Shore Perspective

I don’t often write super short poems. To send them out I really need to put several teenies together, but this is an only. So I will share it here.

Shore Perspective

After the storm,
blossoms sway upside down
on the lake skin,
looking like tiny sailboats.
Without me they are debris.


The poem and image remind me of time spent on Lake Coeur d’Alene this summer. I love boating and lakes. My daughter said she could tell I was really in my element at the lake.


Felix was completely constipated last week as a side effect of the pain killer he was on for his cystitis. He had to get an enema at the vet. Poor Felix. One thing after another for him.  I hope he is getting better now.

Happy Labor Day!


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40 responses to “Shore Perspective

  1. Beautiful “tiny sailboat” and words:) I hope Felix (and you!) has a much better week. ❤️

    • Now we can imagine some little bug clinging to the sailboat . . . .
      Felix seems to be doing much better, although the urinary problem isn’t resolving as fast as it should, according to the vet. He gave him an antibiotic although there was no bacteria because of the high WBC (and his ph is wonky, too).

  2. Lovely little poem. Hope Felix is doing better!

  3. Love the poem. Thanks for the Felix update. Hope he starts feeling better soon.

  4. Still keeping Felix in our animal prayers. Enjoyed the poem.

  5. Val

    Lovely poem, Luanne. And the blossom on the water in the photo makes me think it’s a tiny white swan. 🙂 I hope Felix gets better soon. Hugs. x

    • Thank you, Val! Yes, it does look like a swan, too! You can write about the swan in your poem! 🙂
      Thank you so much on Felix’s behalf and for the hugs. It’s been sad seeing him having so much trouble, but he seems good today.

  6. A beautiful, ethereal poem.

  7. Nice poem. Tell Felix I identify 🙂 and am pleased I can dispense with pain killers

  8. Lovely poem and photo! Felix is in our thoughts and prayers. Poor kiddo. I hope he feels better soon <3

  9. Lovely poem, Luanne.

  10. What a lovely expression of our own role in creating the beauty in the world. And poignant too. I do hope Felix is feeling and doing better.

    • Thank you for noticing that, Ellen!
      And thank you about Felix. That poor boy. He seems ok right now, but with a chronic illness, who knows. I just wrote to Joey that I told the gardener we should put in for a 501c charity because we do seem to be running a feline nursing home. All these cats aging at the same time, you know. (Except dear Perry who is trying hard to antagonize everyone with his exuberance).

  11. Small poems are treasures, too. This one is so perfect for the photo. What tiny critters might be sailing off to new adventures here (a la E. B. White)?

    Best wishes to Felix for better health soon.

    I see you’ve done a new, cheery gravatar image, too. Looks great!

  12. Love that photo and poem. Not so much what poor Felix is struggling with these days. Let him know we all commiserate.

  13. I love that little poem, Luanne! It’s good to know you have had a happy sailing summer. Poor Felix! I hope he is getting better. <3

  14. There is something about a lake. Lovely, Luanne.

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