Update on Perry

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE: I am adding this to what follows and in doing so I am putting the end at the beginning. The latest word is that Perry’s lab reports were normal, so it’s extremely unlikely that he has cardiac disease. He will get a chest xray to rule out anything obvious in his lungs that would account for fast breathing. If that is normal, we will just have to watch him. He doesn’t act sick, by the way. So in a couple of weeks he will get an xray, but I think it seems  that he must be OK. My sweet sweet boy. WHEW!

Good news!!! I think.

The gardener and my friend who is another crazy cat lady cat mom went to the vet with Perry and me. She is studying to be a vet tech, and I wanted her opinion of the visit.

Perry did not have an echocardiogram because the cardiologist said he doesn’t think his fast breathing is cardiac-related. He did bloodwork instead, including a test that he hopes will rule out cardiac disease. A few days for that to come back.

If he has no heart disease, we still don’t know what causes his rapid breathing, but at least he won’t have a serious heart diagnosis hanging over his head.

I took a video a couple of weeks ago to show his “resting” breathing rate. In 31 seconds his rate was 47!!! That is very high. So why? He was just chilling at home at the time.

Our boy was such a sweetheart. He was very docile and easygoing for the vet and for the tech.

We are calling this a possible victory at this point. When the lab results come back negative/normal, then we can have our victory dance!

Thanks for your prayers, vibes, and virtual hugs and pets for this sweet boy.

Perry trying to get Tiger to play with him


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28 responses to “Update on Perry

  1. Great news, Luanne. Let’s hope the lab results are good.

  2. When I read this I realized I must’ve missed something! I’m glad Perry is doing better. Sending so much love and prayers for a good report. I know that in-the-meantime feeling. Me and my 4 are in a happy spot for now.

    • Thank you so much. I am waiting to hear from the specialist now. A little anxiously haha.
      So glad you and yours are doing well!
      I read about your dive back into Facebook, but I think I couldn’t comment at the time. It was funny after I have just been reevaluating social media and put my FB through a very rigorous overhaul. In the “current” it might look as it always did, but I plan to keep getting rid of current stuff once it’s no longer current, if that makes sense. Using it more as a writing page, than a general page, in the long haul of it all. I’m sure I am rambling.

      • Hope you get good news. We are sending our good wishes! No, I understand completely. It’s a process, isn’t it? I definitely know what I want my FB to be and I intend on making it just that eventually. I use Twitter mostly for writing info, but there’s so much on FB for writers that isn’t on Twitter! I give up! I am quitting this being human stuff and becoming a cat!! 😂

  3. Fingers crossed.

  4. As I just typed into my comment on the previous post, not quite the all clear we hoped for, but also better than the worst news. It’s now a waiting game. But do check for dehydration – just in case that is the root of the problem.

    • That’s an interesting thought. He doesn’t drink a lot of water that I can see, and he much prefers kibble to wet food.

  5. Good news so far Luanne, hoping the test results are good too.

  6. Fantastic news, Luanne! Praying for good lab results. <3

  7. Awww–I do hope he’s OK!

  8. It’s always hard to watch your loved pet suffer at all. I can understand your worry and hope the vet finds a resolution.

    • I am waiting to hear from the specialist now. I left a message a few hours ago and suspect the lab results are back.

  9. Great news! Fingers crossed for the lab results!

  10. Great news! Give Perry an extra hug from us in South Carolina!!

    • Sheila, thank you! I am hugging him now on your behalf! It feels like hugging a fuzzy pillow! Waiting to hear about the lab results now.

  11. Prayers and positive thoughts for Perry!