Never Too Young for Soda

While I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for Amazon to list my book, I thought I’d mention (again) that my husband has a soda pop advertising collection.

I have to walk past this every day.



Here is a vintage ad I  think is particularly bizarre, hilarious, or disgusting–probably all of those descriptions.

A baby drinking 7up! Can you imagine what would happen if a company tried to create an ad like that today?! No wonder my generation is hooked on soda.

Or am I the only one with a soda problem? I have it down to one a day, but even that seems ridiculous with all the wonderful teas available. And plenty of water.

But think of it: every day I walk past all those signs. They murmur “refreshing,” trying to coax me over to the refrigerator.



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  1. Must be like a blast from the past everyday for you 😀 It is kinda cool though!

    • Hah, it is such a blast from the past. But sometimes I get irritated about the money he spends on this collection! and how it keeps growing and is now in my bedroom closet up where the sweaters and boots are supposed to be!

  2. Mom

    “Say Pepsi Please” in black and white!

  3. Is that a picture of you, Luanne? 🙂 Just kidding…I know your strong attachment to soda. It is a funny ad. I wonder if somewhere there is an ad with a baby holding a cigarette too?
    I love your husband’s collection!

    • Oh Jill, I bet there is an ad like that! And there are ads with Santa drinking soda, so maybe Santa smoking, too!!!!! Thanks for hubby–I’ll let him know!

  4. I crave soda on occasion, but as I’ve gotten older, I can’t drink it without imagining all the minerals being leached away from my ever-weakening bones. But like most guilty pleasures, perhaps the risk makes it more enjoyable. Until I break a hip…

    • OK, Michelle, I am very sure that image is going to help me a lot. I can’t further weaken the reconstructed bone in my foot, so now you have given me a very tangible thought to keep in mind when I see the soda sitting there on the fridge shelf! (One day people will visit and ask for a soda and I will say, “Sorry, we don’t have any.”)

  5. I used to love pop as a kid but for most of my adult life I haven’t even liked it. All that sugar. I guess I’m sweet enough now (haha).

  6. I have had it off an on for decades. When I’m back to drinking it, I get up to as many as 5 or 6 a day. I am basically drinking a soda constantly from morning to night. I’ve done lots of different things to kick it, but my current method seems to be the most effective since I’ve been off the stuff for years now: sparkling water. I get the carbonation without all the other junk.

    • I tried switching to the lime or orange flavored sparkling water (not sure if they are healthy, but at least no sugar), but they give me physical “distress.” maybe they have more carbonation or a different kind than soda? You don’t find that?

      • No, but they are pretty dang bubbly! So i could see that happening. Maybe try a different brand? I like the La Croix ones even though they are expensive.

        From what I have read, as far as being healthy it is just like drinking plain water.

  7. Like many in the South, I am a cokaholic. It all started in Georgia. Coke stock put my kids through college. WE say soda instead of pop. Mostly, it’s all coke, whether it’s Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, Mountain Dew. It’s all coke. It’s almost replaced sweet iced tea.

    • In Arizona and California, I say soda. In Michigan, I say pop. Hah. But I’ve heard that about all soda being “Coke” in the south. When I used to go to Oklahoma a lot (daughter in college there), it used to be all about the sweet tea, which I love, although “iced tea” for me is definitely without anything in it except maybe a mint leaf or two.

  8. Ha! How things have changed… 😉

  9. What a great collection! Does he have any old ads for Vernor’s ginger ale? That is a favorite in my family, and the only soda I drink, rarely. It’s from Michigan, and hard to get where I live.

  10. Luanne – the ONLY time we got soda as kids was when we had upset tummies, and it was Always 7-up !!! Consequently I never became a soda drinker; the only bubbly I drink is champagne 😆

    Love Hub’s collection altho’ I’m glad it’s in your garage and not mine. Ha!

    • Us too when we were small. 7-Up or Vernor’s. But then when I started getting into jr high, my mom bought Fresca and we could have that ;). My parents don’t really drink soda, though, still to this day. I got hooked on Mountain Dew in college. Yeah, I wish it was in your garage!!! hahaha

  11. I used to have a few tin signs with Coca Cola and other pops on them. Your husband’s collection is awesome, Luanne!
    I enjoyed looking at them, but agree babies should not be given pop. I unfortunately have been photographed/filmed taking a straw of Sprite and holding my finger over it to keep the pop inside, hard to explain, but you make it a siphon… Anyway, I released pop into my third child’s mouth in the summer on a picnic, my Dad was not on purpose filming this action, just was panning my three children, Mom and I at a park. Isn’t this horrible? I was the one who bought a food processor, one who breast fed all three children and promoted waiting for solid foods!

    • He really does have an amazing collection. I just wish he didn’t sometimes. heh Were your signs vintage or reproductions?
      That’s a funny story! Hilarious that you go to all that trouble for the kids to be healthy and then that one moment is sealed with a camera into eternity!!!! I doubt anybody will think anything bad about you, my dear Robin!

  12. Oh, I used to love Vernor’s and also, Ginger Ale, Luanne. Now, I drink a lot of teas in the summertime, along with lemonade!

    • OH, you had Vernor’s, too?! Wow. I am drinking Tazo green tea with mint leaves in it right now, like a good girl! Of course, it’s not freezing cold here or it would be hot Tazo!

  13. What an impressive collection Luanne! (I won’t show it to my husband – he will turn a shade of green :D) The 7Up ad brought back some memories. My maternal grandmother (who was not an English-speaker) called it Zup and she drank huge quantities of it and of course so did my sister and I, growing up. Thankfully – happily – I haven’t had a soda in over a decade!

    • Yolanda, I love your Zup story! What a great name for it–and I can see why she would call it that! You are admirable for not having soda for a decade. Wow, I wish I could say that. But do I want to completely give it up enough to be able to say that? Ugh, maybe not, I’m sad to say.

  14. It is even more impressive collection in person, Luanne. And yes, that soda habit is hard to kick. I can definitely relate.

  15. When I worked at a weekly newspaper that was right across the street from a convenience store, I drank soda. Snickers bar or M&Ms washed down with Diet Coke, yep, standard journalist fare. I don’t like super-sweet drinks (no sugar in my tea or coffee, either hot or iced). Ginger ale was the only non-diet soda I really liked, with the occasional root beer or cream soda. In summer, though, I do like the occasional fruit juice and seltzer, usually with orange, grapefruit, or cranberry juice. (P.S. Does beer count as a soda??)

    • Beer does not count for soda or for calories. It’s absolutely free. Oh, for years I hate candy with Diet Coke. But suddenly, after years of Diet Coke, I didn’t like it any more. At least, not that much. It began to taste too much like chemicals. Fruit juice and seltzer is an idea . . . .

  16. Made me smile! So…that collection must make your New Year’s Resolutions a bit harder, eh?

    • Lindsey, haha, so true. Very difficult. Especially the signs for grape and orange sodas. Those old fashioned sodas were so good. Sometimes I get orange soda at Bev-Mo as a little blast from the past.

  17. I love soda. I love drinking. I mean, I always have a drink of some sort, seldom alcoholic, and I love tea, but soda is such a good, bad-for-me treat. Even still, as much as I love soda, I do not want soda ads to eat up space. I feel for you.

    • Hah, I love drinking. That sounds like lush talk ;). Tea is fabulous. But when I drink a lot of tea, I drave soda, and when I drink 1/2 a soda, I suddenly crave tea! Thank you re the soda ads. I SO agree . . . .

  18. It’s a great collection but I can see why you’d find it hard to give up soda! I have a soda habit, but I’ve been giving it up, drinking water instead and I’m doing pretty well – I’ve had one glass of it this week.

    • The collection is truly wonderful–if you don’t mind having a lot of signs staring at you! Drinking water is good. One glass of water a week is fabulous. Good for you, Andrea! I’m so impressed!

  19. I drink diet soda, but that has it’s own issues. By the way, how can you find your refrigerator? I do see it, but what a challenge 🙂

    • You’re right about the fridge. Good thing it’s the one we brought with us to this house. The main one is in the kitchen and NO signs are allowed in the kitchen. Or the living room! I used to love Diet Coke. All of a sudden it tasted off to me. Do you drink Diet Coke?

      • Oh, good! That isn’t your kitchen. LOL. I thought it was and my head wanted to explode just thinking about all those signs 🙂 Yes, I drink Diet Coke. I think our tastes change over time. Especially if you make changes to your diet. I have a preference for Coke Zero over Diet Coke. Coke Zero uses a different sweetener that, to me, tastes more like real sugar 😉

  20. The collection of vintage soda memorabilia is in the garage,right? (lol) On a recent trip south I discovered the Skinny Girl line of flavoured water. I’m hooked!

    • Lynne, I’ll look for those. I’ve never heard of them. They are good, I take it? And, yes, the signs are in the garage and in the room with the elliptical and in my bedroom closet.

  21. Wow that’s quite an impressive collection!

  22. Mind boggling collection!! Yes, the baby drinking 7 Up is wrong in so many ways. What were they thinking? Thanks for sharing this history.

    • Exactly: what were they thinking? Man, so crazy. But then look at the stuff they gave kids. I lucked out by not getting castor oil, but my mother was always shoving a spoonful of mineral oil in my mouth.

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