Orange as a Dragonfly: #TankaTuesday

Colleen at Wordcraft poetry suggested writing a syllabic poem about a color using a word from a color chart she provided. I chose orange because it is close to my favorite color which is coral. For a word I chose joy.

Last year I posted a photo I took of one of our gorgeous Arizona Flame Skimmers, or orange dragonflies. This beauty is my inspiration.

Here is my tanka:

On a day of cares,

when the water heater leaks

and I am in pain,

I step outside and notice

with joy orange fairy wings.


The following photo is a closeup from the free photo library.

The journal The Ekphrastic Review hosts an Ekphrastic (writing inspired by a work of art) Challenge every two weeks. Here is a poem I wrote to one awhile back. The link will take you to a sample of the art by Manuel Espinoza, though not the actual piece I used.

So from joy to violence. But luckily joy is right outside my door because the Arizona air practically vibrates with dragonflies and hummingbirds.


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53 responses to “Orange as a Dragonfly: #TankaTuesday

  1. Both very good – what a contrast

  2. I love your tanka of solace and hope through nature. “The Defense” is a very powerful depiction of domestic violence. It deserves a wide audience.

  3. Your words sizzle my soul. Stunning!

  4. Beautiful joy and tragic violence.
    That orange dragonfly is stunning!

  5. Beautiful pics and poem. It’s late down under…I wont sleep if I read the other one….will save it for tomorrow.

  6. Both are lovely, Luanne

  7. This is beautiful Luanne it really speaks of feelings and colours 💜

  8. I love dragonflies! Great poem, Luanne! And your Defense poem was heartbreaking. Well done on both!

    Yvette M Calleiro 🙂

  9. Wow … indeed, what a contrast! Both poems capture my heart 🙂 I’d love to see an orange dragonfly. I see quite a few when we go to a wildlife refuge near us, but none of them are orange. Still, I love watching them.

    • Yes, all dragonflies are beautiful, especially when they are whirring around. But these orange are just breathtaking. Even prettier than orange popsicles ;)! And thank you re the poems, Marie.

  10. Loved both of these, Luanne – they are insightful reflections of real life. Thank you.

    • Sheila, thank you! I’m so glad you liked them. Yes, the tanka is really for everyone, and the other is from the dark underside of our lives.

  11. I’ve never seen an orange dragonfly. They seem as lovely as your poem. ‘Defense’ is brilliant and powerful! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love both Luanne 💕

  13. I don’t know how, but I knew you would choose orange and joy! What a delightful tanka! I’ve never seen an orange dragonfly! Your poem gave me a huge smile. I hope you feel better. 🧡 (We lived in Prescott Valley for a couple of years and also in Northern Surprise, the far western edge of Phoenix. TOO HOT is all I have to say. LOL! That’s why we’re in Michigan).

  14. Aw, I love that! Orange Fairy Wings!

  15. They always lift the spirit! (K)

  16. Beautiful.🧡

  17. Hi Luanne, your poem for Colleen’s challenge is very restful. Quite the opposite from the other poem which is a real gut puncher.

  18. I loved both both poems. You have an amazing way with words.

  19. Both spectacular pieces

  20. Luanne ~ this is lovely, but why are you in pain? I hope it’s something that has passed…

    Much love,

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