Could A Cat Do What I Do?

I had a little upswing there with the poem publications, but I am not the most prolific poet and then there are the rejections that do stack up, too, so I am one publication short of my 2019 goal. Yes, there are still 2.5 months left, but because there is usually a bit of time between acceptance and publication, it is getting squeakingly close. How will I treat myself if I don’t make my goal? Gently, but firmly. I will wonder what I could have done differently. Write more poems? Write more better poems? Read that as “better poems,” not “more better” hahaha. Do I need to use a better system for send outs? Do I need to send out more? Do I need to target different publications? Lower my standards for publications? Count each poem and essay separately instead of the number of publications? (That would be cheating!) This is called WRITER INSECURITY. No matter what, a writer doubts herself and questions herself over and over. At least I think most writers do.

What would happen if I just let my cat Tiger write a poem? She likes to walk back and forth on my keyboard. In fact, she frequently intrudes on my emails to reader jeannieunbottled and types her own little secret messages.



Tiger just saw “herself” typing away above and got very very interested!

What if I submitted a poem written by Tiger? What would happen?

Tiger, by the way, continues to get sub q fluids administered a couple of times a week. It seems to make her feel better, and she doesn’t get upset about it. She seems to realize that it’s for her health.

My Pear, who is 19.5 years old, lies comfortably on the couch all day every day. She seems content so that makes me happy.

And frees me up to worry about the others! OK, I am purposely in denial about my dear Pear.

Friday we traded out the summer flowers with new winter flowers. I’m not impressed with the quality of flowers from the local nursery, but too late to complain as they are all planted now. For the front flower bed, we decided on a simpler color scheme this winter: red geraniums and white snapdragons. Usually we go with 5-6 colors for a more dramatic effect, but we were too lazy this year.

Make it a fabulous week!

Even if I am sitting next to Pear or Tiger or another cat, Perry plops on top of me and wiggles around until I am holding him in my arm.


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47 responses to “Could A Cat Do What I Do?

  1. I think you should be pleased you came this close to your goal. Not everyone does. This week Mollie goes for an ultrasound so I’m not in the Halloween mood but I put one gigantic mum on the front porch. There is a pumpkin there already so I’m good.

    • It’s not horseshoes, Kate! 😉 Oh, Mollie. Keeping my fingers crossed for your girl! Tiger gets more fluids today and also a Cerenia shot. If she keeps not eating, though, it’s back to the vet for a real appt and to move the testing to a new level (beyond pee and blood, I guess). Maybe an xray? Pumpkin + mum = fall!!!!

  2. Such underserved discontent with wonderful self!

  3. I’ve learned self-doubt will always be lurking behind the scenes, Luanne. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and keep writing.

    • Back atcha, Jill. I haven’t started your book yet because I am reading a book that is going very slow for me. It’s good, but bleak, and maybe it’s long because it’s taking a long time to read on my Kindle.

  4. I think Jill has said it all and very well too. Loved your “more better poems” comment. Still smiling.

  5. Self-doubt sits on the shoulder constantly. I think you should give the cat a scratch and a string ball.

  6. If I’d had a goal of 20 and hit 19 I’d be over the moon! It’s so odd how we think failure before success and then beat ourselves up over one less and not nineteen successes……. Your dear Pear is a fabulous age and if I was her I’d be snoozing on a couch all day long too, just waiting for the chance to slip into the long peaceful sleep after a life well lived. Love that photo of you and Perry he is such a canoodler 🙂

    • Canoodler!!! LOL, I love it!!! Yes, he is! And he wants me only canoodling with him! That is what I wish for Pear, too–no drama or suffering, please!!!!! And Tiger is really worrying me. She still won’t eat. I took her for fluids and anti-nausea meds this morning. Thank you for your sweet comments!

      • I’ve taken to having the odd little chat with my Orlando. He’s only 13, but still a good age for a Maine Coon and he is showing signs of frailty and wear now. His coat isn’t as lustrous and shiny as it was and his bones can be felt as he canoodles with me. I whisper to him that when the time is right for him will NOT take himself off for a walk to die alone, but will lie sleeping in my arms as usual one night and at some stage I will wake and find him gently gone into that good night. I’m laying down the seeds as he is a stubborn fellow and it takes time for him to consider his options especially when it comes to doors.

        • I did not know that about Maine coons! I’m pretty sure Perry is part Maine coon and so is his vet.
          I love your “plans” for your dear boy. That is how I feel about my old ones. 😻

  7. Goals are funny old things… They can spur you on to a great effort, but the risk always is that if you somehow don’t quite make it, you regard what is actually is a win, as somehow a setback. It’s an amazing achievement, any way you slice it. Nope. Let the cat do things cats are good at and go on writing and submitting your own work. Poetry is so very highly subjective and managing to get so much published means your output is extremely good.

  8. Cats have one advantage — they don’t overthink anything. I suppose you’ll squeak one out before the end of 2019, and even if you don’t, I recommend a hot fudge sundae because that’s another problem with being a cat — no hot fudge 😉

  9. That Perry! So precious…
    As for the publication goals, always remember you are at the whim of ordinary editors who may lack the vision to “get” your work.
    So don’t worry about being one short. Rejection letters or messages or whatever come and go as often as the wind changes its course, right?
    But your voice continues to speak.

  10. You are my role model. I think I might have sent out 1/2 dozen things – at best – this year. My success rate shows. Your success is inspiring and I hope you feel good about what you’ve accomplished in 2019.

  11. I vote Tiger the next Poet Laurette.

  12. May you soon be purring, Luanne

  13. Yes, Luanne, so true about writer insecurity, at least for me. Love the cat photos. Congratulations on a wonderful year so far, despite setbacks, busyness, and travel. You have done so well. In fact, you should celebrate. If we could meet up, let’s share a bottle of wine!

  14. I’d be thrilled to have one iota of your persistence (re sending out your precious stuff)!
    Sweet Perry, so affectionate! 🙂

  15. Writer insecurity is washed away with cats’ kisses, Luanne.

  16. Luanne, celebrate your successes! 😀 It’s hard to have any poetry published and that you are so near your target is fantastic! Haha! I’m laughing at Tiger wanting a part of this writing lark – I’m sure there is a story there for a cat magazine … they would probably appreciate his poems! Good luck with the winter planting. I just bought some today and with the sun shining I’m soon heading out! Happy Writing and Weekend! 🌺🍁

  17. I don’t think being 1 publication short of your goal is something to beat yourself up over Luanne! And I’m sure Tiger would give it a good try but not sure it’d be better than yours 🙂 It’s so good to see Perry snuggling close after the way he was when you found him.

  18. I’m late to the party but have to chime in. If you wind up one short on publications, it’s not for lack of trying 😉 And I’m there with you about Pear: as long as she’s comfortable and seems happy, denial is okay, it’s a way of coping. ❤️

  19. Coming late to the party….I noted that you are aware of my pen-pal relationship with Tiger. Also that you take extraordinarily good care of your feline friends.

    Anyway, I appreciated all the questions and ideas you had about boosting your poetry publication rate. All I can say is that you did a phenomenal job in 2019 and keep up the good work in 2020!

  20. Congratulations for coming so close to your goal, Luanne. I think you can count submissions that were made in 2019, even if you don’t hear the final answer from the editors until 2020! That should count!!

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