Syllabic Synonyms: #TankaTuesday

Colleen at Wordcraft poetry suggested writing a syllabic poem using synonyms for the words OPEN and CLOSE.

When the sun unfurls

in the rosy morning sky

the owl shuts her eyes.

In my haiku I used unfurl as a synonym of open and shut as a synonym for close.

Speaking of animals I have a cat poem in a new anthology of ekphrastic poetry published by Moonstone Press. It can be purchased here if you like ekphrastic poetry.

By David Ryckaert III – Web Gallery of Art: Image Info about artwork, Public Domain,


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48 responses to “Syllabic Synonyms: #TankaTuesday

  1. Your cat poem is so poignant! 💙

  2. I look forward to your Tanka Tuesday posts, Luanne!
    Always a thoughtful moment for us. Thank you.

  3. Delightful!

  4. That was a sweet tear jerker.

  5. I meant Ryckaert’s cat poem was one that brought out emotions. Your haiku was expertly done. Love it.

  6. Gorgeous image of the owl, the final touch to the Haiku! 😊

  7. Great haiku and I love your cat poem 😊

  8. Super haiku and the cat poem is so true to the love of a cat.

  9. I love the haiku. It feels very Zen. I also enjoyed your ekphrastic poem. Congratulations on its publication!

  10. Smiling at the owl poem and misty-eyed at the Katje poem.

  11. Both poems are beautifully done!

  12. Lovely poem for the owl. Congratulations on publishing the ekphrastic poem! It’s so very dear and right up your alley, as they say.

  13. So in this haiku, “the rosy morning sky” is a fabulous kigo. It fits any season. You captured a magical moment! I also love your cat poem and the painting to go with it. Love it!

  14. The owl poem made me smile.
    And I love the emotional resonance of your cat poem. (K)

  15. Hi Luanne, I love both poems. I love cats and birds and the prompt also steered me towards an animal poem. I will look for your book on Amazon UK, Mom wants some physical books so I’m placing an order.

    • Thank you so much, Robbie–both loving the poems and looking for my book for your Mom! Cats and birds are right there in my heart! Loved your new post!!!!

  16. Amy

    Slowly catching up. I love, love, love the cat poem. And the painting that inspired it.

  17. What a beautiful owl and lovely poem. Wonderful your poem being published in the book. I love it.

  18. Luanne, I love the contrast in the first poem between the dawn unfurling (great choice of word) and the owl settling down to sleep. The cat poem is beautiful, moving, I love the harsh imagery of the shrivelled womb, death and old age against the tenderness of the descriptions of the cats.

  19. I don’t get to read every verse every week…
    I like your haiku very much.

    You tell a fine story for the image.
    One that can be very real for too many.

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