Summer Junky Art Journaling Project

For the past 75 days I have been participating in a class, taught by Kasia Avery, through Everyday Art called 100 Small Steps. The course was designed a couple of years ago which is when others took it. But it’s still up at their site and the price is minimal. So I am taking this class all by my lonesome. The structure is that of a daily prompt, a guideline, and a bonus life enrichment prompt and is meant to “force” one to do something creative every day. There is a Facebook page related to the course, and I am posting a photo every day of that day’s work. Of course, I am the only one doing so. And there are people who took this course in the past who are kind enough to give me regular encouragement although they are long past this experience.

At this point, I am 3/4 of the way through the program. Even when I had to go out of town for work or had distressing life events, I still made sure to do something in my art journal. There’s a lot of crap, but every day taught me something. And there are a few pages that make me very happy. One important thing about pushing myself through the 100 days is that I keep going. It would be easy to miss some days, but then it will be even easier to miss a few more. And time spent with my art journal is my zen time.

For the first 25 days I used a zippered binder and its “cardstock” dividers. This binder had been left at my house by a previous boyfriend of daughter. For the second 25 days I used an address book. 26 letters of the alphabet is pretty close to 25 days! Then I started a journal that Kasia had recommended as an inexpensive type she likes. It’s a Decomposition Book (hahaha), made of 100% post-consumer-waste recycle pages and printed with soy ink. This one has a topographic map on the cover and graph paper inside. The pages are a bit thin, so sometimes I glue two together. And the gesso helps strengthen them, as well. My big dilemma now is whether I continue in this book or switch to a fourth book. I think I’ll switch because the journal is already getting pretty thick with gesso, paint, collage, fabric scraps, safety pins, and the like.

The kitties are a lot of work because of integrating all these various personalities. But they sure are cute. I discovered that Meesker is talented at catch. We bat one of his toy mice back and forth. He catches with his claws extended and then smacks it right back at me. Lily is a talented eater and excellent lovebug.

I had a couple of poems from my Red Riding Hood project accepted at a wonderful journal (I’ll share when they are published) and have one of my Rooted and Winged Grandma poems accepted at another. I want to start a writing project before too long. Maybe when 100 Small Steps is completed. Go have a great week!


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45 responses to “Summer Junky Art Journaling Project

  1. What a fabulous process to engage.

    • The whole idea of art journals is to try out all kinds of ideas, supplies, etc. By it’s nature it’s not supposed to be a finished product, so the pressure is off and instead one can learn and enjoy. I love it!

  2. You are very talented!

  3. Your Everyday Art project sounds wonderful! You’re always up to really cool endeavors.

    • Fun stuff is what keeps us going! I have your book here and it’s getting close to the top of the stack! How is promo going for The Hand of Ganesh?

  4. It’s fun to see some of your journal pages, and your commitment is impressive—keep going!

  5. Fascinating work, Luanne

  6. I laughed at “decomposition” too, Luanne. Cool project!

  7. If I had time to squeeze in another project, I think scrapbooking would be fun.

    • I used to do legit scrapbooking, and I really loved it. My biggest project was a different scrapbook for each year of daughter’s high school and college! How is your quilting going?

      • Quilting is on hold until I finish painting the outside of the house. Just came down from the two-storey ladder (using the rungs). That was the worst section. I was afraid I’d come down off that ladder the express way. Whew! Quilting will begin again with the rains.

        • That makes sense. I imagine your summers are short, so you need to take advantage of the summer for that type of outdoor chore. And I do mean CHORE. Have fun : hahaha.

  8. You sound busy and happy, Luanne. Good on ya.

  9. I absolutely love your art journals! Each page is a little masterpiece of wonderment. I love how creative you have been with these pages. The blue birds stood out for me, and the music page, and of course, all the floral pieces. It dovetails so nicely together, a blend of many things, yet everything works! Congratulation on your poems and your seventy-five days of creative endeavors. I wish you blessings for the remainder of days and your next project. You are an inspiration!!!

    • Linda, I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I just love how you write. You are so specific and thoughtful. Those blue birds were an imaginative leap from my favorite outfit (from when I was very young). I loved working with that color blue. You know what I’ve found about blue? Other than black, it is the most rich and deep color paint. I had no idea. I would have thought maybe red. Thank you soooooooooo much for your kind and generous words. Make it a wonderful week!

  10. Kudos on your junky art progress! Congratulations on your latest poetry acceptances! You’re off to a great start this week.

  11. I like the art journals and the idea of doing a piece each day for 100 days. I might give it a go this winter. Now that I’m almost settled. I was cat sitting until yesterday for a week. They are so interesting and each cat so different. I looked up the link to her lessons and prompts and will save it. Maybe Nov will be a good start. I’ll try to get someone here to join me in it.

    • About an hour or two before you wrote this I was thinking about you!!!! Hope all is well. I like hearing you’re almost settled.
      I agree that every cat is so different from the next. A lot of people think cats are all the same, but not at all.
      I hope you do this course. It’s a lot of fun. I use the prompt to the degree that I want to, too–I don’t push myself to follow them to the letter but let the creativity dictate the way the page goes.

      • I’ll revisit it again when I get back from Portland in October. I’m going to visit my favorite craft store there. I’m afraid I won’t be able to do something every day with so much already waiting to be done. I’ve saved the link though. Keep well.

        • Keep in mind that you can do something very minimal. Each page does not need to be a finished product. It’s more like getting something down on paper every day. The more you do it the more you wanna do it!

  12. Your constant creativity is an inspiration! 🦋

  13. I’m so glad you do the video. The scrap-art you do is so cool! I doubt I’d have time soon to tackle that, but maybe this winter? Do you have a web address for the class?

  14. Sorry for the late response, Luanne! Monday got crazy with me trying to finish a work project.
    This sounds–and looks–like such a great project. A great way to channel or focus creativity. As well as the color, design, etc–there’s also a tactile aspect that you don’t get with writing.

    And kitties. (I’m sure they help.) 😊

    • I am only now starting to catch up and already tired, so I think tomorrow I’ll be reading blogs!!!
      You are SO right about the tactile aspect. It’s the best part, in some ways. And when I look back over a completed journal, I have to touch all the pages. The kitties are a lot of help. So far they do realize it’s not a good idea to walk in paint.

  15. Sounds cool. Like something we all could benefit from.

    • Yes! That’s exactly it. It’s something that is so good for the soul and the mind and even a stress reliever for the body. If I go in “the room” tired I end up forgetting about that!

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