Yup, crummy. And a stressful day, to boot. So d-Mannose is a supplement for UTIs! It’s a white powder, at least what I’ve seen is.

  12. Sending prayers for your feline family.

  13. Thanks for the cat-update Luanne!
    “Make it a good week. You are loved!” – thank you!

  14. I think Perry must be a genius. Certainly such beings arise from all the animals. I hope all goes well for him and Pear Blossom and all the others. They grow up so fast takes on another meaning with cats and dogs.
    Like you I have been cleaning house — except it’s my house house. It doesn’t seem that it can all be clean at once. Maybe I can settle for “cleaner.”

    • I like the idea of Perry being a genius. “I, madam, am a genius.” (Spoken in Clifton Webb’s voice) Of course he is. Why didn’t I see it? (Mock slaps face) Why wouldn’t some animals be smarter than others? I have long said Tiger was very very smart, but honestly, Perry leaves her in the dust. But when I say Felix isn’t THE brightest of our cats (OK, I don’t say that very often, and I have regretted it when I have), the gardener gets mad.
      I had been trying to keep up with cleaning on top of everything else, but failing. Neat, but not clean.

  15. Beautiful cat, and thanks for the Facebook tip!

  16. OhMy! Perry, so cuddly! I will save a special prayer ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

  17. Poor Perry and Pear Blossom and Tiger! And poor you! I hope all goes well with your babies.

  18. Worrying about your Perry. From his facial expressions, I’d say he has a strong and loving heart! <3

  19. Best wishes to Perry.

  20. I really like your site and will spend more time here soon. I have cats and each one is an individual, like to be held and loved, one loves sinking himself in water and allows the dog to groom him. So I know what you mean when you can detect meaning in your cat’s expressions. I pray for his health. You have been a GREAT mom to have given him life for nineteen years! Good writing and good Cat Mom.

    • Hi Annette! Writing and cats, the best topics, right?! I can’t follow your link for some reason. Do you have your gravatar page set up correctly or is my WP acting up?
      So funny that your cats like such cute behavior! hahaha, I’m sure I would get a kick out of watching that.
      To clarify about my guys, I have six cats. Pear Blossom is the oldest at 19. She is the one with the UTI and on Clavamox and not happy about it. Perry is the youngest and the one who needs the echocardiogram. I never intended the names to be so similar. When I named Perry I planned for him to be adopted out from the shelter I volunteer at because I thought five cats was enough. Of course that was ridiculous. Six cats is enough. Perry acted completely feral at the shelter, so I brought him home to “foster” him. The rest is history . . . . Thanks for stopping by, Annette.

  21. Kitty love <3 Perry is such a doll. It sounds like you're really overwhelmed in many aspects. You are loved, too.

    • This is a bad summer. The one where my dad and then my cat Mac died was pretty sad, but then I had the hummingbird babies and I wasn’t overly busy. But this summer is just a lot of overwork and stress and negative stuff although nothing is seriously wrong with any of us unless there is something wrong with Perry and of course the other cats getting older. Thank you :). You are loved, too!

  22. so glad to hear your treasured guy is doing well. And the other feline buddies, too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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