Poetry on Sale

I never think of these things ahead of time, but at least there is still time to try for Christmas delivery. I’m reducing my poetry collection Doll God to $7 including shipping (if it’s in the continental United States only) through January 2021. The list price is $14, and to get a new copy on Amazon right now it’s close to $25.

In addition I’ll sign the book and address it to whomever you like.

Doll God

Luanne’s prize-winning full-length poetry collection. List price $14. Sale price of $7 includes shipping to addresses in the continental United States only.



On another note, did you see that my hometown of Kalamazoo (Portage is Kalamazoo’s largest suburb) is supplying the Pfizer vaccine right now? Represent!!!


So I am starting an online course in art journaling by Amy Maricle and moving very slowly. First I had to order all the supplies. All are finally here. Then I had to create an image of my inner critic. I started with a blank sheet of cardstock and this pre-sharpened smart little pencil. While I won’t share this intimate detail of my life, I will let you know that my inner critic has a bolt in its neck, showing that it is my own Frankenstein creation.

I also had to come up with an artist’s manifesto based on the critic’s voice I am trying to counter. Here’s mine:


My next step is to create an image of my artist’s muse. Hmm.

Make it a great week–and a safe week!


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42 responses to “Poetry on Sale

  1. I saw that the vaccine is coming from the Michigan plant. I thought that appropriate as they had a high count early on and a lot of conflict over restrictions.

  2. I just ordered my copy of Doll God!

  3. Way to go, Kalamazoo! We appreciate the vaccine creation and now distribution!
    Doll God would be an excellent gift – I highly recommend!

    • Oh, thank you, Sheila.
      You know before that plant was Pfizer it was Pharmacia before it was Pharmacia for many many years it was The Upjohn Company. Many of my relatives worked there, including my mother. They were a huge part of what made Kalamazoo what it is.

      • I remember Pharmacia and also Upjohn. Michigan gave America much of its industry. Very interesting that your mother and other relatives worked there. Such a rich heritage.

        • I don’t know what my family would have done without Upjohn! Both my mother’s siblings and also in-laws and my great-uncle and my cousins . . . .

  4. Well, if PayPal hadn’t messed up my account (doesn’t like my password or trying to change it), a copy of Doll God would be on its way. . . .

  5. I definitely recommend your poetry as gifts! The art journaling sounds like it will be very interesting.

    • Thank you so much, Andrea! So kind of you. We will see how the art journaling goes lol. I hope well! I am taking it slow because I have to, but also, that way I can savor the experience of beginning a new project.

  6. A time for new beginnings! Hope you’re feeling better. Must be the latkes. ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Thank you for the sale, Luanne. If you would sign the book I would love it.

  8. Yesss! I saw the Kalamazoo/Pfizer connection mentioned in the news, and immediately thought of you! Lol!! Fame!!
    Love image of your critic with bolt in its neck!! Lol… Ay yi…

    • Hahaha, yeah. I saw them giving a 101 year old woman in Germany the Pfizer vaccine and thought of all the ones dying 5 miles from the Pfizer plant because they can’t get the vaccine yet. Pissed me off a LOT. Writing about it for tomorrow’s blog.
      I will be working more with that critic . . . .

  9. You are always doing such creative things, Luanne! The art journaling sounds wonderful. Sorry to hear you are having a relapse, and I hope it is short-lived. Sending love!

    • It’s really fun to paint water colors. I had no idea. I hope nobody gets the idea I am working with any talent here HAHAHAHAHA. It’s just fun to play, you know?
      I am feeling a bit better again, but now all banged up from falling.
      Love to you and D!!!!

  10. Luanne, I think you are feeling better because you are full of creativity and ideas! That’s the best news today.

    • I don’t know how anyone can ever be bored with so many things one can do!!! But I do understand that sometimes one is too depressed to do them . . . .

  11. Thanks for this lovely Holiday offer, Luanne! ๐Ÿ’ž Just ordered a copy and look forward to a great read. Happy Holidays. May you sell lots of books!

  12. Thank you Luanne for sharing this, your art of poetry is just amazing.. keep going…

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