Second Broad Street Magazine Article on Family History Literature

Week two up at Broad Street Magazine! So thrilled. How did I learn that my great-great-grandfather’s sister was an artist?


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  1. What a fascinating mystery Luanne – it must be so tempting to compose fantasies about what may have been Jennie’s story – to give her a happy ending. We live our lives and fade away and all that stuff that seemed so terribly important disappears without a trace. Until some determined ancestor comes along and starts digging. It’s a wonderful thing you are doing!!

  2. Luanne, I went back and read about the oil stove. What a thing to happen to her!

  3. Luanne, this is one of my favorite of your family’s mysteries – I remember the woman who moved to Seattle and continue to be fascinated with her story. I like to think she was as passionate about her art as she had been dispassionate about her ex-husband…bravo for Jennie….and for you.

  4. So fascinating, Luanne. I remember the story, but I enjoy reading the background article. It looks like maybe one of her daughters had a daughter? Are there other descendants? Her paintings may be out there somewhere, but if she never had a gallery showing, they’re probably not known. And who knows how she signed them, if she did?

    • Good points all. I do not think anybody had a daughter. As near as I can find out, one daughter never married and the other married in what I like to call middle-age, but others might call something past that. Now wouldn’t that be something if someday somebody discovered a Jennie Culver painting!!!!

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