Week Five at BROAD STREET Magazine: Wondering About A Violent and Mysterious Death

Some of my relatives whose lives I wrote about in my chapbook Kin Types were heroic, but for week five at BROAD STREET magazine, I discuss the research for family history that is not heroic. Instead, I found it to be devastating.


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14 responses to “Week Five at BROAD STREET Magazine: Wondering About A Violent and Mysterious Death

  1. Oh my goodness Luanne, that is a harrowing story. One thing I do know for sure is that most of those born into families where alcohol and violence are the norm, grow to replicate the pattern. It makes me wonder if the son turned on his mother in the end.

    • Yes, very harrowing. I know you are right about replication. I really hope it isn’t true about Herman’s family. Maybe Mary was able to handle all those boys and they all turned out well. I don’t suspect Herman at all in the mother’s death. My belief is that he beat up his father because he was protecting his mother. And then he was married with children when his mother died. What we can’t know is if the mother had any mental illness, which is another possibility. I wish I could figure out how to find out more about the investigation and what they discovered. Probably not possible this far out.

      • I am relieved to hear your further thoughts on the family Luanne – I hope you can uncover some more about the investigation. If it was carried out there must be records somewhere. I wouldn’t know where to start. I think it is also interesting and intriguing when someone reaches through time to touch your heart and pique your interest – we all have a story! I do hope something turns up for you.

  2. What a sad–but probably not uncommon–story. I hope you’re able to find out more details, Luanne. Quite a case of indigestion.

  3. Quite a story, Luanne. Too bad there is no result of the investigation.

  4. What a story, Luanne. I can’t imagine discovering these articles.

    • Awful, isn’t it? The newspaper articles that I’ve found on this branch of the family is so different from the ones on the other branches of my family! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Jill. I think about you and your parents quite often. I hope they are doing as well as possible.

  5. What awful revelations, Luanne

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