Pick Up Your Pen–It’s April 1 and the Start of NAPOWRIMO 2019!

Last year was a successful NAPOWRIMO for me, so I plan to participate again. Last week I pulled together my poetry prompt and craft books and scrounged around on Google for more prompts. Now I am ready to WRITE POEMS. How about you?!

Click the image to get to the NaPoWriMo site.  Checkitout.

There are other places to post what you write (if you prefer not to submit to journals), too, but I am not posting any of those because I don’t have time to really research and recommend. But put in the search words NAPOWRIMO and “poetry prompts” and look for sites where you can find prompts and even submit your own poems.

Happy writing to all!

In the spirit of poetry prompts, I’ll share with you a pic I took in search of Superbloom in Arizona. Not as successful as I would have liked, but how much joy did I need to find?!

The gardener and I took Mom way out to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. On the way, the roadside was in bloom with a pretty palette of wildflowers, but the gardener wouldn’t stop for photos (as usual). Then when we got near the towns of Superior, Miami, and Globe, the golden poppies were thick along the side of the roads and parking lots. Oddly, I couldn’t see any blossoms on the surrounding hills. But I guess the roadside had a lot more water.

Above is Ayer Lake at the Arboretum, and the photo below is one of the views from inside the park.

What a great place to hike or even leisurely walk.  There are trees and plants from Australia and China, as well as Arizona native vegetation.

For dinner, we went to The Arizona Biltmore hotel in Phoenix. In the ten years I’ve lived here, the only time I ever was on the property was a business thingie to hear Janet Napolitano speak when she was still governor. I had a feeling that chicken dinner wasn’t a proper example of the restaurant food at this gorgeous resort. So we went to the very fancy pizza and burger (and more) restaurant, Frank & Albert’s, for dinner. After dinner we walked around the lobby. Look at this beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass.

Then we walked outside and toured the entertainment and pool areas.


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43 responses to “Pick Up Your Pen–It’s April 1 and the Start of NAPOWRIMO 2019!

  1. Beautiful photos. Happy writing, Luanne!

  2. The hillside of poppies is gorgeous (they are poppies aren’t they?).

  3. The poppies enlarged well

  4. I heard people were trying to take selfies and crushing the poppies…how pathetic.

  5. Sounds like you’re having fun. I love arboretums. We were just a black from the Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park when we lived in San Francisco. We often spent our Sunday mornings there. I hope your foot is better! Happy poetry writing 🙂

    • Oh, how lovely! I loved seeing the difference between the arboretum and Desert Botanical Garden. Very different, and I like them both!

  6. Lovely tour of Arizona, Luanne. Thanks

  7. You sound excited and primed to write and that’s such a good place to be. I feel it too, but for prose, not poetry, with my new novel. I also have been surprised at how little I’m seeing of the so-called superbloom in the hillsides around my home and in the local area. I will have to go on a safari to find where these rare wild creatures I’ve heard about are hiding.

    • The superbloom around the Lake Elsinore area is (was?) magnificent. It is supposed to be in Arizona, but I was so surprised to find it all over the roadsides, but not on the hills!!!!!!!!!!
      Keep on writing, Deborah!!!!

  8. I live in Arizona. Love the palm tree photo.

  9. Best wishes for a prolific poetry April! Lovely photos!

  10. It’s a happy month for poets, isn’t it Luanne? Will you be participating by using your site on the NaPoWriMo list?

    • No, I won’t be linking or posting poem drafts either. I really like to get 30 drafts floating in my brain and then using the next few months to work on them.

  11. Will you be posting your drafts here? I hope so!

    • OK, NO. I know I did that for the Tupelo 30/30 at one point, but I don’t want to make anything unavailable, and then like the idea of creating a lot of chaos in April and going back later and changing it all up. When I post too soon, I lock it all in before its time ;)!

  12. An inspirational journey Luanne, it looks beautiful. Good luck with making poetry 🙂

  13. HI Luanne! Happy first week of April, and I”m so happy to report you inspired me to join NaPoWriMo! I have written a poem a day for the first week and I”m so enjoying it. Not posting just yet, and I didn’t join the website list on her site, but I’m viewing the videos and using the posted prompts. Today I wrote a villanelle! – borrowed some language from the Grandmaster Flash rap, even (I don’t know much about rap so that was a first.) Thanks for the inspiration, Luanne!

    • Oh, I am SO excited to hear this, Theresa! YAY!!! I am not posting or on the website either. I use it as incentive to get 30 drafts accomplished that I can play with later on. Villanelles are so hard! Wow, I am impressed! WOOT!!!! Keep sharing what you’re doing, and I’ll report in with a post on Monday morning :). The gardener’s birthday is tomorrow, so I have work to do today hah.

      • Luanne! You have been such an inspiration for me in your words and your enthusiasm! I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one not posting, and I keep telling myself (when I read “the featured reader” note on the daily post) that it’s okay to keep it private, just in my own writing, not to put it out there. I may write another blog post tonight (Sunday) and who knows? include a small snippet…! Hope the gardener’s birthday went well and that household things are going more smoothly!

  14. I love that FL Wright window! Beautiful. Do you set a goal of a certain number of poems or do you just set aside a certain amount of time to write? That’s a great idea to have all your prompts ready. Best of luck!

  15. Beautiful pictures and captions, Luanne. Good Luck Pawkisses with the NaPoWriMo🐾😽💞

  16. I do love Frank Lloyd Wright, and, as this demonstrates, not just his architecture. What an array of beauty you have captured in these photos. You have a great eye.

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