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The Body in the Wash

What happened here yesterday? Every night in monsoon season my husband reads the weather online to see if we’re going to get a big thunderstorm. Usually we are supposed to get one, and then it doesn’t transpire.  That happened again Saturday night.  Instead of the rain, we got a red sky.

But then yesterday, mid-morning it began to rain.  The rain rapidly quickened its pace, as if the sky had dissolved and the oceans the sky had been holding back poured down on my yard.

A wash runs by my house. Usually it’s dry, and the wildlife is abundant. But within three or four minutes of a downpour, the wash fills dramatically and “raging waters” rush right through my yard!

This fence goes across the wash. It’s intended to keep the javelinas from running through at will. You see the gate in the middle? That’s so that we can walk through it as we walk the wash. Notice how far apart the bars are so that the water can get through on these rare occasions.

Unfortunately, this time we got so much rain so fast that the force of the water was too much for this fence and gate.  It ripped the gate open, then partially off the fence, and then pulled the fence out of its moorings.

Within 30 minutes the storm was over.  The water receded immediately. And we were left with trash from as much as a mile or more away.

As the water departed, this image was left. At first glance, I thought it was a body brought to our yard by the storm.


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