Day 2 of My Story Sitting Up There

Yes, today is Day 2 of my story sitting up there on the Midlife Collage contest! 

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my stories is in the Midlife Collage contest this week. It’s called “Still Photo” and is up against four other very short stories.

  1. Please leave a Facebook “like” for my story!  click the Facebook link at the bottom of the story.
  2. If you have time please leave one of your thoughtful comments at the end of the story.
  3. If you can please go to “closing arguments” and tell them which story should win this week.

Go here to find my story:

Midlife Collage.  “Still Photo” by Luanne Castle.

What follows is a repeat of information in yesterday’s post:

If my story were to win, I would like to use my award to design a contest for Writer Site–something you all can participate in. What do you think about that idea? I got the idea from the Paying It Forward segment on our local TV station.


Why is the story called "Still Photo" if the photo is of a camcorder?

Why is the story called “Still Photo” if the photo is of a camcorder?




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5 responses to “Day 2 of My Story Sitting Up There

  1. I’m glad you re-asked! I planned to yesterday, but forgot. Now I’m done, except I cannot like on facebook as I don’t, ummm, like facebook.

  2. I really enjoyed “Still Photo,” so much so that I recommended it to the judges via ‘closing arguments’. Best of luck in the contest!

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  4. Good luck, dear Luanne. It’s a beautiful story. I hope you win. Keeping my finger crossed.

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