Between the Lines with Doll God

I’m grateful to Zinta Aistars and WMUK radio. They produce a show called Between the Lines that showcases writers. Zinta interviewed me about Doll God. You can read about it and/or listen to it here. She posted a short version, as well as a full-length version, so take your pick.

In addition to the book, I talked about the origins of my writing 😉 and about my interest in family history.

I seriously hope I didn’t make too big a fool of myself. Yikes.


More “on the road” with Mom: hubby and I took her to a fundraiser for the medical fund at the pet shelter. We had cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres at Blue Martini in Phoenix. We didn’t win the raffles, alas. But I know our ticket money went to provide treatment to animals that have no one else to care for them.


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49 responses to “Between the Lines with Doll God

  1. That’s great–congratulations on the interview.

  2. Very cool! Congratulations, Luanne.

  3. What a charming interview, Luanne. Loved the poem you read; your photo was beautiful; the interviewer had just the right touch. Congratulations!

    • Thank you so much for listening, Elaine! She did a wonderful job. I was not so happy with myself, but what can I do hahaha? I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem!

  4. Your life is always so exciting! I loved the interview! You are such an engaging speaker. It was also interesting that your family attended a pet- shelter fundraiser. Beautiful “Blue Martini” napkin!

  5. What a treat to hear your voice on the interview, Luanne. When you read the poem my imagination was hanging on every word forming pictures in my mind. Well done! (No one could see if you had a red neck or not).

  6. Great interview! I imagine getting a PhD would indeed cut into one’s creativity, both time-wise and mental-wise. So much else going on. Your poem reading at the end is lovely.

    • Thank you so much for reading it, Carrie. I’m glad you liked the poem. The PhD did cut into my creativity. I had two young children and was a TA and then a lecturer, and I was writing a lot of academic papers. I LOVED writing academic papers and put a lot of creativity in them, believe it or not. Something I guess one can do with literature that one can’t necessarily do with many subjects. But it really ran counter to the free mind I needed for poetry.

  7. Fabulous interview, Luanne. Congratulations!
    It’s funny about your grandmother making you promise to write. My older daughter, who is now a social worker, is also an artist. Even though she’s largely self-taught, she received a grant, and in an interview someone called her an “artivist.” She has said her grandmother, my mom, inspired her.

    • Aw, that must have been so sweet to hear. It’s wonderful the way we pick things up from generations before us, even 2 or 3. My mom loves my interview, and I think it’s because of what I said about her mom!
      Is your daughter a social worker with an agency or a therapist? Does she have an MSW? Sorry for the nosiness–there is a reason behind my questions! Thanks, Merril!!!

  8. This is fantastic, Luanne! I loved hearing your voice on the interview. Wonderful! 😀

    • Oh, thank you, Dianne! I got off the phone convinced I was a complete and utter loser. But you have to admit, I did laugh a LOT. [shakes head at self]

  9. Well done, Luanne. Great to HEAR you.

  10. It was lovely to hear your voice, Luanne. I love that you promised your grandmother that you wouldn’t stop writing. She was right!
    Now that you have quite a doll collection they’ll be pushing you to write about those that didn’t make their way into the book.
    I like that your poems have to do with loss that is found in a different way. .
    All the best in the books you’re working on and that are coming out soon – I’m sure your grandmothers’ and great grandmothers’ spirit will find their way in your work.

    • Carol, my grandmother was not a particular assertive woman, which makes it even more remarkable how she demanded that promise from me. Hah, I COULD keep writing about dolls, it’s true. Maybe I will come back to that subject later on!!! Thank you so much for your kind words about my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, all truly remarkable women in very different ways. xo

  11. Brava, Luanne! You have a soothing and lilting voice, and you interview well. I wish I did!!! I always sound like a Valley girl: “TOtally”!!!!! Loved hearing you read that poem. Very nicely done.

    • I am laughing at this. Carla, you never sound like a valley girl!!! You have a very soothing voice yourself! it gives me a sense of peace to hear you!

  12. Ian

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire interview yet, but it’s funny that you felt foolish while speaking just like I did with the CBC interview. I felt like a stammering, incoherent idiot immediately afterwards, but that didn’t come through on the recording. Perhaps we have the same self-critical tendencies 🙂

    • Hahaha. Yes, that’s exactly how I felt. I don’t know how actors can STAND to watch themselves on the screen. We probably are too self-critical. I am still doing it in comments here ;).

      • Ian

        I enjoyed listening to the rest of the interview, Luanne. I feel I really got to know you better! Interesting in how that promise to your grandmother played out–eventually 😉 And you’ve got nothing to worry about in how you come across on the air. Those poetry podcasts you did some time ago must have been good practice, because the reading from Doll God was awesome. You know, now that I’ve done a radio interview, I’ve realized I actually really like talking on the radio! I hope you’ll enjoy it more too, ase it will probably become a regular occurrence.

        • Ian, thank you so much for your kind comments! I don’t know if I could like talking on the radio, although I can see where it is much better than TV. I can wear sweats and lie on the bed hahaha.

  13. Congratulations Luanne

  14. In the media again Luanne – get you 🙂 Congratulations and glad to hear the visit is still going well.

  15. I loved listening to your interview, especially what you said about your grandmother. So endearing, and yet so honest and true. It was also nice to hear your voice. Communicating online, we often hear a voice in our heads when we read posts, but of course that voice is really more of what we expect the author to sound like than as they really are. How cool to now know how your voice actually sounds.
    P.S. OMG, I also graduated from Western Michigan University (!!).

    • WOWSA! Are you serious?! Really? I started Dolls Behaving Badly! For awhile I kept thinking, oh my mom will love this and then my son’s fiance, so I was imagining passing it on to them. NOW I am not so sure that it would be good for it to come from me for them LOL. But I’m sure they would love it. You have me hooked! My mom is not only a grad of WMU, but has a golf cart with the WMU logo on it haha! And my dad and brother and hubby and cousins and grandma all graduated from there. Grandma when it was a “normal school.”

  16. Archaeologist? I totally get that, but it still surprised me! No wonder TFK…it’s the next best thing to being there! You did great! And congratulations for the interview! I’ve tried NPR several times, but never made it!! Good for you!!

  17. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time with your mom Luanne, and congratulations on the interview, you’re getting ‘out there’…fantastic 🙂 xoxo

  18. Wow, Luanne, that is awesome! Congratulations on your book are definitely in order!

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