Remedios Varo Micro Stories Published by The Ekphrastic Review

I am very excited to see five of my Remedios Varo inspired micro stories published at The Ekphrastic Review! A huge thank you to EIC Lorette C. Luzajic for this and more. Each tiny story is accompanied by the art that inspired it. Some of these, like the one last week in Bending Genres, are about poets. I am pretty proud of all my Varo stories and think they are some of my best work. Whether or not they are to your taste is another matter. They tend toward the sarcastic. I hope you do like them, though!


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28 responses to “Remedios Varo Micro Stories Published by The Ekphrastic Review

  1. These are so rich and fun!

  2. Luanne, by lovely coincidence, I just read a book about Remedios Varo. Historical fiction. Check it out:

  3. Yes, that’s a good way to describe it “with a bit of snark.” Ha ha. Love it.

  4. Great stories, Luanne. Congratulations

  5. These are above my pay grade, I think, Luanne. But I have enjoyed your imaginative writing. My personal favorite was about the woman waiting for the Prince. Interesting ending which I won’s divulge (of course).
    We flew through Phoenix yesterday on our way home to South Carolina from Lake Tahoe, and I thought about you and the gardener and how much I would have enjoyed a visit! We had less than an hour at the airport, though, so not possible.
    Keep up the good work!

    • LOL. Above your pay grade! You are a hoot! That would have been wonderful! But I wasn’t there. I am coming home today from a trip to Michigan and Canada.

  6. You had me at “sarcastic.” I’m in awe of your imagination to create these five stories from the paintings. Congratulations on your impressive achievement! (Do I sense a chapbook coming on???)

  7. Your stories fit the surreal images very well. Entertaining and I even learned a new term: justacorps.

  8. Amy

    I found these fascinating—the mix of an old eerie painting with a contemporary flaired tale. I especially liked Star Porridge for that contrast between something that seems old and something contemporary.

    • Oh, thank you Amy! I agree that Star Porridge has a very clear contemporary world set against an old or fairy tale world. Just got back late last night from a trip to Michigan and will be playing catchup.

  9. I just finished reading your enchanting fairy-tales based on the fantastical paintings by Remedios Varo, your lovely tales are a perfect match!

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