Shameless Begging for Help (Again)

I hate to beg for help. I asked for help last Thursday with my poetry reading skills. Now here I am asking for help again. I am definitely hanging my head and kicking the dirt with my shoe as I write this.

This time there is a time constraint. And rules.

One of my stories is in the Midlife Collage contest this week. See it up on the Home page:  “Still Photo” by Luanne Castle. It competes with four other very short stories.

The idea is that readers (that’s you, a reader 😉 ) read the stories which are up this week. Then you leave comments on at least three of them. (Note: the comments only count if you comment on at least three stories). Not “atta girl” type comments, but the sort of comment you might leave on one of my blog posts. If you think my story deserves to win, by all means, say so in your comment and give a reason why.

If you don’t have time to leave the comments, please leave a Facebook “like” for my story!  Here is the Facebook page.

The way they select the winner is through both the comments and the Facebook likes, with the comments being weighted more heavily.

I would be so grateful if you would read my story and the others and give the feedback that you are able to give.

Go here to find my story:

Midlife Collage  OR Facebook page.  Remember: it’s “Still Photo” by Luanne Castle.

Here’s my plan.

If my story were to win, I would like to use my award to design a contest for Writer Site–something you all can participate in. What do you think about that idea? I got the idea from the Paying It Forward segment on our local TV station.

Extra info:

Midlife Collage has a feature of interest to commenters called “Comments That Stick.” MC says, “We look for readers who write inspiring, enlightening or entertaining comments.” These will be comments that live on long after the contest for that particular story has closed.

Why is the story called "Still Photo" if the photo is of a camcorder?

Why is the story called “Still Photo” if the photo is of a camcorder?

Maybe you too will want to submit a piece to Midlife Collage!



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12 responses to “Shameless Begging for Help (Again)

  1. jeannieunbottled

    Man, this is complicated, but I gonna try!

    • Luanne

      Level one response will be “liking” the story on their Facebook page. Level two is to read at least 3 stories and comment on them. Did I make it look too complicated? I took out the quote from them and the promo video. Does it look less complicated now?

  2. Barry and I both read and then re-read your story. It sank in better the second time. The other two we read were like some blog post we have read.I wish I had waited to comment until I had re-read the story. I hop I did not mess some thing up. Hopefully you will forgive me! Great story. Jillxo

  3. I liked your story and felt that you were kind to listen to the middle schooler who so desperately needs a friend. She equated you with her favorite, nicest teacher, too. So heartwarming and glad you warmed up to the “task.” Because it was not your first instinct, I could tell you were reluctant but by the end, wished you could look at Brianna’s photograph and it indicated that you had been moved by this poor waif of a girl.

    • Luanne

      Robin, you are so right that it wasn’t my first instinct. I wanted to run away, truly. But she was so needy I had to listen. How could I not? I didn’t put this in the story, but I also tried to subtly drop a few hints of advice to her. They were kind of disguised as just conversation, but maybe something resonated with her at some point.

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  5. Well, shoot. I missed it, delayed by the “complicated factor” until I had time to concentrate and then it was over. So sorry. Hope it went well.

    • Luanne

      Ellen, haha, you’re not too late.
      For Ellen and anyone else reading: It closes at noon tomorrow, although I don’t know by what time zone! Even a FAcebook like (bottom of the story and only if you’re a FB person) would be much appreciated. Next level iis to leave a comment at the end–like a blog comment.
      The final level of complexity is to go to and tell them which story should win–but that is only if you had time to leave comments on at least 3 stories.

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