Such Sad Beauty

My daughter lives in New York City now, not far from the financial district. When we visited her this month, hubby and I accompanied her to the 911 Memorial.

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Hubby and daughter reading the names at one of the twin reflecting pools.

The flowers

The towers reflect also


Look closely: a chilling reminder

Did you see it? Up in the sky, looking quite tiny? Click on the photo and zoom in . . . .

The memorial was quite the experience, and I have no words to talk about it except in the small and personal: makes me a little queasy having my daughter living so close.


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News flash, I’m the featured poet at a poetry reading in Redlands, California, on Sunday, November 8 (300 E State Street). That’s THIS Sunday. 3-5 PM. Also reading will be two other poets, including my dear friend Carla McGill. If you recall, Carla wrote this beautiful post on here about “Poetry, Loss, and Grieving.


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36 responses to “Such Sad Beauty

  1. Somehow want to send hugs across the ocean to you and your daughter after reading this post.

  2. I have not been there, but it looks like you captured it–beautiful and sad.
    We live almost directly across the Delaware from the Philadelphia airport. I remember when air traffic stopped, and then when it resumed again, it was kind of scary.

    Congratulations on your “featured poet” status–and good luck on your reading.

    • OH, frightening, Merril! Who doesn’t remember everything about that day and the days afterward? My daughter’s memories are so limited because she was too young, but for those of us who were adults it’s forever etched in our minds and hearts.
      Thank you re the reading! I hope I don’t blow it . . . .

  3. Thanks for sharing your stunning photographs, Luanne. I was in NYC when the construction first started. I’d love to see the memorial in person one day, although I’m sure it would be difficult. Enjoy the poetry reading…don’t forget the scarf for your neck. 🙂

    • Were they preparing the ground or had they already started to build the first building and the pools, Jill? You will want to go back,t here is no doubt.
      Haha, re the scarf. I already thought of that, believe me!!!

  4. Great photos, sad story.
    And I voted.

    • Ah, thanks, WJ. I was so stunned by the beauty of the place. I don’t know what I thought it would be like that, but maybe all gray and dismal, but it’s more icy.

  5. Your photos affected me in a way others have not of that site’s memorial. Thank you for a personal touch, Luanne. 💖

  6. I visited the memorial over the summer with my family. The texture of sadness at the site feels different, unlike any emotion I’ve felt anywhere. As you said, no real words to describe the overwhelming experience.

  7. Two fighter jets flew over the school I was teaching at recess on 9-11 just across the river from the towers. My ex-husband and the parents of many of my students worked either in the towers or nearby. What weird memories I have. I remember listening to scratchy NPR broadcasts (their radio tower was destroyed so they had to use a back-up). It just was so creepy.

    When my daughter decided to go to school in the city I wasn’t all that happy, but what can you do? I’d taken my kids to the museums and restaurants and my own alma mater so of course they fell in love with the place (maybe their too young to feel their mortality).

    • Of course, she did! What an experience you had, Adrienne. Everyone was touched in different ways by 911 and for those of you who lived close by, I can’t even imagine. Except that of course as we were on our way to the Memorial and I saw how close my daughter lives to it, I felt as if my heart was falling down through my body. She was in middle school at the time of 911, but she didn’t sit there watching TV all day for several days like her dad and I did–and she was so young. Could she really envision how bad it was? Or at least as much as the adults did? Maybe . . . .

  8. Carla McGill

    Placed my vote!!! 🙂

  9. Beautiful photos, Luanne. I’d definitely be at a loss for words to describe the memorial.

  10. The memorial looks beautiful, Luanne. It was such a terrifying event for the entire world. I love your pictures xxx

  11. I tried to nominate Doll God as a write in nominee but there was no scroll down to write in to be found. Have you had this problems with others?

  12. Your photos were truly such sad beauty. I haven’t been to see the Memorial, but this makes me want to go. Really moving reminders, Luanne. On a brighter note, good for you for your reading Sunday! I will be thinking of you. I know you will do a fabulous job…you are passionate about your poetry…that will come through. Good luck!!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words about the reading, Sheila! I will be tired when I get there after a long ride, but at least I won’t drive and maybe can nap for a few minutes. Judging from something a friend said, we went to the Memorial at a good time because it wasn’t a holiday when there are a lot of tourists around.

  13. Thank you for your excellent photos. I can feel the impact of visiting the Memorial even from a distance.

  14. The photos say it all.

  15. What an incredibly moving experience that must have been Luanne. My son and his girlfriend visited there a couple of years ago. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos, powerful, beautiful, reminding us of the tragedy while embracing the memory of all who lost so much that terrible day… I’ve yet to visit NY, and hope to one of these days. It’s on the ever-growing list. Like my books! And it was great to see your pics of you at your poetry reading. Congratulations!! xoxo

    • Sherri, they are still building the complex, so it is probably a lot farther along than it was when your son was there. Ask him if he saw that incredibly beautiful blue building. You have never been to NY? Oh my goodness, yes, you have to remedy that! Such an amazing city!!!

      • Yes, I’m sure and I will ask him that. And I meant to say too, that was creepy with that shot of the plane… Yes, NY is a place I really hope to visit with hubby and soon. I spent the night there once when my flight from Washington DC to LA was delayed, but that was it!!! I can’t wait 🙂 xoxo

  16. This was quite an experience to share with your daughter, Luanne. She looked lovely in her floral top and her father standing beside her. I am sure someday I may visit this hallowed ground, but until that day, your visit will suffice. Thank you for trying to express how it felt to be there. Eerie is how I feel looking at the photos. . . And I would be leary about having my daughter so close, but do believe you taught her well, then set her free. ♡

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