Cover Reveal of Doll God

At long last (as if anybody has been waiting for this moment but moi hahaha) I can reveal the cover of Doll God, my poetry collection.  Here ’tis.

Doll God promo cover

Here is a quote from the book description:

Luanne Castle’s debut poetry collection, Doll God, studies traces of the spirit world in human-made and natural objects–a Japanese doll, a Palo Verde tree, a hummingbird. Her exploration leads the reader between the twin poles of nature and creations of the imagination in dolls, myth, and art.

All I can say is: FINALLY.

We had all kinds of problems transferring the artwork to the book cover. It took four book proofs to get it right. The original photograph was taken by my daughter and artist Kenneth Nicholson created the art. Well, finally. The book should be available online later this week, so I will post the links when I get them.

More champagne is called for. Good thing it’s on my new diet!


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  1. That’s terrific, Luanne. So very proud of you for pursuing this. 🙂

  2. Yowza!!!!!!!!! It’s beautiful, Luanne. I’m so happy for you. Cheers! xo

  3. Congratulations. It’s a striking cover, and an interesting description. Is there a sort of narrative to the poems?

    • Helena, thank you! The collection is mainly lyric poems, although many of them lean toward narrative. The through line is found by intuitively reading the poems in order, but it’s not necessary to do so. The doll poems are threaded throughout and there are water poems and marriage poems and poems which revise old myths and takes, such as Snow White.

  4. Congrats Luanne, wish you tons of sales!!! 🙂

  5. It’s an intriguing design, which should entice the viewer to want to open to the first page. Great accomplishment…

  6. Woohoo! Congrats!

  7. Congratulations Luanne! Yes, your name looks so good on that great cover! So proud and happy for you! Yes! More champagne!

  8. Love the cover, Luanne! I’m so happy for your book release 🙂 Can’t wait to buy my copy!

  9. Woo Hoo!!! Oh Luanne, the cover is stunning, I love it, and the poems sound utterly captivating. So many congratulations to you. I’m raising a glass to you tonight girlfriend and saying cheers to every success. Can’t wait for my copy… 🙂 :star:

  10. Awesome, congrats! Love the cover.

  11. Congrats! As you already know, I love it. Toasting your success. xo

  12. It is beautiful, Luanne! And all the better for the challenge 😋 congratulations – starting off 2015 on a high note, for sure.

  13. Beautiful cover! How exciting this is…so proud of you and happy for you!

  14. Well done Luanne!You know I am looking forward to getting a copy of your book! cheers <3

  15. Wonderful! Good luck with it!

  16. Congratulations! This is so exciting! 🙂
    I’m interested in the trouble you had with the cover, because an author I work with is having a dickens of a time with the cover of her book, and we think it’s because the photo is very dark. If you’d care to share your experience, I’d like to hear about it. (You can e-mail me if you’d rather not clutter up the comments here.)

  17. You know when dogs get so excited their hind end quivers because they’re tails are wagging manically and their whole body looks like it’s going to launch and wrap your ankles up with the leash? That’s how happy and excited I am for you and your poetry. I’ll watch for the link (wag,wag,wag, wag!)

    • Best durn description I’ve ever read! I love it–and I love that you’re excited! With support like yours, I feel like I can do (almost) anything!

  18. I like it! I would definitely open that book!

  19. I just love a beautiful book cover – and yours is terrific!! Congratulations on the collection…I’m sure it’s an award-winner!!!

    • Thanks, Sheila! So nervous. I hope people like it!

      • You know what? I’ll bet we will…but it doesn’t really matter. We write because we can’t help ourselves – we love to find an audience but sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. We write on…and on…and on…because we are in love with words. It’s a love affair to remember.

  20. Quite intriguing, I must say!

  21. Cheers and congratulations Luanne!

  22. Kev

    Interesting cover. Fits the theme, perfectly. 🙂

  23. Very evocative cover! Nice job. And if celebratory champagne (and chocolate and any other thing that pleases you) isn’t on the diet, scrap the diet. Celebrating is way more important.

  24. Woo hooooo! Very dramatic – congratulations!!

  25. Congratulations Luanne – that’s a very mysterious and intriguing cover – as is the title.

  26. A fantastic cover! 🙂

  27. Super cover. It makes me curious about who is the doll and who the god…and what is their relationship. I can hardly wait to purchase a copy and read it!

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