Kitty Care

A big thank you to Susan Farese for guest hosting last week. I have added her contact links to that post if you would like to follow or contact her.

I’ve written about my Felix and his terminal illness (either lymphoma or dry FIP). He is on medications, supplements, and fluids. He’s eating ok, not great, but only because of the pred he’s on. I guess steroids causes them to eat if they otherwise will not. And he doesn’t seem to be suffering, but enjoying life enough. He is getting skinny though.

Now I have another cat who has entered hospice in my home. That is my 21-year-old best friend Pear Blossom. Pear’s lab values are great for her age. She’s completely fine. EXCEPT.Β  She has a tumor on her front leg. At her age, surgery or amputation is out of the question, so we are trying to keep her comfortable and then will have to let her go when Pear says it’s time. I have been concerned about this leg since January, but couldn’t get a vet “interested” before. I took her to a new vet who was able to xray and then to probe under the scabs where she saw the tumor. I don’t want to “talk” too much about how this wasn’t acted upon earlier. It’s too upsetting on the one hand. On the other, what could they have done back in January? She was still nearly 21 at that time.

Instead, my focus is on taking care of these two, making them as comfy as possible, and then also not neglecting my other four!

In the photo: top left clockwise: Pear Blossom, Perry, Kana, Felix, Sloopy Anne, Tiger


I’ve been participating in the Sealey Challenge since August 1 (reading a poetry book a day). I’m focusing on short books and chapbooks because it is a lot of reading on top of everything else.Β  In fact, I’m debating if I should continue because I got my memoir manuscript back from a consultation and really need to work on it. Guess what?! This new structure works, according to the reader!!!! First time in ten years the structure has worked LOL. Reminder: this new structure has short pieces like this: MacQueen’s Quinterly 3 linked stories

The book structure has gone a bit full circle, but every time it moved around the circumference it gained something positive even in the midst of setbacks.

Even if I don’t continue with the Sealey Challenge it’s been a really positive experience to savor a variety of poetry styles in such quick succession.


I haven’t forgotten the rest of my nonfiction reviews. Hope to have them up next week! OK, gotta go hug my kitties.



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  1. I am so sorry about your two kitties. I lost two a year apart and it was traumatic and like you, I felt that Mollie never got the vet care that would have saved her or at least extended her life comfortably. A round of hugs all around.

    • Thank you so much for the hugs. I can use an unlimited amount of hugs, let me tell you!!! These guys . . . . Just watching them. It’s so heartbreaking.

  2. Hugs to you and your kitties. A tough thing to go through – every time. Glad your memoir is on track.

  3. Keeping Felix and Pear have to be times for lots of hugs and kisses, too. It is so difficult to provide hospice for our family members – regardless of the number of legs, but then they know you are returning the unquestioning love and loyalty they showed you during their lives with you. Bless all of your hearts. I’m so sorry.
    Congrats on the memoir feedback!! This just feels right for you.

  4. I’m so sorry about your kitties. I hope you and they share lots of cuddles.
    (I may have told you that my daughter’s cat has been dying–was given 3 months, and I think he’s at about 6 months now, but still. . .)
    Congratulations on your manuscript!

    • Thank you re the ms, Merril. What a relief after ALL this time. Lots of word ahead, but at least it’s not for nutten at this point.
      Thank you re the kitties, too. SO SAD. I hope that is good that your d’s kittie has passed the prognosis. Is he not suffering? If so, that is wonderful to get more time. I haven’t been given an prognosis on these guys. Pear’s tumor is very unusual so I doubt they would know. And with Felix we don’t even know if it’s lymphoma or FIP because I don’t want him to have tests that make him suffer and offer no cure.

  5. The only positive thing about potentially losing your kitties is that they’ve had a good long life. They’re so lucky to have you.

  6. I’m so sorry that Pear and Felix are preparing themselves for a walk over the rainbow bridge. You all are fortunate to have shared these years, and the memories of them will sustain you. I’m glad the evaluation of your memoir came back approving of your structure.

    • Thank you, John. That consultation report was such a relief after all this time!
      Yes, we have lots of good memories, that is for sure. It’s hard now though to watch Felix get skinnier and skinnier and Pear to get less herself. Waaaa, this is the stupidest summer!

  7. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FEEDBACK!!!! πŸ˜€ Sorry for shouting; I just couldn’t help myself because I know how long you’ve been working to get this just right, by which I mean operating the way you want it to. WAHOO!!!
    Okay, I’m done shouting now. So sorry to hear about Pear Blossom and Felix. My own cranky orange feline companion has been declining for some weeks now. We are going to see the vet in about an hour, and unless they have some amazing new information for me, I will be coming home alone. πŸ™

    • Oh Jennifer, I hope your kitty can be given some medicine and get better! Please let me know how the visit goes.
      Thank you so much for your excitement about the memoir. After you read ALL those words, it now has few words I’m pretty sure as I got rid of lots of connective tissue–but then added in some pieces for different perspectives. And still more work to do! But FINALLY I am in the right direction.
      OK, hugs to you!!!!

      • Sadly for us here at home there was no miracle, but we are glad our sweet Fluffy isn’t suffering anymore. I had a lovely dream about her just before waking yesterday, and that helped carry me through the day. <3

        • Oh, Jennifer, I am so very sorry. I understand the bond between humans and our special furbabies. It’s so hard to love them. Your dream sounds like such a comfort. Big hugs!!!!

  8. Luanne, I’m envious of you for owning six cats, and at the same time sad for what you’re going through with two of them. You must be such a loving cat mom. xx

  9. I’m glad to hear that your memoir is on track. I’m looking forward to reading it when the time comes. I’m so sorry to hear that Pear Blossom has joined Felix in hospice, such a tough thing to go through.

  10. You are all in my prayers. They are loved, and I’m sure they feel loved. God bless you all.

  11. Oh my, I’m sorry to read about your kitty cats, but love the black and white photo montage of all your little guys. I know that it’s difficult, but you’ll do the right thing by them.

    • I love the photo, too. I really like to take cat headshots for some reason. hahaha It is SO hard. Both Felix and Pear are happy to be alive right now, but Felix in particular is difficult to take care of because his many meds have to be constantly adjusted, etc. Constant small decisions.

  12. Hugs, hugs, hugs! Our Maxine is on steroids and, yes, the drugs do make them hungry. I think I mentioned that we suspect the steroids are a form of palliative care for Max. We have a vet appt for her on Monday and see if her pancreatitis is under control. I’m glad you went and got another vet to look at Pear Blossom. We went through something similar with our first ginger cat Mikey many years ago. It took a long time to let go of the anger I felt then. But you focus on your kitties. They are in such good hands with you and the Gardener. Love you.

  13. I so hope kitties are doing ok!! Hugs xoxo
    Glad for you the your memoir structure was approved by your consult person (people?)! Nice going!! Now get it published!! πŸ˜ƒ

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about Felix and Pear. You’ve given them great lives, and I know they’ll always be in your memories. <3

    • They are still happy to be alive, but I am taking it one day at a time. I know how fast things can change. Thank you, Robyn!!! I hope you and your kids are well!

  15. I am so very sorry for all your troubles, Luanne! That awful tight-throated anxiety that never leaves you as you watch over dear furry friends! I really understand how it is <3

  16. I am soooo sorry about the kitties. I know how Pear Blossom has your heart. I hope she is comfy, and I’m grateful for the time y’all have had together. And I’m excited about the memoir structure working! That is major huge news. I really can’t wait to read it. It’s gonna take off like a supernova.

  17. I am just catching up with your posts, Luanne. My heart goes out to you for your loss of Felix, and Pear’s illness. We have been through similar events over the last year here. You and your kitties are in my thoughts and prayers.

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