Advance Review of Rooted and Winged by Carla McGill at Harbor Review

Harbor Review has published a gorgeous advance review of my new collection Rooted and Winged by Carla McGill. I really love seeing what she found in my work. Check it out here: Harbor Review: Review of Rooted and Winged by Carla McGill

The first paragraph just to get you started:

Luanne Castle’s third collection of poetry, Rooted and Winged, is a striking exhibition of poetic intuition and skill. Comprised of forty-four poems and structured in four parts, the poems take readers on a journey through contrasts, dilemmas, and disturbances, all witnessed or summoned by a narrator who offers unflinching observations of nature, scenes, and moods. In keeping with her first two collections, Doll God (Aldrich Press, 2015) and Kin Types (Finishing Line Press, 2017), Castle has woven family members and childhood memories into sometimes quiet, sometimes tumultuous present-day reflections.

This is a reminder that the eligibility period for the Rooted and Winged Writing Contest ends on July 15, which is a week from Friday. However, the deadline for submissions is not until July 27! Read the guidelines here: WRITING CONTEST GUIDELINES


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34 responses to “Advance Review of Rooted and Winged by Carla McGill at Harbor Review

  1. Congratulations on the glowing review, Luanne!
    And please accept my condolences on the loss of your kitty. xx

  2. Congratulations!!

  3. Looking forward to my own copy!

  4. Wonderful, Luanne!

  5. Congrats on a terrific review, Luanne! I’m so sorry about Tiger. xo

  6. I loved the review — beautiful, insightful writing about a collection of poems I am eager to read!!

  7. What a stunning review Luanne. Very thoughtful. Congratulations.
    And, deep condolences on the loss of Tiger Queenie.

    • Thank you and thank you! Yes, I’m so very sad about Tiger Queenie. She was such a serious little person. This review did perk me up a little bit!

  8. Congrats, Luanne!

  9. Amy

    Wonderful review! I can’t wait to get my copy!!

  10. Gorgeous review, Luanne! It fairly sings!

  11. Such a wonderful review!!! Congratulations! I agree with the commenter above…the words in this review simply ‘sing’.

  12. Congratulations on the glowing review, Luanne!! I so look forward to reading.

    Condolences on losing Tiger Queenie. It’s so hard to lose another furry family member.

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