The Math of Cats

There’s been a lot of subtracting and adding going on at my house this past year. After my daughter lost her dear cat Izzie, the gardener and I lost Felix and then Pear. Those three sweet furry souls were all gone within two months. That left us with four cats and my daughter with zero (although she had her dog).

I started to think about the years ahead when we would have fewer cats, thus making it easier to travel. And I would have less daily kitty chores.

Then daughter and SIL adopted two kitten sisters. Daughter was keeping her fingers crossed that they would bond as well with Riley, the dog, as with each other. Sure enough, this happened.

Cute enough?

I asked my daughter if when Tiger (who was 18) was gone, she and her husband would bring their animals over here and take care of everyone while the gardener and I go on a long trip (first time ever).

But early this summer we had to open our home to my son’s two cats, all while our little Tiger seemed to be ill. Sure enough, she died on June 28–4 weeks after the new cats arrived–and on the 7th anniversary of our furboy Macavity’s death.

So we were six cats, then five, then four, then six, and now five. Follow that? No long vacation for us for awhile!

Lily with her new best friend Perry

Lily is the long-haired orange and white cat, and Meesker is the house panther. Lily, a very affectionate girl, is already fully integrated into the household, but Meesker is more shy and prefers the freedom of his own suite (i.e. bedroom). That’s because his Minion Manservant (the gardener) watches TV two times a day in there with him. They play mouse, too, and Meesker brings the mouse back so it can be thrown again. Sometimes he stops by his water bowl and washes the mouse before he brings it back.

Now I just need to figure out how to get Meesker out of the room without stressing him too much. I will also have to figure out how to tell, in a half-second, whether it’s Meesker I’m seeing or my other house panther, Kana.

Has anybody read the Ruth Galloway mystery series by Elly Griffiths? I just plowed through all fourteen books, and I’m upset that I have to wait until 2023 for final installment. As much as I love Louise Penny and Ann Cleeves, I liked these even more! The characters are wonderful, and Ruth’s love life is certainly interesting.


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  1. Cats and books–what else can you ask for? 😏
    I can’t even imagine leaving my one cat because he is so attached to me (and I to him). We had two cats when the kids were little, then three, then two, now one.

    I will have to look for that mystery series.

    • I think it might be harder to leave one cat because you will know how lonely he will be. So I guess you will have to think about getting some more furries :). haha I think there’s a poem somewhere in that 2, 3, 2, 1 business.
      Let me know what you think about the Griffiths’ books. Ruth is an archeologist–a bones expert. But don’t start somewhere in the middle with the series. IMO it needs to be read in order as if it’s one long book.

  2. That is quite a cat journey. My stepkids all live in Denver (across the country from us) so we don’t get to cat sit. They have had cat changes too with two daughters adopting two cats each. One daughter was fostering and that not only a foster-fail but she coerced (and it didn’t take much) her sister into taking the other two. All told we have somewhere around 13 grandpets out there. The idea of a long trip and leaving my cats is not exciting to me. I’ve done a lot of traveling in my youth so I’m ok with being mostly a homebody and doing smaller trips. love the video of the cats with the dog. Wish people were like that.

    • Hah, I love that story about the grandcats! So funny. “Coerced”–I’ll be it was hard (not). Yeah, I haven’t wanted to leave my cats either, but I think a long trip for a once in a lifetime experience would be good for us. But not gonna happen now.

      • When Jake died, there was a lot of sadness (he was a favorite) mixed with a little relief (at this point he took a lot of care — injections twice a day and blood monitoring plus the howling dementia that equaled sleepless nights for me). We did some longer beach trips that were enjoyable after he was gone. Back then it was harder to get updates on him from the sitter (cell phone service wasn’t as widely available) and for the last year we boarded him at the vet when we went away. That helped with the worry but I knew he wasn’t happy there. If you get a little spot of time, take that vacation.

        • I remember when you were going through all that with Jake. Such a sad time, but even sadder when they are gone. I am thinking that as long as I have my daughter it makes it more possible to travel, but not with five cats, her two, and her dog. Sigh. By then she might have a baby (I can always hope), and then it won’t be happening at all anyway.

  3. Whatever the cat community at your house, they are all WELL LOVED!! 🐱

    • VERY loved. And the two new ones are imprinted on the gardener because of the introductory bedroom which means that I do “all” the work, and 3 of the 5 prefer him to me (sometimes).

  4. They’re like our children and it’s hard to think of leaving them behind to go on a trip. A real dilemma.

  5. We have the same issue with Twiggy and Lucy. Neither does well in a kennel situation and there is no one to sit. So, we stay home.

  6. All of the kitties look very well-contented! We’re pretty tied down with Mr. Johnson, but taking him with us on day trips is working well.

  7. I believe God reserves a special place for those who care for his creatures. You have definitely earned your spot. Hopefully a vacation will come your way as well.

  8. Amy

    They’re all so beautiful—but then what cat isn’t? And I think I have a lot of cats—only three! (And people think I am crazy….)

    • LOL people probably think I’m crazy, too! Yes, they are beautiful. Meesker is such a handsome panther, and Lily is gorgeous. She was from the shelter that the gardener and I used to volunteer at.

  9. I don’t like to travel because the anxiety of leaving the cats behind is just too much. Yet everyone was fine on our last two trips to NY. Even Raji warmed up to our petsitter (to everyone’s relief). But I don’t see a good long trip in our future for a good long time. Our visit to NY in May was 10 days and everyone, including the petsitter, was thrilled to have us home. So, seems like 10 days is the max we can be gone for the time being. Good luck, Luanne πŸ˜‰ How wonderful that the kittens and Riley are fur buddies!

    • Yes, we’ve done ten days before, but that is our max. And that is with a really reliable team of pet sitters (I like 2 even if one if my daughter just in case something happens). It’s a good thing that you didn’t have to worry TOO much about the kitties so you could concentrate on your family. I’m so sorry about your sister, Marie.
      It makes me teary to see how good Riley is with those kittens!!!

    • Just got back from a work trip and sooooooooo glad to see the kitties are ok.

  10. I send my love and care πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•The cats are so sweet and beautiful.

  11. What a sweet video!

  12. The cats are so lovely! I think you should hang out a shingle – Luanne’s Meow Motel – long- or short-term! 😻

  13. Cats have an uncanny way of detecting a vacuum in a household, a space once held by one of their own. Others in need will find you. πŸ™‚

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